When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings?

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Wedding and engagement rings are expensive, but many jewelers have seasonal sales. So when is the best time to buy wedding and engagement rings?

The best times of year to purchase engagement and wedding rings are right after Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, right before or after Christmas, and in September or October. There are many sales during these times, and there are plenty of rings to choose from that are on sale.

Now that you know when you should purchase an engagement and wedding ring, you may be wondering why these dates are significant.

You can usually find a good ring any time of the year, but if you can, try to purchase a ring during these times.

When Should I Purchase an Engagement Ring?

You should purchase an engagement ring after Valentine’s Day, before or after Christmas, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and in September or October.

This is when engagement rings will be on sale, so you will be able to purchase the engagement ring that you want at a lower price than normal.

This is especially helpful if the engagement ring that you want to purchase for your significant other is normally out of your price range.

The summer is also a great time to purchase an engagement ring.

Many people propose to their significant others during the summer, and they often purchase the rings a few weeks or months before they propose.

Jewelry stores know this, so they make sure that they have plenty of rings available to purchase and sometimes have sales in order to entice people to purchase the engagement ring at their store rather than from another jeweler.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to purchase an engagement ring, especially if you want to purchase the ring from an online jeweler.

If you purchase an engagement ring from an online jeweler on Cyber Monday, you will likely find the ring that you want to purchase at a massively discounted price.

Online retailers have to compete with physical jewelers that have sales on Black Friday, so they often have sales on Cyber Monday.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy Wedding and Engagement Rings

Right before or after Christmas is another great time to purchase an engagement ring.

Many people propose to their significant other on Christmas day or in the weeks beforehand, but jewelry stores understand that they are also spending money on presents and travel, so they don’t have as much money as usual to spend on an engagement ring.

However, the jewelry stores want to compete with other retail stores and want to make money during the Christmas season, so they frequently have sales before or after the Christmas season.

September or October are great months to purchase an engagement ring.

Jewelry stores are often slow during these times, so they have sales and may be more willing than usual to negotiate during these months.

They want to sell you the engagement ring so they can make money, but not many people purchase engagement rings during September or October, so they will put in more effort to making sure you purchase the ring than during their busy seasons.

Take your time picking out an engagement ring.

Although it may not seem like it, jewelry stores frequently have sales, so you can purchase your dream engagement ring while it is on sale during almost any season.

If it is not currently on sale, wait a few weeks and that may change.

When Should I Purchase a Wedding Ring?

Typically, a wedding ring for the person being proposed to is purchased as a set with the engagement ring.

It is often cheaper to purchase the wedding and engagement ring as a set, although that is not always possible.

If it is not possible to purchase the wedding ring alongside the engagement ring, purchase it 3-4 months before the wedding day.

Allow plenty of time for the wedding ring to be made and be shipped to you.

You should purchase your wedding ring a few months before your wedding day just in case the ring does not fit and needs to be resized before the wedding day.

If you don’t order the ring with enough time before the wedding, you may not be able to wear it on the wedding day, which would be unfortunate.

One of my friends who is married ordered her husband’s ring only two months before their wedding, and the ring did not fit him.

He was not able to wear his wedding ring on their wedding day.

So they ended up spending money on a ring that he could not wear.

It is important to give yourself plenty of time when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

Wedding rings are typically on sale at the same time as engagement rings, especially because they are typically purchased as a set.

However, whether or not wedding rings are on sale at the same time as engagement rings will vary depending on the store that is selling the rings.

Why Do Wedding and Engagement Rings Go On Sale?

Wedding and engagement rings go on sale for many reasons. They go on sale because;

  • The store has too much inventory of a product
  • Jewelry stores are not busy at the time
  • Rings have gone unsold for a long period of time
  • Holidays
  • New rings are going to be in stock soon, so the jewelers need to make room for new product

After Valentine’s Day

Wedding and engagement rings go on sale right after Valentine’s Day because jewelers need to sell products in order to make room for the new rings that are coming in.

Many people propose on Valentine’s Day, so jewelry stores need to sell rings to people during the seasonal lull in business that occurs between the middle of February until May, so they have sales on wedding and engagement rings.

Why Do Wedding and Engagement Rings Go On Sale?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Wedding and engagement rings go on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because many people go shopping during these times, but they go to the stores that have sales going on at the time.

If jewelry stores do not have a sale going on, then people will not choose to go into the store, which means the jewelry store will potentially lose money.

However, if the store does have a sale going on at the time, people will go in and potentially purchase a few items, which means the store makes money.

Overall, you can find wedding and engagement rings on sale at almost any time, but the best sales occur around holidays.

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