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Apatite Crystal Combinations

What is Apatite?

Apatite belongs to a group of minerals called phosphorites. It is used as the index mineral for a hardness rating of five on the Mohs scale. It occurs in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, green, grey, blue, white, purple, brown, and violet.

Sometimes these colors are so brilliant and vivid that they mimic the more valuable gemstones such as Sapphire or emerald, although Apatite is brittle and easily broken by fracture or cleavage.

Apatite is not widely used in jewelry and as gemstones but specimens that show good translucence and color can be faceted to form jewelry pieces or cut as cabochons.

Where is Apatite Found?

Mexico, Madagascar, Norway, the United States, and Russia.

The History & Lore of Apatite

Apatite History and Lore

There is a story about how Apatite was initially found. A small boy was digging in the sand near an old gold mine in southern Madagascar.

He found a bright blue gemstone that was thought at first to be a Paraiba Blue Tourmaline, which is usually found in Brazil.

Later on, it turned out to be Apatite.

Apatite was named using the ancient word for “deception,” probably due to the early confusion of Apatite with more precious stones and minerals. 

Description of Apatite

Apatite occurs in a variety of colors. With blue being the most common and yellow the rarest.

The crystal is opaque, sometimes transparent, and has a glassy, or vitreous luster.

It has an hexagonal crystalline structure and can be found in many sizes, often polished, or tumbled.

How to Identify Apatite

When identifying Apatite, look for hexagonal crystals and a glassy appearance.

As this mineral exists in many forms, including common phosphorites, found in phosphate rocks, you should also look for deep saturation and evenness color.

An absence of flaws or inclusions, and fragility or brittleness of structure.

Types of Apatite

Types of Apatite

As well as variations in color in Apatite specimens, there are three main forms of Apatite that occur naturally.

These three are differentiated only by the ratios of ions in their crystal lattice.


This is the main component in tooth enamel.

As its name suggests, fluorine is a major component of this mineral, which gives the rock a fluorescent appearance.

Hydroxyl Apatite

This variety also occurs in tooth enamel.

It composes about 70% of the bone material of the human body and is slightly more resistant to acids than Fluorapatite.


This variety of Apatite contains chlorine in its structure, which is responsible for the differences in color to be found within the mineral.

It is often colored pink, white, or yellow.

Apatite Treatment

Apatite Treatment

How to Clean and Care for Apatite

Apatite is both brittle and fragile.

The best way to keep it clear of surface dust and debris is to rinse it quickly under running water and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Do not expose your Apatite gem to extreme temperatures.

Keep it stored in a soft cloth away from other gems or metals that may scratch its surface.

To recharge your Apatite stone, purify it with sweet sage or rosemary smoke.

When you are ready to program your stone, hold it in your right hand and set the intention of absorbing its vitality and healing energies.

Then swap to your left hand, hold it against your chest and visualize its cleansing vibrations weeping away negative energies and clearing any blockages from your aura.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

The most common confusion with Apatite is between this crystal and Tourmaline.

If you want to be absolutely sure that your prospective purchase is indeed Apatite, it is best to call on the experience and knowledge of a gem expert.

Apatite Quality Factors


Look for deep color saturation and an even distribution in your Apatite stone.

Highly prized specimens of Blue Apatite bear a striking resemblance to Paraiba Sapphires.


Apatite often shows chatoyancy.

This is the phenomenon we see in “cats’ eyes” and really good specimens may resemble cat’s eye chrysoberyl.

Apatite is transparent and should be eye-clean regarding flaws and inclusions.


Apatite is a brittle stone that does not lend itself easily to fashioning into gemstones for jewelry.

However, an expertly faceted Apatite will command a much higher price than tumbled stones or cabochons.

Carat Weight

Blue gems of Apatite are usually quite small weighing 1 -2 carats. 10-carat blue gems come from Myanmar.

Gems any larger than this are rarely found in blue.

Yellow Apatite gems tend to be slightly larger and can be found in up to 20 carats.

The individual values set on single Apatite stones are determined first by the clarity, cut, and color.

Carat weight only influences the value when all other quality factors are present.

Apatite and Chakras

Apatite and Chakra

Apatite resonates with all the chakras and is an excellent clearing stone for the aura and subtle body.

Blue Apatite is not only the most commonly obtained form of this mineral but also the most widely used in chakra balancing.

Blue Apatite is aligned with the Throat and Third eye chakras.

When used on these energy centers, the vibrations from the stone help to balance masculine and feminine energies.

It also helps harmonize the emotional, mental, and physical layers of the etheric body.

Use Blue Apatite to clear the Throat chakra and to open it for more effective communication skills.

Because the Throat chakra allows free expression when it is blocked the energy of the other chakras is also restricted.

It is through the Throat chakra that our bodies express their feelings, needs, and emotions.

If the Throat chakra is restricted or closed, due to the suppression of our truths or beliefs, we can become closed off, isolated, and unable to interact with others.

This can lead to more serious issues of depression and physical disease.

Blue apatite can be used, along with other blue stones, to activate the Throat chakra and clear away negative energies.

It can enable us to communicate verbally with clarity and without fear.

It also enhances our more subtle forms of communication, with ourselves, the world, and the energies of the cosmos.

