Best Wedding Bands that Go with Emerald Cut

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Wedding bands are beautiful symbols of commitment and love with a partner. When taking the exciting steps to get married, one of the most fun and possibly stressful parts is getting the rings.

It can be hard to know what wedding bands look best with what engagement rings.

The best wedding bands that go with emerald cut rings are ones that match the metal on the band or are cut to go around the stone, such as contour and notched bands. If there are other stones on the engagement ring, then using the same shape and stones on the wedding band creates a cohesive look.

If you look at the emerald cut, you will find that it is very elegant, classic, and timeless.

This cut looks great with vintage-style rings, and even with newer, modern rings.

So, depending on your style, there is a wedding band that perfectly fits your ring.

What is Emerald Cut?

The emerald cut is a stone (such as a diamond or emerald) that has been cut into a rectangle-like shape.

It is one of the oldest stone cuts still used today. It originated in the 1500s and was used on emeralds, thus how it got its name.

The term “emerald cut” became very popular in the 1920s, which is when the name stuck.

The emerald cut is popular for its clean lines and detailed precision lines on the sides.

This ring style is also popular because the elongated style makes the stone appear bigger than it actually is.

When used as the center stone, other stones on the ring highly compliment the stone. But, the cut is so beautiful on its own as well that when used alone it is a timeless statement.

Contoured Wedding Band

Oftentimes, engagement rings with unique curves or ridges on them have a wedding band made as a set.

That way, you do not have to find another ring through the process of trial and error—there is already a ring made for yours that will fit it.

Rings made in sets are made with the same style so the engagement ring and wedding band will match.

Contoured Wedding Band are great with emerald cut

As you can see in the picture above, the wedding band has a curve at the top. This helps accentuate the curve of the main diamond on the engagement ring.

This wedding band style also helps show off both rings without one being covered by the other.

The main stone does not have to go above the wedding band, and the bottom of the band can fit snugly against the engagement ring.

When this style is used on an emerald cut engagement ring, it can be a curve (like seen above), or it can also be shaped to go around the emerald cut stone.

This is when the main stone is emerald cut on the engagement ring, and the wedding band is made to fit around the rectangular-shaped stone.

So, the wedding band would look like an outline of a rectangle.

Some people like to accentuate their engagement ring on both sides and make their ring appear bigger, and others like having the wedding band fit one side.

Whatever your style, the contour wedding band looks magical next to the classic emerald-cut ring.

Notched Wedding Band

A notched wedding band is a beautiful choice for people who want a classic wedding band, but want it to look more coherent.

This wedding band looks like a classic wedding band, but at the top where the stone on an engagement ring might cover it, there is either nothing or it has a plain band there.

With this wedding band style, you get the wedding band to lay flat against the band of the engagement ring with no gaps.

And, because the engagement ring would be covering the wedding band, this works for putting a band under the stone.

That way your rings fit nicely together, and there is no rubbing from the engagement ring stones on the wedding band.

Classic Wedding Bands

Classic wedding bands are what you think of first when you think of wedding bands.

It is straight and you can set stones in it or you can leave it classic and simple by having it just be a metal band.

Wedding bands can have some little detailed designs on them, and they come in a large variety.

Best Wedding Bands that Go with Emerald Cut

When choosing to go for a classic wedding band or another style, look at your engagement ring and decide how you would like your rings to fit together.

With an emerald-cut engagement ring, it depends on your style and how high the stones are set.

If you want your wedding band to fit like a puzzle piece next to your engagement ring, then a classic wedding band won’t work.

This wedding band will not hug the emerald-cut stone, and it could look awkward or wrong depending on the size of the diamond.

If the stones on your engagement ring are set too low, then a classic wedding band won’t fit under the stones.

This can make it look wrong, feel uncomfortable on your finger, and can cause the rings to be set far apart.

For emerald cut, it is recommended to look at a contoured wedding band and a notched wedding band because those styles compliment the emerald-cut best.

Tips for Finding Wedding Bands

Tips for Finding Wedding Bands that best go with emerald cut

Ring shopping can go from being one of the most exciting experiences ever, to becoming one of the most stressful experiences ever.

To help avoid the potential stress that ring shopping has to offer, there are some tips and tricks you may want to use and be aware of:

One great tip is to get your wedding band at the same place you got your engagement ring.

