Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry?

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Ever wonder what the pros of wearing gold are? I mean, we all know gold is valuable and shiny but is there more to gold jewelry than meets the eye?

Besides boosting your confidence, gold has a shocking amount of health benefits (both physical and mental), that can help with anything from Arthritis to cancer. There’s even talk that gold holds spiritual power, and it’s quite popular amongst the astrologically inclined crowd.

So, is gold more than just eye-candy? Check out the list below to get a glimpse at all the amazing benefits to wearing gold!

1. Keeping You Healthy

Because gold is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic, it may very well be the best metal for any one person to wear.

If you’re one to find yourself super sensitive to rings, gold is definitely the best option for you!

Besides being user-friendly, here are some of the biggest health benefits to wearing gold:

  • Better circulation/ oxygen flow
  • Reduces aches and swelling
  • Accelerates healing
  • Improves immunity
  • Better blood flow
  • Helps with indigestion

Energy Flow

Gold can absorb potential heat energy and that has been known to help give our bodies “happy energy”, or what the kids call “good vibes”.

This kind of energy can calm blood cells and allow for better oxygen distribution in your body.


Because gold helps regulate body temperatures and reduce swelling, gold can aid in alleviating aches across the body, including the abdominal area.

This kind of relief will allow for safer passage for food and less pain in the process.

2. Regulates Body Temperature

Gold is an absorber of heat or any kind of warmth.

Therefore, when wearing gold rings or necklaces, or even bracelets, body temperatures are easily neutralized.

Because your body is set to a better temperature and can stay at that healthy temp, your immune system is strengthened and can better fight off oncoming threats.

This can be extremely handy for those who are sick with a fever, chills, or any kind of ailment where the body temperature is out of alignment.

3. Speedy Recovery

The best way to heal is with proper blood flow and wouldn’t you know it, gold can sometimes create better blood flow.

Gold is known to relax blood vessels to the point of creating a healthier, faster blood flow in the human body.

So, if you have a bruise from hitting your shin on the coffee table (again), gold can help you get rid of both the soreness and swelling.

A faster kind of healing.

*24 Karat gold, applied directly to your skin, can help with the rapid growth of new tissues.

This is handy because, with the rate of new tissues being accelerated, wounds are more capable of healing on their own. They can also heal more quickly.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Amazing Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring or Jewelry?

Going right along with blood flow, we have swelling reduction.

Because blood vessels feel safe and relaxed with gold around, swelling is brought down much faster and any ailments with joint swelling will be aided in recovery.

That fact alone is why many people with Arthritis wear gold rings.

Though gold is not used as a treatment to cure Arthritis, it can be used as a preventive measure and/or something to help control the Arthritis from spreading.

Research shows gold can help decrease erosion in Arthritic patients.

With one hand gold-less and the other wearing a single gold ring, the finger wearing the gold has up to three times less joint swelling and spread.

5. Cancer Treatment

Who would think that gold could help battle cancer?

Because gold is a natural heat conductor, when injected into the body gold creates nanoparticles after absorbing incident photons (elementary particles) that transform into heat energy.

Those now hot nanoparticles attack the invading cancer cells and because they can’t take the heat, are demolished.

Usually, this type of treatment (called gold nanoparticle thermotherapy), when chosen, is performed between radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Similar to the assistance gold gives in Arthritis, it cannot cure cancer, but may help in destroying further spreading or painful damage.

It certainly doesn’t hurt!

Its main purpose, other than stopping acceleration, is making sure the heat courses through the most affected areas of the body, aiding in targeting the most cancer cells at a time.

6. Alleviating Anxiety

Ever find yourself overthinking and anxious? Apparently gold and jewelry are natural relaxants as well!

On top of being great heat conductors, gold has electrical conductivity properties that can help regulate energies in the body and promote tranquility.

This may have something to do with the fact that gold can help with blood flow and circulation, causing oxygen better passage to every part of the body.

Because stress slows blood and oxygen flow, wearing gold and increasing the speed and consistency of the flow will reduce the risk of anxiety and anxiety attacks.

7. Acupuncture

Gold Threaded Acupuncture

To alleviate anxiety even further, many people have been known to turn to gold-threaded acupuncture.

Gold is a helpful substance in pain relief because it is what is called a bio-actively inert metal.

What this means is that when close or injected into the body, this kind of material will not cause any harm or any kind of bad/unhealthy reaction.

Because that’s true, professionals have come up with gold-threaded acupuncture.

In this process, gold (in small, safe pieces) is introduced to the body through the acupuncturist’s needle.

It’s known to be extremely effective in treating joint swelling and pain relief.

8. Spiritual Wellbeing

If you’re wondering how gold could help you and your astrological sign, here’s a list of some spiritual benefits from wearing gold/jewelry:

  • Absence of negative/black energy
  • Quicker and fuller spiritual healing
  • Increase of divine consciousness
  • Opening of chakras (better flow, better energy)
  • Unlocking of spiritual power

Depending on your sign, gold can be your best friend.

If you are an Aries (born between March 20th- April 19th), a Sagittarius (born between November 22nd- December 21st), a Cancer (born between June 21st- July 22nd), or a Leo (born between July 22nd- August 22nd), gold is especially good luck.

