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Amazonite Healing Properties

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a member of the Feldspar group of minerals, specifically the microcline or potassium-rich variety of Feldspar. It measures 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale for hardness. It is blue-green in color, sometimes with veins of brown, black, or white running through it.

The green color of amazonite is thought to be due to the presence of trace amounts of lead.

It was first named “Amazon Stone” when it was discovered, although this is rather puzzling, as no known deposits of amazonite have been found in or near the river of that name.

You may sometimes hear it referred to as Amazon Jade, which is simply a way of making the stone sound more valuable than it actually is.

Regarding the stone’s durability, there are two issues to bear in mind.

It measures 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale for hardness, meaning that care should be taken to avoid scratching the stone when it is worn as jewelry, and the second issue is cleavage.

Amazonite has two directions of perfect cleavage.

If you bump your amazonite jewelry against a hard object it may split along either of these directions.

The Origin: Where Is Amazonite Found?

Amazonite is common and is mined in Russia, Canada, Brazil, USA, India, Mozambique, and Namibia.

The History & Lore of Amazonite

Amazonite History and Lore

The Ancient Egyptians treasured Amazonite as an attractive stone to be worn in jewelry or talismans.

It was believed to have healing powers to cure sickness and heal wounds.

Many examples of amazonite jewelry were found in 1922 during the excavation of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, specifically that of Tutankhamun.

The death mask of the young king was adorned with Amazonite stones, amongst other gems.

And bracelets of Amazonite beads formed part of the grave goods found during this archaeological dig.

It is said that the Book of Osiris, variously known as the Book of the Dead or Funerary Rites in ancient Egypt was carved into tablets of Amazonite by Egyptian craftsmen.

And as far back as 16,000 years BCE the Sumerian and Babylonian peoples used it to make seals.

There are stories about the warrior tribes of women known as Amazons who used the stone to adorn their shields and weapons.

Description of Amazonite

Amazonite Description

Amazonite is usually blue-green in color. It is made up of thousands of microscopic quart crystals, meaning that it glitters and catches the light.

It is translucent to opaque so you may be able to see light through it.

When polished, it has a waxy, vitreous luster similar to that of Turquoise.

How to Identify Amazonite

Amazonite can be confused with other blue or green stones such as Green Aventurine, Jade, and Green Jasper.

You should be able to tell that the stone you are looking at is amazonite by holding it up to the light.

If you can see light through it, even if it is hazy, and if the stone catches the light in sparkles, it is most likely to be genuine Amazonite.

You can also try scratching or carving the stone, in a place that is not on show, such as the reverse side of a pendant.

If the stone gives way easily it is probably authentic.

Types of Amazonite

Amazonite can be found in both its polished and raw state.

Raw amazonite is sometimes carved into large pieces of furniture, such as kitchen worktops.

The smaller, tumbled, or polished stones are most often fashioned into jewelry pieces.

Amazonite is always blue-green in color, and sometimes exhibits veining of brown, black, or blue.

Flower Amazonite

Flower Amazonite is the name given to Amazonite that exhibits inclusions and different hues.

Flower amazonite can range in color from pale brown to soft lime green, orange, and even black.

Pink Amazonite

Pink Amazonite

Sometimes, Amazonite takes on the delicate colors of pink or pale lilac. It is rare, but it does occur occasionally.

The qualities of the stone are the same as regular blue-green Amazonite, although some say that this pink variety is more closely aligned with the vibrations of the Heart chakra.

Amazonite Treatment

Amazonite Treatment

How to Clean and Care for Amazonite

Amazonite is a delicate stone and should be cleaned and stored with care.

Use only clear water to rinse off surface dust and debris from your Amazonite crystal and store it in a soft cloth when not in use.

It can be damaged by coming into contact with harder stones such as Quartz or Diamond.

Send these thoughts, always framed in positive language, and in the present tense, into your stone during peaceful meditation.

Re-charge your Amazonite to restore the vibrancy of its original vibration by placing it overnight in moonlight.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

Amazonite Quality Factors


The beauty of amazonite lies primarily in its color. The more vivid and uniform the color the higher the value of the stone.

The most popular color is a deep, vibrant blue-green with minimal streaks or veining.


Amazonite is translucent, with a waxy or vitreous luster, similar to Turquoise.

This gives the polished stones a very tactile, appealing texture, and palm stone or worry beads are a popular choice in Amazonite for this reason.


If you are looking for an Amazonite ring, choose one with a bezel as this mount helps to protect the stone from damage from knocks or bumps.

Amazonite is cut into cabochons and beads, and the relatively soft nature of the stone means that you may find it carved into intricate ornaments or tiny statues.

Larger pieces of Amazonite are sometimes fashioned into elaborate carvings of dragons and other mythical beasts.

Carat Weight

As with many semi-precious gemstones, amazonite value is determined by other quality factors than carat weight.

A large piece of raw stone can cost considerably less than a smaller, well-cut, and polished Amazonite crystal.

Amazonite and Chakras

Amazonite and Chakras

Amazonite resonates with both the Throat and the Heart chakras.

