Are Cartier Engagement Rings Worth the Price? (Answered)

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Maybe you’re going to get engaged soon and you need to find the perfect ring. Cartier rings are much pricier and more high-end than a ring you purchase from an average jeweler.

However, only you can decide if their engagement ring is worth the price.

Cartier engagement rings are worth the price if you’re looking for extremely high quality and high-end jewelry. They only use the best materials and diamonds of the highest quality. You can be sure that the quality is a huge price factor, as well as the name brand.

Whether you’re considering buying an engagement ring from Cartier or you’re just curious about what makes them so expensive, it’s good to learn more before moving forward with any solid plans or decisions.

Cartier rings are extremely high quality and it’s easy to see why once you start investigating.

What Is a Cartier Engagement Ring?

Cartier engagement rings, and jewelry in general, are widely known for being of high-end quality. Unfortunately, this is reflected in their prices.

They create designer jewelry, and so, they have a designer price tag. They are also well known for their high-quality diamonds and engagement rings.

What sets them apart from other jewelers is their high standard and having very high quality for their diamonds.

They focus very much on each of the “4 C’s” (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight) when it comes to selecting their diamonds.

They believe that each is crucial to finding the most brilliant diamonds, but the most determining factor of beauty and brilliance is the cut of the diamond.

Diamonds should be symmetrical and balanced.

Cartier will only use diamonds that are greater than 0.30 carats on the GIA scale and are also classified as “Very Good” or even “Excellent.”

This helps to guarantee sparkle and optimal brilliance.

Weight is also another important factor in determining the value of a diamond. Each carat is about 0.20 grams.

Cartier has a wide variety of diamonds with different carats to fit different ring settings.

Another factor included in the making of Cartier engagement rings is their attention to the clarity of the diamond.

Of course, natural imperfections can alter the quality.

The clarity of a diamond will depend on these imperfections (which are called inclusions) and their size and position within the gem.

Some of these inclusions can only be seen under a magnifying glass, but they are definitely still there.

Cartier only uses diamonds that are between IF and VS2. This basically means that you won’t be able to see any imperfections or inclusions with the naked eye.

It gives the diamond exceptional clarity.

The “fourth C” is color. Diamonds are more valuable if they are colorless. The color of a diamond is rated on a scale from D to Z.

It goes in alphabetical order with D meaning it’s a “colorless diamond” and Z means that it is “near-colorless.” Cartier only uses diamonds between the rating of D and H.

This means that all Cartier diamonds are colorless and have little or no fluorescence.

Are Cartier Engagement Rings Worth the Price

What’s So Special about a Cartier Engagement Ring?

As stated above, something that sets Cartier apart from other jewelers is their attention to detail and commitment to quality.

They have set a very high standard for themselves and will not scrimp on quality.

However, a lot of the price you’re paying is really just for the name-brand factor.

Cartier is also known for its signature red box. Red is the color of love and it’s also the color of Cartier.

They have been around for over 150 years and have had a continued dedication to quality and beautiful designs.

They have a wide variety of designs and options to help satisfy those who want a brand new design, as well as those who want something a little more classic or vintage.

Cartier has also remained a more “exclusive” type brand and is not as available to the common public as companies like Tiffany’s.

This means that there is luxury and glamour attached with the name Cartier and those who are able to purchase jewelry from them.

Many celebrities and a lot of royalty have chosen Cartier for their engagement rings.

The high quality, timelessness of the brand, and the hefty price tag can sometimes only be purchased by those who are extremely upper class.

If you’re in a position to do so and would love to show off your status, Cartier is a sure way to do this.

How Much Do Cartier Engagement Rings Cost?

Cartier engagement rings can cost anywhere from $3,200 to prices so high they aren’t even immediately listed on their website.

When searching for options online, you can set your maximum price to $400,000.

It’s safe to assume that their most expensive engagement rings are around that price.

However, there have been Cartier engagement rings that have been sold for much more than this—millions more, in fact.

If the actual rings don’t scream luxury, the price tag certainly will.

How Much Do Cartier Engagement Rings Cost?

Do Cartier Engagement Rings Hold or Increase in Value?

Cartier jewelry in general, not only holds its value, but it will typically increase in value as well.

Cartier has been known to be the choice of celebrities, royalty, and influencers alike.

This is not only due to the beautiful and unique jewelry this brand makes, but because they retain their value through the years.

Most Cartier vintage pieces will actually appreciate in value. Typically, it is vintage Cartier jewelry that will hold its value best.

Of course, it must be authentic and in good condition. Value can also be added if your vintage Cartier piece is signed.

Even if your Cartier jewelry or engagement ring does not increase in value, it will at least hold its value due to the high quality, the luxury of the brand, unique creations, and many other factors.

Cartier has even been called “the jeweler of Kings and the King of jewelers” by England’s King Edward VII.

It would appear as though they have lived up to this standard, as they have continued to design, create, and sell high-quality, luxury jewelry.

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