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Angelite Description

What is Angelite?

This crystal is sometimes called Anhydrite, although Angelite is the preferred name for the pale blue shades that are most commonly found. It is a fragile crystal, measuring only 3.5 on the Mohs scale.

It consists of calcium sulfate and is a form of gypsum from which all the moisture has leeched out.

Angelite is formed from celestite, another form of gypsum that has been compressed over thousands of years and become desiccated.

The Origin: Where Is Angelite Found?

Angelite was originally found in Peru. It is now mined in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, and Libya.

The History & Lore of Angelite

Angelite History and Lore

As Angelite was only discovered in 1987 it does not have a long history of use by humans.

It is a stone of awareness for the New Age and is said to represent peace and brotherhood.

Description of Angelite

Angelite crystals occur in shades of the softest blue and lilac, often with white, feathery veins that make them look like wings.

The stones are usually quite large, which is the best way to see their resemblance to the wings of angels.

Angelite is cut into cabochons and beads, then polished to make delicate pieces of jewelry.

The crystal system of Angelite is orthorhombic, meaning that it has three axes running through it, and these are of unequal length.

In its raw form, Angelite is quite rough and shows a greyish-blue color. It is easily scratched and absorbs water extremely quickly.

How to Identify Angelite

Angelite Description

Angelite is a soft crystal that scratches easily. It is a form of Anhydrite (literal meaning: “without water”) and may be sold under this name.

It will usually come in blue or lilac colors and has a pearly luster that ranges from translucent to opaque.

If Angelite is exposed to water, it will transform into the much more common mineral, gypsum.

Types of Angelite

Angelite and Anhydrite are almost identical in appearance, the only difference being in color. Anhydrite is often grey or clear.

Angelite stones can be found in tumbled and polished forms, made into jewelry, or sometimes carved into small ornaments.

Angelite Treatment

Never wear your Angelite jewelry when bathing or swimming. It will soon transform into gypsum if it is exposed to water.

How to Clean and Care for Angelite

Angelite Treatment

Clean your Angelite with a soft, dry cloth. It is an unstable, soft mineral that needs to be handled with care.

Store it away from other crystals or metals to avoid scratching or damaging it.

Most gemstones can be charged by placing them in salt, but Angelite will simply absorb the moisture salt and turn it into gypsum.

Instead, place your Angelite in the light of the full moon overnight to bring it back to optimum vibration.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

When buying Angelite, you will want to make sure that you are getting a genuine article. There are a number of things to look out for, as follows:

Angelite Quality Factors


Blue, blue-gray, and lilac stones are the most common.

In its raw state, Angelite can have a rough, chalky appearance but once it has been polished you should be able to see variations in color shading in the stone.

The veining in Angelite is usually white, although some specimens show a brown/red tinge.


Angelite is translucent to opaque, it should show a glimmer but not a sparkle, and the texture of the stone will feel a little waxy.


One of the best ways to check if you have a genuine Angelite is to examine the stone’s structure under a magnifying glass.

Angelite has cubic cleavage, meaning that it has perfect cleavage in three directions, forming cubic-shaped crystals which you may be able to see in a fine-grained specimen.

Carat Weight

Angelite is quite dense. A specimen of 1.5 inches can easily weigh over twenty-two grams.

And the weight of the stone is usually a good indicator of authenticity.

Angelite and Chakras

Angelite and Chakras

Angelite resonates with the Throat chakra, the Third Eye, and the Crown.

Placing Angelite on your Throat will activate this chakra and clear away energetic debris.

It will prevent you from absorbing negative opinions and unwanted energies from other people who seek to belittle or abuse you.

It will clear away negative forms of self-talk that you may subject yourself to and help you to speak your truth fearlessly and with confidence.

Used at the Crown, this crystal opens a gateway to the cosmic consciousness of the Universe.

It facilitates meditation and opens channels to the angelic realms.

Use in spiritual practice to hear messages and receive signs from your spirit guides and the Divine.

When used at the Third Eye on your brow, Angelite creates a feeling of deep peace and serenity.

It is said to amplify your latent telepathic tendencies and opens you up to psychic channeling.

Angelite Healing Properties

Angelite Healing Properties

Angelite is an excellent support stone for healers because it deepens perception and heightens communication with the healing energies of the Earth and the Universe.

Physical Healing Properties

Angelite resonates with the condition of the throat and can be used to treat sore throats, colds, laryngitis, tonsilitis, and inflammation of the mucus membranes.

It also balances the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Angelite is beneficial for sunburn and its soothing energies are good for repairing tissues and blood vessels.

Angelite helps with weight control by balancing emotions and helping to uncover the true cause of over-eating or carrying excess weight.

When a physical illness or condition results from stress or emotional upheaval, Angelite soothes the nerves, balances the emotions, and promotes trust and acceptance.

The body is then supported in healing itself of such diverse illnesses as broken bones, kidney infection, oedema, or water retention.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Angelite promotes peace, tranquility, and serenity.

It calms an overactive mind and brings optimism and hope to those who are suffering from depression, lethargy, and anxiety.

This beautiful crystal helps those who are suffering cruelty or abuse at the hands of another.