The Third Eye, or Brow, chakra is responsible for the way we perceive the world.

It also provides the gateway to our psychic and spiritual experiences.

When this chakra is out of balance, we can become confused and overwhelmed by seemingly contradictory messages.

We have difficulty separating truth from illusion and can find ourselves being led along paths, not of our own choosing.

Place Blue apatite on your Brow during meditation and allow the healing vibrations of this stone to clear away anything that is not serving you at that moment.

Apatite Healing Properties

Apatite Metaphyiscal and Emotional Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Apatite contains phosphorous, which is the mineral we need for healthy bones and teeth.

It helps to heal fractures in bones and encourages the formation of new cells.

This stone also ameliorates arthritis and helps to soothe joint pain.

Apatite also raises the metabolic rate and can stimulate a sluggish appetite, especially during convalescence.

Apatite helps to balance blood pressure and to heal glands, meridians, organs, and damaged tissue.

It supports the body’s absorption of calcium. It can be used to soothe headaches and combat vertigo or dizzy spells.

Blue Apatite has a beneficial effect on the eyes, soothing eyestrain and releasing tension caused by lack of eye movement.

Yellow Apatite also has healing properties for the physical body.

It is an excellent detoxifier and supports the organs of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, and skin.

It activates the Solar Plexus and draws off stagnant energy from the etheric body.

It is often used in the treatment of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), exhaustion, and apathy.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Yellow Apatite is good for clearing mental confusion or “brain fog.”

This variety of Apatite is also good for the expulsion from the emotional body of suppressed anger, and the attendant tension and disease that accompanies this.

Repressed anger and the trauma caused in the cells by bottling up or squashing down feelings of rage, resentment, bitterness, and anger can lead to mental, emotional, and physical disturbances, often long after the initial event that caused the feelings in the first place.

Yellow Apatite brings these feelings to the surface where they can no longer be denied.

We can then address the consequences of these suppressed emotions and let them go.

Blue Apatite helps to support this process by drawing off negativity and unwanted energy vibrations that have been stuck in the aura.

Apatite helps to overcome shyness, self-consciousness, and feelings of alienation.

It builds up energy reserves and increases motivation, promoting social ease and openness.

It helps to ease sorrow, negate anger, and reduce irritability.

Metaphysical Properties

Yello Apatite

Apatite is an inspiring stone. It is a crystal of manifestation and service, promoting harmony in human relationships and altruism in our dealings with others.

Apatite is attuned to the future, and its connection with the Third eye can help us to see the right steps to take on our soul’s ongoing journey.

It also has a connection with the past and can be used in past life regression therapy to clear our outmoded ways of thinking.

And to bring inspiration and wisdom from our past incarnations into our present-day consciousness.

Apatite develops spiritual and psychic gifts and is a good companion stone for meditation and manifestation.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Apatite is a karmic stone that will help you to access past-life experiences and events.

It brings understanding and insight into previously unknown or misunderstood ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

Use Apatite to heighten your telepathic abilities when communicating with other realms and beings from other worlds.

Apatite can help to activate your latent psychic abilities and aid your spiritual development.

It raises consciousness and heightens awareness, teaching patience and perseverance as you face your spiritual challenges.

Apatite is also believed to protect against psychic attack, curses, ill wishes, and psychic vampirism.

How to Use Apatite

As Jewelry

Wearing Apatite jewelry allows you to access sit metaphysical qualities throughout your daily life.

Blue Apatite can be worn around the neck to open and activate the Throat chakra and keep its energy flowing healthily.

In-Home and Office

Use Apatite in the home and office to shield you from undue influences and external circumstances.

It is a good antidote to feelings of anxiety and overwhelms.

Best Crystal Combinations with Apatite

Apatite Crystal Combinations

Apatite and Onyx

This combination of stones is good for introspection. It will help you to look inwards and discover truths about yourself.

It also promotes self-acceptance, so you can observe your behavior, thoughts, and character traits with objective compassion.

Onyx brings strength and support during times of stress and helps to clarify thinking so that you can see the way out of even the most challenging situations.

Apatite brings a stabilizing, grounding vibration that combines well with the anchoring properties of Onyx, promoting calm and rational thought.

Read more about the best crystal combinations for Onyx.

Apatite and Rose Quartz

The frequency of Rose Quartz is one of unconditional love.

The ability to both give and receive love in equal measure is vital to our health and well-being on the physical plane.

But equally important is our receptiveness towards the love that is showered down on us from the Universe, from God, or Source, or all-that-is.

Apatite has a high spiritual resonance that encourages us to open our hearts to the endless stream of benevolent energies flowing our way from the world around us and the wider cosmos.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Apatite may have been named according to the Greek word for deceit, but the stone itself has nothing deceitful about it.

It is inspirational, creative, and extroverted. It urges you to strive for your dreams and goals and hold nothing back, for the rewards will be well worth the risks and effort involved.

Apatite expands knowledge and looks for the truth. It eases social anxiety and brings harmony to groups of people.

It reminds us to be kind and compassionate to our fellow humans and to accept ourselves, and others, exactly as we are.

Because Apatite releases energy in the Base chakra, it clears sexual frustration and endorses passion free from guilt.


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