By getting a second ring with the same store or company, there is a high possibility of getting deals on your second ring with them.

So if you are shopping at a store for engagement rings, make sure you or your partner also like the wedding bands they have so that if you get more rings from them, you can get a good deal on it.

Some deals stores may offer are if you get an engagement ring and wedding band set you can get a discount if you get an engagement ring you can get your partner’s ring at a discount, if you get a warranty on a ring you can get a discount and more.

So when you shop around for rings, always ask about the offers you are eligible for.

The offers can vary from ring to ring as well, so be sure you know about deals the store offers before buying.

Another tip is to go to multiple stores. Different stores will have different prices, deals, and discounts.

It is worth your time to call different stores about their pricing for a specific ring or to look at different stores and see what rings they offer.

Jewelry stores also sell different rings, so looking around might benefit you well.

If you have a tight budget to keep to, do not worry. You can get wedding band prices lowered by a few tricks.

First, you can have less metal in the band, meaning in total weight. Getting fewer stones in the band will lower the price. And having no stones at all lowers the price and it will still look elegant.

Plain and simple bands are beautiful and popular, so you can’t go wrong with that.

Classic Wedding Bands are also a great option to match with emerald cut

Another way to stick to a budget is to wait on buying the wedding band.

Many couples have so many expenses with the wedding, the rings, the honeymoon, taking time off work, buying home necessities, and more.

So, newlyweds are taking the first year to save up for a wedding band together and then buy the ring for their anniversary.

This way they can grow the budget if they choose to and they can get a ring they love that they might not have been able to get when they got married.

If you have a family ring but do not love the style, you can save yourself money and get the ring remade.

The jewelry store can take the ring and use the stones and metal in a new ring.

You can design a new layout of the ring, and it is a lot cheaper than buying a new ring.

Many people love choosing this because they love the sentimental value in the family ring, and it works better for them to change the ring into one they love.

Along with the tip above, if there is a pawn shop near you, check it out. If you find a ring that you like then it may be worth buying.

You can get it polished and cleaned to make it look brand new, or you can redesign it for less as mentioned above.

Just be sure you know about the prices of rings and make sure you are getting a good deal in the end.


At, there are many rings you can get for lower prices. The only catch is that it is hard to find rings used with quality materials.

One suggestion is if you do not know what wedding band to get, you can try on some in-store or buy fake ones online.

This way you can see what different styles of wedding bands look like with your ring.

The perks of buying rings on Amazon to try with your ring is that you can wear the ring style you bought for a day and see how you like it.

Does it match your engagement ring? Does it look too big or too small? Does it get caught on things? Do you like it after a whole day of wearing it?

By trying it out in your everyday life, you can get a better feel for what you like and want in your wedding band.

James Allen

James Allen has so many wedding bands for so many styles of rings. They also have consultants that can help you in-store and online.

This is nice if you want to get information on rings and you have a schedule that makes it hard to go into stores.

Or, if you have an idea of what you like and you want someone who knows more about rings to help you pick out a wedding band that will best fit your engagement ring.

At James Allen, there are so many options, and they have many unique styles of wedding bands.

If you have an emerald-cut engagement ring, they will have options for you.

They can pick out an amazing wedding band that will compliment your ring, not take away from it or clash with it.

Blue Nile

If you need a wedding band for your emerald-cut engagement ring, then looking at Blue Nile is a great place to start.

They have so many rings to choose from, and they have experts who can help you find the wedding band that works for you.

Shopping for rings can get exhausting, but Blue Nile is friendly and can help you find the ring you have been looking for.

Having a budget for a wedding band after getting an engagement ring is hard, and looking at companies that have great prices and amazing variety is very helpful.

The employees know the details of rings and can tell you the tips and tricks of how to get the wedding band you want for the price you want.

Clean Origin

Like the incredible companies listen above, Clean Origin is a huge help when looking for wedding bands. Clean Origin has variety and is very helpful in finding the perfect ring for each customer.

They know that you are looking for the perfect fit, and they want to be the company that delivers your ideal ring.

When looking at rings, you have so many details to keep track of, and Clean Origin helps you keep it simple.

They know what they are talking about, and they know how to best assist you in your journey of finding a ring.

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