It reduces fear, dissipates anger, and encourages compassion both for the self and for the agent of cruelty.

It supports self-esteem and promotes self-confidence.

Although its vibration is gentle and soothing, Angelite is surprisingly powerful when called upon to right wrongs.

Understanding the causes of cruel or manipulative behavior is the start of your healing journey.

Angelite has a strong frequency of forgiveness. This does not mean that you condone unacceptable behavior.

But when you begin to forgive it, whilst at the same time holding others accountable, you empower both yourself and the perpetrator to bring the situation to a close.

Angelite is particularly helpful when dealing with narcissists. It teaches us to cultivate peace, but not to compromise and “keep the peace.”

Sometimes, we must do conflict and Angelite helps us to find the strength and courage to hold others accountable for their actions.

Angelite is good for logical and rational thought. It helps to bring mental clarity, incisiveness, and sound judgment.

It is also a stone of community and helps to bring diverse people together into a coherent whole.

Metaphysical Properties

Angelite Metaphysical and Emotional Properties

Angelite heightens our communication skills and teaches diplomacy.

It benefits groups of people who are working together for a common cause.

And promotes harmony, peace, and resolution during times of conflict or confrontation.

Angelite has a cooling, soothing vibration that is good for those who tend to overreact or are prone to rages.

Angelite resonates with the Angelic realms and can be used when accessing your akashic Records or contacting your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The high fine, angelic resonance of Angelite makes it an ideal companion stone for spiritual healing and energy work.

It facilitates connections between humans and beings from other realms. It also heightens perception and deepens meditation.

Use Angelite to give you access to your own spiritual support team, the wisdom of your ancestors, and your own past life experiences.

Telepathy is enhanced by Angelite, both between individuals and between humans and the Divine.

Send clear messages out into the Universe as positively worded thought forms, especially if you wish manifest something specific in your life.

Be open to any messages, signs, or symbols that come back to you, especially through dreams or during meditation.

If these are not clear at first just allow them to sit in your consciousness as you go about your daily business.

You may find the answers come to you through “mundane” means such as the TV, news articles, or simply good advice from another person.

How to Use Angelite

Angelite Uses

As Jewelry

Angelite worn as jewelry around the neck conditions and activates the Throat chakra.

Angelite stones can be carried in a pocket or purse to enhance your intuition and raise your spiritual awareness.

Never wear your Angelite jewelry in water.

In-Home and Office

Keep a piece of Angelite next to your bed to improve your sleep quality and enhance lucid dreaming.

Keep some in the office or workplace to encourage harmonious teamwork between colleagues.

Best Crystal Combinations with Angelite

Angelite crystal combinations

Angelite and Aquamarine

This combination is excellent for unblocking the Throat chakra.

Aquamarine supports you in speaking out against injustice and in defense of those who have no voice.

It brings clarity to your communication and fearlessness to your soul. Angelite helps you to speak with compassion and courtesy.

These two stones are an excellent combination for communications with the Divine and with the world of spirit.

Together they represent the elements of air and water, a potent combination for creativity and new beginnings.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Aquamarine.

Angelite and Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz amplifies the vibrations and energies of other crystals three-fold.

Using these stones together can bring powerful healing vibrations into your aura and physical body.

Clear Quartz heals all conditions and disperses blocked or negative energies from the physical and emotional bodies.

The increased frequency of the Angelite component of this pairing brings a deeper level of understanding to your meditations and increases your spiritual awareness.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Clear Quartz.

Angelite and Kyanite

Kyanite benefits all seven main chakras and never needs cleansing.

This combination will ensure that your aura remains clear and clean, free from negative vibrations, and full of love and compassion.

These stones revitalize and reenergize the light body.

The flow of chi is increased and stimulated in all the meridians, bringing new levels of physical energy.

It is also cleansing for the mental body and helps to wake up a sluggish mind.

Angelite and Black Tourmaline

The high spiritual vibration of Angelite makes it one of the most effective tools for astral travel.

It will help you to establish connections with your soul and with your angels and spirit guides during shamanic journeys.

The grounding and anchoring effects of Black Tourmaline ensure that your soul returns safely to your body at the end of your journey to other realms and times.

Black tourmaline’s frequencies will protect you from harmful vibrations, negative influences, and psychic vampirism.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Black Tourmaline.

Angelite and Selenite

This combination is excellent for ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Place both stones near your head to ease tension and promote peaceful rest.

Selenite has a strong connection to Moon energies, which are high frequency and excellent for promoting relaxation of both body and mind.

Angelite and Selenite together are a potent spiritual combination.

Their frequencies raise awareness and open the Crown chakra to angelic vibrations from the cosmos.

Selenite also enhances telepathic communication, as does Angelite.

Try holding a piece of each crystal and giving the same combination to another person as you try to communicate without words.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Angelite is one of the stones of the New Age.

It promotes trust that things will work out for the best, that peace and love will prevail and that humans are capable of becoming divinely inspired beings.

Angelite soothes the soul and clams the mind. It deepens meditation and encourages you to be loving and compassionate in thought, word, and deed.


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