Best Wedding Bands That Go With Infinity Engagement Ring

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Infinity rings are beautiful and unique options for engagement rings that symbolize the eternal love between you and your spouse.

But that striking shape can sometimes clash with the shape of a traditional wedding band.

The best wedding band to go with infinity rings are those made specifically for the ring in question. These wedding bands are made to fit perfectly with their counterparts, unlike traditional straight rings which can clash with the shape of the engagement ring.

So what do you do if your ring doesn’t have a companion because you bought it online?

And are there alternatives to matching the rings if you want to have a bit of contrast between the two?

Let’s talk about what to think about when making this important choice.

Matching Wedding Bands

As stated earlier, the best way to get a ring that matches your infinity ring and looks good is for it to have been made specifically for your ring.

This is especially true if you plan on wearing the engagement ring and the wedding band together, as it’s the safest way to make sure that the rings match.

To get some professional insight on this issue, we went into a local jeweler (Alpine Jewelers) and got some tips from them about the best ways to match an infinity ring and a wedding band.

The important thing about getting the band and the engagement ring to match shapes is that if they contrast too much, they might distract from one another.

Some people like the contrasting look (and we’ll talk about that later) but if you want your rings to have a cohesive style to them it’s usually better if they match.

But what if you already have the engagement ring and you can’t find any matching rings at the online store you went to?

Fortunately, you still have a couple of options. If you’re willing to look at a higher price range, you might get one specially made by a goldsmith.

This can be a great option if you’re looking for something unique to represent your relationship.

However, you might also be able to find a matching ring that’s a part of a different set at a local jeweler’s.

If they have a similar set in their collection and feel okay about separating them, they’ll usually be able to sell you the match for around $300 to $800.

A lot will also offer warranties and other services, so if you plan on staying in their area it can be a great choice.

Picking a Mismatched Ring

Wearing a straight ring against an infinity ring highlights the infinity ring’s curves and gives it a bit more of a presence.

If both of the rings are beautiful (and they will be beautiful) then the combo can still be dazzling.

So if you’re in the mood for a ring that contrasts with your infinity ring, here are a couple of rules that should help you find something that creates the effect that you want.

Match Everything Else

You might not be matching the shape of your infinity ring, but the pair will still look better than some of the rings’ qualities do match.

You should make sure that the rings use the same metals, the same or similar stones, and they should be similar thicknesses.

For instance, if you’ve chosen a thin rose gold infinity ring with diamonds all around the outside, you might think about this straight ring from Amazon to go with it.

Simple Shapes

If the ring you end up choosing has too much going on, it will end up making the infinity ring look less special by comparison.

Keeping the band simple is the way to go since that helps ensure that the two bands will each highlight the other.

Know How The Rings Will Be Worn

If the rings will be worn on the same finger (as engagement rings and wedding bands often are), then it’s important to plan for how they’ll look right next to each other.

However, if they’ll be worn one on each hand then you’ll want to look more at balance and less at matching.

The most important thing would be that each ring is about the same size.

What To Look For

Best Wedding Bands That Go With Infinity Engagement Ring

If you haven’t already chosen your engagement ring, then you are in luck.

It should be easy enough for you to find a nice combo piece that really brings things together.

Obviously, a local jeweler will be the easiest place to find a nice-looking set, but here are a couple of examples from around the net that are both cool and stylish.

This ring from James Allen is beautiful and has a match that can be found by scrolling down just a little bit on the page.

Take note of how the wedding band is made to match the contours of the engagement ring perfectly.

When stacked on top of each other, rings like this look fantastic!

Here’s one from Blue Nile that’s closer to being just a band version of the engagement ring than trying to match its shape.

This one ends up looking like one extra-large ring, which is a cool effect in and of itself and definitely a route that you can go down with your set if you like.

This set is really designed to make that diamond stand out, with both the engagement and the wedding ring curving out of the way to frame its shape.

This creates a remarkable effect that can be a lot of fun for anyone who loves diamonds, which is a lot of people!

The Wedding Band in this set subtly outlines the shape of the engagement ring, not quite perfectly matching all of its corners but holding to its general shape.

This set is sleek and simple in contrast to many other infinity ring sets that tend to be a bit over the top.

This one really does feel refined in a way that others just don’t

But what if you’re looking to do that contrast thing?

