The Benefits and Rules of Wearing a Tortoise Ring (Explained)

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A tortoise ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be a great accessory for any outfit, as it brings history along with it.

This reptilian jewelry is always an eye-catching piece and it can be a great conversation starter.

Some benefits of wearing a tortoise ring include luck and prosperity as well as strength. A few rules that should be adhered to include keeping the head of the tortoise pointed towards the person wearing the ring and never rotating the tortoise while wearing the ring.

There is so much more to learn about the tortoise ring.

More benefits and rules are associated with it and while you might think that such a ring couldn’t possibly come with such guidelines, know that this one does.

In the following, the history, rules, and benefits of wearing this ring will be explained more in-depth.

Benefits and Rules for a Tortoise Ring

The tortoise ring comes with a whole host of benefits and rules that most people probably had never even considered to be possible.

The reason for this is that the tortoise animal has a history of meaning, symbolism, and spiritual connection to the Hindu religion.

Understanding the history can help the wearer to better appreciate the benefits that come with doing so, and to be respectful of the rules associated with the ring.

After a brief history is given of the tortoise ring, we will then take a look at the extensive list of rules when wearing this jewelry, and then the list of benefits.

From there, a look will be taken at horoscopes and which ones are positively connected with a tortoise ring, and then the meaning of rings on each individual finger.

History of the Tortoise Ring

In Hinduism, there is a triumvirate that includes three Gods.

The second one and the one we will be discussing most in this article is the god Vishnu.

He is known for being the protector of the universe as well as preserving it.

He has been reincarnated nine times, and each of those times the sole purpose was to come to earth and establish the balance of good and evil.

The second time that he was reincarnated, it was as a tortoise called Kurma.

The Benefits and Rules of Wearing a Tortoise Ring

The story goes that Vishnu told the other gods that by churning the Milky Ocean, they could recover several lost treasures that would then enable them to defeat the demons (which were currently in control of the universe).

A few of the lost treasures were an elixir for immortality, the Goddess Lakshmi who was the goddess of wealth and success.

Treasures like this would assist the gods in eliminating the demons.

Unfortunately, Vishnu realized that the gods alone would not be able to accomplish such a thing, so he decided to strike a deal with the demons.

By working together, they would be able to find the lost items.

The demons agreed only when Vishnu promised the demons a part of the spoils, including the elixir for immortality.

The tools they would use to cause such a churning were decided by Vishnu as well.

He advised that they use Mount Madura as the churning stick and the great snake, Vasuki, as their rope.

The gods would hold the tail end of Vasuki, and the demons would hold the head.

Then they would wrap the head of the snake around Mount Madura, and each side would pull alternately, allowing the mountain to rotate in the water.

It was soon found that each time they rotated the mountain, the mountain would sink into the soft bed of sand upon which it rested.

So, Vishnu reincarnated himself into a tortoise, placed the mountain upon his back, and became a foundation upon which the mountain could rotate without sinking.

When the first item finally rose to the surface, the elixir, the demons immediately sprang forth to retrieve it.

Thinking quickly, Vishnu transformed into a beautiful woman that entranced the demons.

While they couldn’t look away from the woman, Vishnu gave the elixir to the gods and replaced the empty bottle with alcohol.

The beautiful goddess Lakshmi appeared as well and chose Vishnu, whom she found to be most worthy of her. Source

Due to this story of Vishnu taking on the form of a tortoise to stabilize Mount Madura, the tortoise has also become a symbol of stability.

What are the Rules for Wearing A Tortoise Ring?

There are quite a few rules that are specific to how and where to wear a Tortoise Ring, also known as the Kachua ring and Meru ring.

Every single one of these rules has a great significance for the Indian religious beliefs and meanings behind the Tortoise Ring.

This is a relatively common custom in India, and all of those who hold those beliefs regard the tortoise and the Tortoise Ring to be very sacred.

The standards set as a result certainly reflect the sacred nature many regards with the tortoise.

All of the rules are in the following list and can be referenced to the source Astro-Raj:

What are the Rules for Wearing A Tortoise Ring?
  • Among the top rules for wearing Tortoise Rings is that the head of the tortoise should always be pointed towards the person wearing the ring. Much of what is associated with the symbolism of the tortoise and therefore the Tortoise Ring is the promise of great luck and increased prosperity. As such, that belief negates the need to have the tortoise on the ring facing within or pointing to the individual that is wearing the ring. That way, good luck, and prosperity will go towards the individual instead of moving away from them.
  • There are several metals used to make Tortoise Rings but the main metals that are used consist of gold, silver, and platinum. The reason why is because gold and silver are metals that are specifically good for keeping the various energies of the Tortoise Ring. It may not be a strict rule, but it would be good to have a standard of the Tortoise Ring made up of gold or silver metals.
  • While this may seem odd, it is important to soak the Tortoise Ring in either raw milk or Kacha Dudh at the beginning of the day before wearing the ring. This is so the Goddess Lakshmi can bless it and it can continue to bring that good luck and prosperity it is so commonly known for.
  • You should buy Tortoise Rings on a Friday. The reason why it should be bought on a Friday is that, as Dr. Shanker Adawal points out, Friday is designated as the day to bring pleasant means and enjoyable feelings to the goddess of wealth through worship.
  • Friday is also an important day for wearing a Tortoise Ring. This has a slight contradiction though. Some sources say it is best to wear the Tortoise Ring on Fridays, and some say that the Tortoise Ring should only be worn on Fridays. While that may seem minor, it can be rather large when looking at the context and symbolism behind the Tortoise Ring.
  • Another major rule is to never rotate the tortoise while wearing the ring. This is because belief has it that rotating the Tortoise Ring while wearing it while causing a shift and bring obstacles to the prosperity and wealth of the individual that is wearing and rotating the Tortoise Ring.
  • Wear the Tortoise Ring on the middle finger or the index finger. As for which hand to wear the Tortoise Ring, there is some dispute on that. Some say the Tortoise Ring should be entirely worn on the right hand. There are others who believe women should wear their Tortoise Ring on their left hand and men should wear their Tortoise Ring on their right hand. Some sources suggest that it can alternate and be worn on either the right hand or the left hand.
  • If you have a tortoise figurine, it should always be facing toward the east or southeast direction.

What are the Benefits of Wearing A Tortoise Ring?

There are many benefits associated with wearing a Tortoise Ring.

Understanding them will help the wearer to feel confident in the choice they have made to wear it and maybe even give more appreciation for the powers this ring possesses.

What are the Benefits of Wearing A Tortoise Ring?
  • First and foremost, Tortoise Rings bring luck and prosperity.
  • It is believed that they give good luck and strength.
  • Having a tortoise figurine in the living room can bring peace and unity as a family.
  • It represents a long, happy life.
  • By wearing it a little farther away from the body, wealth will be protected.
  • It also improves the surrounding environment which increases love, and it improves intuition.
  • It improves love in romantic relationships and promotes loyalty within those relationships.
  • Wearing a Tortoise Ring causes diseases to go away, can be a shield for the ill, and brings new energy and health.
  • Negative thoughts are removed and the heart is given positive feelings.
  • There is an extra motivation that comes as well.
  • It improves sleep and aspects of the career.
  • It is theorized that it resolves mistakes made in a past life.
  • It brings positive energy and opens the door for progress.
  • It can open the door of closed luck.
  • It can bring calmness to the mind.
  • Source

Which Horoscopes Can Wear A Tortoise Ring?

Horoscopes are created when an astrologer can look at the stars to answer questions and divine the future.

Each person is born in different years, different months, and different days.

That’s why when an astrologer creates an astrological chart specific to a person, it’s like a fingerprint because it is so unique.

These calculations can tell a group of people their personality traits.

These charts are a tool for predicting things, and people most commonly use this chart to dictate whether the person they are dating is compatible with them or not.

Which Horoscopes Can Wear A Tortoise Ring?

There is the sun sign, which is where the sun was positioned when you were born.

This sun sign is typically what people are asking for when they ask, “What’s your sign?”.

Each sun sign has an element and planet whereby they are regulated. This gives the sun sign its identity and defining characteristics.

The quality of your sign is also important, and that can be found by simply finding out the time of year in which your planet is receiving its solar season.

There are three groups whereby all twelve signs can be found: cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

To understand more about this area and dive deeper into your astrological sign, a good site to do that can be found here.

It is unlucky for people to wear a Tortoise Ring if they are a Pisces, Virgo, Aries, or Scorpio zodiac.

Should you fall into any of these categories and choose to wear a tortoise ring, you will find that your career has become difficult and your business will suffer a huge loss.

Your financial stability will be sorely affected and so therefore your family happiness will be disrupted.

To receive the benefits of the tortoise, keep the ring or figurine in your house but never wear it.

If you are of the other zodiac signs, any problems in the horoscope are removed by wearing a Tortoise Ring.

Energy in Wearing Rings on your Fingers

Your hand is a crucial part of your body for harnessing energy.

They are extremely potent in bringing about luck and prosperity, which is something very few people know and understand.

The right hand is more important than the left, and if you do it right you will channel a lot of positive energy into your life.

In India, the left hand is seen as unfavorable, so they tend to avoid that hand.

Your ring finger is the finger whereby you can achieve good luck, your dreams to come true, and other such good things.

Each finger connotes something different though and will bring different results into your life.

  • Pinky finger: Wearing a ring on this finger will exude qualities such as intelligence, intuition, and persuasion
  • Ring finger: Most commonly this finger is reserved for wedding rings to show love and faithfulness, but it can also be a source of energy that means creativity and beauty.
  • Middle finger: This finger is special since it is in the middle of the hand. Wearing a ring here will display qualities such as balance, justice, and responsibility. Keep in mind though that in some cultures this finger is considered offensive.
  • Index finger: This finger, when accompanied by a ring, can mean anything from leadership qualities to self-confidant qualities.
  • Thumb: Rings that are worn on the thumb convey freedom and individuality.

Being aware of the energetic powers each of your fingers possesses is crucial in understanding why you wear the tortoise finger where you do. Source

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