Blizzard Stone – The Ultimate Guide – (Meaning, Description, Uses & Properties)

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Blizzard Stone Crystal Treatment

What is Blizzard Stone?

Blizzard stone is a Gabbro, containing many different minerals. It measures between 5.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale for hardness. Sometimes it is referred to as Merlinite and there is often confusion between these two stones, as well as with Mystic Merlinite, as they are all remarkably similar.

However, each variety has different attributes and qualities depending on the ratios and proportions of the minerals in their makeup.

Blizzard Stone is usually black, speckled with white, and is a combination of Serpentine, Olivine, Chrome Garnet, white Feldspar, Actinolite, and Magnetite.

Where is Blizzard Stone Found?

Alaska, Madagascar, and Africa

The History & Lore of Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Description

It is difficult to find specific references to Gabbro stones in ancient texts as they are, by their very nature, a combination of many different minerals.

It is often known by the name Black Gabbro, and the inclusion of large amounts of Feldspar in most specimens means that its usage over the ages has changed depending on which variety you look at.

Description of Blizzard Stone

Unlike Indigo Gabbro, blizzard Stone does not polish up to a shiny finish.

It is usually black or grey, with white spots and flecks, and tends to have a slightly grainy finish.

How to Identify Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone is often confused with Merlinite, Mystic Merlinite, and Indigo Gabbro.

However, Blizzard Stone has a dark background color, usually black or grey, with tiny flecks of white, like snow, hence its name.

It is opaque and rough or grainy in texture and does not polish to a shine.

Types of Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone itself is a type of Gabbro, meaning that it is made up of many different minerals.

Other stones in the same family include Indigo Gabbro, Merlinite, Mystic Merlinite, and Feldspar.

Blizzard Stone Treatment

Blizzard Stone Crystal Treatment

How to Clean and Care for Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone can be cleaned with tepid water and mild soap.

It can be charged by passing the stone through the smoke of sweet herbs such as sage, or by burying it in the Earth for up to 12 hours.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

There are several varieties of blizzard stones. So it is important to understand the differences.

Consider the intended use because different types of blizzard stone are better suited for different applications.

Finally, inspect the stone for any cracks, chips, or other imperfections

Blizzard Stone Quality Factors


Blizzard Stone is usually speckled with white on a black background.

There are many different types of Gabbro and Gabbro with Pyrite, Merlinite, and mystic Merlinite all have a similar appearance.

As their properties are also similar, you may decide to choose your stone based on your own preference.

However, if you definitely want Blizzard Stone, ask the merchant to confirm its provenance.

If it comes from anywhere but Alaska it is probably not genuine Blizzard Stone.


Blizzard Stone is opaque. Unlike some of the other Gabbro stones, it does not take a high polish, having more of a grainy or rough texture.


Blizzard Stone is usually sold in its raw state or cut into cabochons.

Carat Weight

Gabbro is one of the world’s most common rocks and is therefore quite inexpensive.

The size of the piece you buy may impact the price, but only if other quality factors, such as authenticity and color, have been satisfied.

Blizzard Stone and Chakras

Blizzard Stone and Chakras

Blizzard Stone is a useful chakra stone because of the inclusion of Magnetite in its composition.

It aligns all of the chakras and brings balance to the energies flowing throughout the chakra system.

Blizzard Stone is also a stone of ascension.

It opens and activates the Crown chakra, bringing in guidance and wisdom from the Cosmos and helping with spiritual development.

Your Crown chakra is the gateway to spiritual realms and also governs your logical thinking and analytical abilities.

Using Blizzard Stone to keep this chakra clear and clean can help to improve mental clarity and to bring your logical thinking in line with your intuition.

In addition to opening the Crown chakra, Blizzard Stone can be used to activate the Third eye chakra.

This chakra governs our perception of the world and also enhances our psychic and intuitive abilities. 

If you engage in past life therapies or shamanic journeying, Blizzard Stone can help you to receive clear messages from your guides and teachers.

It brings spiritual light into the physical planes and helps to enhance your latent psychic abilities.

Because Blizzard Stone contains many different minerals, it can also be used to balance and harmonize the lower chakras.

This form of Gabbro is an excellent stone for grounding and centering and can be used on the Base Chakra to bring it into alignment with the energies of the Earth.

When your Base chakra is out of balance you can feel anxious and fearful about your material survival.