Here are a few good-looking rings that won’t be too much of a distraction from that infinity ring and its symbolism but are also nice enough to stand on their own.

Eternity rings are usually a good choice to match an infinity ring as long as the infinity ring has diamonds inlaid all around the outside of the wall.

These two are a good match because they tend to have similar meanings and the thickness and all the diamonds on the eternity ring will go with just about anything.

This specific eternity ring wedding band seems like it would be perfect to really accentuate your infinity ring.

Of course, you can never go wrong with simplicity.

If your infinity ring is the kind to have exactly one centerpiece stone, then a simple gold or white gold wedding ring might be a perfect choice.

It won’t steal the show and it will help make that special engagement ring really shine in comparison.

Here’s one from Blue Nile that’s a little thinner than usual, which is good if you want to stack it with a thinner ring.

This ring, on the other hand, is extravagantly different from an infinity ring, with its cross pattern primed to take up all the space on your finger.

Having this ring as your wedding band on one finger and your engagement ring on a different one would definitely be quite the showy pair, even if you could never really wear them on the same finger.

Replacing an Old Ring

Sometimes wedding rings get lost or stolen or destroyed.

In that case, it might be difficult to find another ring that matches the original engagement ring, especially if it’s a unique shape like an infinity ring.

In this case, the best way to get a ring similar to the original would be to take the engagement ring to a goldsmith and have them craft one that fits.

This will be easier if you have pictures of the original ring, but you also might not want the new ring to be exactly the same as the old one once you have the freedom to change it up.

Instead, you might want to get a new ring that represents all the ways you’ve grown since your marriage.

Think about what that might mean to you and your spouse, and then either choose or commission a ring that really embraces those feelings.

You can’t really go wrong if it’s about love!

Replacing the engagement ring might be even harder if the wedding band is specifically designed to fit with it.

Infinity rings come in such unique shapes that it might seem impossible to find one that fits with the band. In this situation, the only option might be to see a goldsmith.

Anniversary Rings

Anniversary Rings

Anniversary rings are not wedding rings, but many people choose to stack them on the same finger as their wedding and engagement rings.

So many of the same things that need to be taken into account for wedding bands need to be taken into account for them.

Because anniversary rings can be pretty much anything, you should be able to find one that at least matches your engagement ring’s color and style, even if it has a very different gemstone.

Since you usually wear the anniversary rings above the engagement ring, you need to be careful to make sure that whatever stone is inlaid in it isn’t overshadowing the diamond in the engagement ring.

You can get a smaller stone, have the stones interspersed throughout the ring, or even have the stone cut to be slimmer and less obvious than it would normally be.

You’re also unlikely to find an anniversary ring designed to fit with the engagement ring, which means you’re going to have to work with a ring that clashes at least a little bit.

You can limit this by, again, making sure that the anniversary ring is about the same thickness and uses the same metal as the others.

That way even if the shapes don’t fit, they can still look good together.

Anniversary rings can also just be worn on a different hand than the wedding ring, in which case you don’t really need to match them so much as balance them, which is much easier to do in most situations.

What if My Ring Needs Fixing

A lot of infinity rings are set with a large number of stones, as are many of the rings that match them the best.

For rings where this is the case, it isn’t uncommon to lose a gem after a decade or two.

You may also find that your finger size is changing, or the metal of the ring has been damaged during some activity.

Infinity rings and their counterparts are especially vulnerable to this since they have plenty of big holes in the ring that can get caught on things.

If any of these things happen to you, it will matter what kind of ring you have and where you bought it when you’re trying to get it fixed.

The place that’s most likely to be able to fix it for you quickly is, of course, your local jeweler.

They might even have a lifetime warranty on the ring for you if you bought it there, meaning that you don’t even need to pay to get it restored.

However, not everyone has bought their rings from a local jewelry store, and that’s just fine.

You’ll still need to take it somewhere to get the work done, and that’s the hard part.

You’ll want to make sure that the jeweler who you’re working with is 1) going to do their repairs in-house and 2) is qualified to do them.

This ensures that you’ll be able to talk to the person doing the repairs once they’re finished you can check to make sure they’ve been done to your satisfaction.

You’ll also want to get a price estimate before you have the jeweler start so that you can try to lock in a good price.

Repairs can be anywhere in the ballpark of 50 dollars to 300 dollars, so you want to know what you’re getting into before you start.

infinity rings are beautiful and unique options for engagement rings

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