Its soothing, calming energy benefits both chakras and when used in a chakra balance or cleanse, the vibrations of the stone bring the layers of the etheric body into alignment with the physical.

At the Throat, amazonite facilitates the speaking of one’s own truth.

It helps to overcome shyness when speaking in unfamiliar settings and will instill confidence when speaking in public.

The Throat chakra is also the “voice of the body” and will reflect any discord or dis-ease in other areas and chakras.

To keep your Throat chakra open, strong, and healthy, use Amazonite in jewelry or place a piece of the crystal on your throat during meditation.

Amazonite helps to clear away the debris and negative influences of self-sabotage or harmful self-talk.

If you know that you often use harsh language to and about yourself, try programming an amazonite crystal to help you to let go of this habit and replace it with uplifting and positive messages to yourself.

The Heart chakra benefits from the supportive energies of Amazonite when you are going through challenging times.

Allow the vibrations from the stone to gently enfold your heart, and activate this chakra so that it remains open to receiving unconditional love.

Give this love to yourself, and to others, to keep the vibration of your Heart chakra high.

Amazonite Healing Properties

Amazonite Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone and maintains optimum health by aligning the subtle, etheric bodies with the physical.

It keeps your aura clear by filtering out negative vibrations, pollution, and electromagnetic waves from electronic devices.

Amazonite is an all-around healer, regenerates cells, and alleviates the effects of trauma, injury, and anxiety.

It treats disorders of the throat and thyroid gland and helps with muscle cramps and spasms.

Amazonite is said to be beneficial for the skin, treating hives, rosacea, and acne.

It also addresses the causes of sexual dysfunction and increases the natural libido in both men and women.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Amazonite has a profound effect on the emotions, balancing male and female energies within the subtle body and correcting imbalances in Yin and Yang energies.

It harmonizes the intellect with intuition and promotes feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Amazonite is a stone that allows you to see both sides of any argument or disagreement and promotes tranquility and peace of mind.

Amazonite is good for dispersing anger and irritability. It urges the mind to seek balance and discourages excessive anger, resentment, or jealousy.

One of the most powerful effects of Amazonite is its ability to set boundaries.

When you have the self-discipline to set your own inner boundaries your mood and emotional state improves immediately.

Amazonite helps you to see where you need to set yourself some limits, and also encourages you to maintain strong, healthy boundaries with other people.

Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite Metaphysical and Spiritual Properties

Amazonite is a stone of restraint and balance in all things.

It helps anyone who is experiencing extreme mood swings or overreactions to situations and events.

It resolves inner conflicts and allows you to look at the world with objectivity and compassion.

Amazonite is also said to promote a beneficial attitude to solitude, alleviating feelings of loneliness and teaching instead the advantages of spending time alone in peace and tranquility.

Tape a piece of Amazonite to your cell phone to protect you from harmful electromagnetic waves.

Amazonite is a good luck stone, said to aid you in games of chance or competitions.

A luck charm can be made by combining three Amazonite stones with leaves of basil and mint in a small pouch.

Leave the pouch in front of a green or turquoise-colored candle until the candle burns down.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Amazonite assists in manifesting Universal love and can be used in meditation to facilitate connections with other realms.

It carries the spiritual vibration of personal truth and can assist you in communicating your values and beliefs clearly and lovingly to others.

Amazonite is a stone for self-development and self-knowledge.

It helps you to see your true worth and to accept that you are valued and valuable.

It guides you gently towards self-acceptance and helps to build self-confidence, especially in those who are naturally shy or timid.

How to Use Amazonite

Amazonite Uses

As Jewelry

When choosing amazonite jewelry bear in mind that the stone can be damaged quite easily through knocks or bumps.

It may crack along one or both of its natural cleavage lines, or it may become chipped or scratched.

Amazonite earrings and necklaces are an excellent choice, both for the benefits of the stone to the organs of the head and neck and also because they are less likely than a ring or bracelet to become damaged.

In-Home and Office

It is said that hiding a piece of Amazonite in the room of a child or teen will encourage them to be tidier and more organized.

It is also believed that if you place a bowl or basket of tumbled amazonite stones in your kitchen, others will be more willing to help with their share of the chores.

To clear the atmosphere and guard against electromagnetic smog, place amazonite next to TVs, computers, microwaves, and cell phones.

Best Crystal Combinations with Amazonite

Amazonite crystal combinations

Amazonite can be combined with other blue and green stones to benefit the Throat chakra.

Try pairing Amazonite with Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz if you want to open your heart to love and compassion.

Amazonite also works well with Amethyst to enhance communication with Spirit and facilitate the receiving of Divine wisdom and messages from the cosmos.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Amazonite.

Final Thoughts

Amazonite has a powerful filtering action and is protective against geopathic stress and harmful electromagnetic waves from computers, microwaves, and cell phones.

Place a piece of Amazonite between yourself and these appliances to filter out any harmful vibrations.

Amazonite is soothing and calming and has a beneficial effect on mood and spirits.

It can help to raise your motivation levels when you feel lethargic or apathetic and will help you to let go of worries and fears.


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