Gold is also known to help clear a safe passage to and from the third eye and heart chakras, making one less anxious and better able to make decisions with both head and heart.

Some other tips: for an increase in focus/concentration, wear a gold ring on your index finger and for clearer divine connection, wear a gold ring on your ring finger.

For more even breathing, wear gold on your pinky finger, and for good fortune, wear gold on your middle finger.

9. Security

Gold is one of the top long-lasting metals out there, and one that everyone associates with money.

For these reasons alone, people suggest buying gold (in any of its many forms) to set up security for the next generations.

Many famous jewelry chains say if you buy gold, you’re really buying a safeguard for your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

This ultimately serves as a backup plan if bankruptcy ever were to threaten their futures.

So, in reality, not only are you buying gold for yourself, but you are buying gold for everyone you pass it down to throughout the years.

You’re buying something for your family to inherit.

Gold tends to keep its value, no matter what is happening in the economy. That kind of security can help your mental state.

10. Self Image + Beauty

Other than “wealth” and “ooh pretty”, people often think “timeless” when they see gold.

Whether wearing it around your wrist, on a finger, or in a necklace, it’s a statement piece that is made to stick out.

It makes the wearer feel special and not so average.

Other than boosting confidence, gold really does go with everything (but silver) and people across the internet swear it makes them feel their worth and helps them become more aware of themselves, that they are deserving.

No wonder gold necklaces are so popular around Valentine’s Day.

Skin Care

Gold is used as ingredients in skincare products around the world

In skincare products around the world, you may be surprised to see gold listed amongst the key ingredients.

And we have Cleopatra to thank.

Back in the day, (and I’m talking Egyptian era here), Cleopatra had a little obsession with the shiny, shimmery metal.

The girl loved her gold. She put it on and in everything, including some ancient facemasks.

She swore that the material cleansed her skin and so it became the new thing for everyone to try. (Everyone who happened to have gold on hand that is).

The people even put gold in their salves to help cure disease and prevent infection. (Which it did).

In modern-day research, we have, so far, found nothing to doubt her claims. Turns out the Egyptian ruler was on to something.

Some things gold has known to help:

  • Enhance radiancy in skin
  • Calm acne (decrease inflammation and irritation)
  • Reduce redness in the skin
  • Protect against sun damage
  • Prevent wrinkles

Brief History of Gold

After getting into the nitty-gritty, gold is precious and a hot commodity, but how did it get this way? Why is it still that way? And why does it make me want some?

Known first as Aurum, gold came to be popular in ancient Egypt.

Used mostly for and in jewelry and idols for worship, gold was seen as something valuable enough to represent wealth, power, and godly influence.

The first gold mine was even Egyptian- a map of mines found that dated back to the 19th Egyptian Dynasty.

Gold was even mentioned in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The material was prized and it was most definitely put on a pedestal, (literally and figuratively).

Where things get dicey is when gold was first used for monetary gain.

Near Nubia (Egypt) and around 1500 BC, gold was used for the very first time in exchange for goods.

After that initial barter, the Egyptians melded that metal into something called a Shekel. (Romans later adopted this tradition, calling their gold coin Aureus).

A Shekel was a coin-like shape and weighed in at about 11.3 grams. It was two-thirds gold and one-third silver but still had a yellowish color.

And so it began. Gold now could be used as money, and so the trading commenced.

And though it was still a rare and valuable thing, gold didn’t get its big start until the 1970s.

So many years later in 1971, gold started to be looked at as an investment opportunity.

Ever since then gold has managed to constantly increase in value over the decades, having started out in the seventies at $35 per ounce, now coming out at $1,871 per ounce.


As far as gold in jewelry goes, that has been around for almost forever. The idea of jewelry in general is ancient.

Back in the time of Homo sapiens, there were crude necklaces made of teeth and bone, and the word “jocale” translates to our modern-day “jewelry”.

Years and years later and the Egyptians had their obsession with shiny metal, and one of the first uses for gold was in jewelry and headpieces.

As mentioned, Cleopatra was an advocate for that, and gold jewelry has been around ever since.


Gold has so many beneficial qualities from physical health to mental stability to spiritual upliftment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cons.

Here are some things to look out for when it comes to wearing gold:

  • Be aware of your astrological sign compatibility
  • Do not wear below the waist
  • Do not wear too much

Though some astrological signs are extremely compatible with gold and would benefit from wearing it often, there are some signs that don’t have as much luck with the metal.

Scorpios and Pisces have mixed luck with gold, as do Taurus’,

Geminis, Virgos, and Aquarius’. (For the latter four, it’s even “troublesome” to wear the material).

Libras and Capricorns are warned to stay away from gold at all costs.


Where you wear gold should also be taken into account.

It is a common belief that gold should never, ever be worn on or below the waist, (so that means no gold anklets or toe rings people).

Dating back to Hindu ideals, this is a disrespectful notion and can follow with bad luck from the goddess of prosperity and good fortune.

It is also mentioned that wearing any gold on the head or below the waist can cause disharmony of energies within the body and create spiritual imbalance.

Imbalance can also stem from wearing too much gold, or wearing too many ornaments with gold material.

This also has to do with the energies in one’s body being too overstimulated. There would be too much heat with nothing to act as a coolant.

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