Issues such as money, relationships, and careers can seem to be in flux, and you may find yourself thinking too far ahead and imagining all the things that could go wrong in your life.

Keep your Base chakra energized and active by clearing the negative energies away with Blizzard Stone.

This will allow you to see beyond illusions and groundless fears.

It will also build your confidence and help you to feel safe and secure.

Blizzard Stone Healing Properties

Blizzard Stone Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Blizzard Stone helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes and night sweats.

It is also good for reducing fevers, especially those caused by infections, and for boosting the production of antibodies in the bloodstream.

It balances the hormonal system in both males and females and supports the organs of reproduction.

Blizzard Stone is an excellent stress buster. It also helps with auto-immune disorders and cell regeneration.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Blizzard Stone can help to balance emotions and regulate mood swings.

It harmonizes Yin and Yang energies within the etheric body and brings them into balance so that you are not too passive or aggressive in your attitudes and moods.

Blizzard Stone is an excellent stone for alleviating dread and fear.

It grounds you into the energies of the Earth and allows your moods and emotions to come back to their strong center following a crisis or shock.

Metaphysical Properties

Blizzard Stone Metaphysical Properties

Blizzard Stone contains a mix of minerals and has a wide range of metaphysical qualities and properties.

It facilitates spiritual development and knowledge and provides stability as you raise your consciousness with spiritual practice.

It is a good crystal for mindfulness and for learning to be “present”.

It brings a sense of gratitude for what is already in your life and helps you to manifest your desires.

It strengthens your personal boundaries and makes you aware of the areas in your life that need to be protected from the manipulation or psychic vampirism of others.

Blizzard Stone is believed to enhance intellect and promote clarity of thinking.

It is an aid to study and can be used as a support stone for learning new skills and embarking upon new projects.

It is also said to be a good stone for the resolution of conflict.

It relieves discordance and prevents tempers from becoming overheated.

Blizzard Stone is an Earth Stone, meaning that it has a strong connection with Earth’s energies and can help heal the planet and support it through changes.

Many believe that Blizzard Stone is one of the most important metaphysical support stones for bringing about an end to violence and hatred on a global level.

It is said to eradicate negative feelings of envy, fear, resentment, prejudice, and fear-based aggression.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Blizzard Stone opens and activates the Third Eye chakra.

It allows you to make strong connections with your spirit guides and to receive messages, signs, and signals from the Divine consciousness in ways that are easy to understand.

If you struggle to interpret your dreams or the symbols that come up for you during meditation, try keeping a piece of this stone to hand when you wake or come out of a meditative state.

It speeds up the interpretation and understanding processes and helps you to relate the information you have received to your own life and circumstances.

How to Use Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone Uses

As Jewelry

Blizzard Stone is rarely made into jewelry, although the smoother specimens can be bored and strung onto a leather thing or chain to wear as a pendant if you want to keep Blizzard Stone close to your body.

In-Home and Office

Blizzard Stone in its raw state, or in cabochons, can be placed around the home and workspace to protect you from electromagnetic smog and to strengthen your biofield.

Blizzard Stone helps you to attend to your own affairs and business and to allow others to tend to theirs.

Best Crystal Combinations with Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone and Malachite

These two stones work well together to absorb negative energies and pollutants.

Malachite should only be used in its polished form and handled with caution, due to its toxicity.

It is a powerful energy cleanser, and its vibrations can sometimes be overwhelming to sensitive people.

However, when you combine it with the grounding and stabilizing properties of Blizzard Stone, the effects can be both beneficial and swift-acting.

Use this combination to clear your aura of unwanted energies.

The stones will absorb negativity from your biofield and bring in new vitality.

Malachite amplifies the spiritual and psychic attributes of Blizzard Stone.

It is attuned to the Third Eye and activates visualization.

Read more about Crystal combinations for Malachite.

Blizzard Stone and Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a natural partner for Blizzard Stone.

Both stones are extremely efficient in grounding and anchoring you, whilst at the same time raising your spiritual vibration.

Both crystals are wonderful stress busters and can be used together to disperse negative or restricted energies arising from long-term stressful situations.

They “clear the space” so that you are able to let go of the factors affecting your stress levels and clear the mind so that you can find your own solutions. 

Use these two stones on the Base and Solar Plexus chakras to perform a “re-set” of your energy levels, dissolve stress and bring in positive, loving thoughts to heal both your physical and mental bodies. 

Blizzard Stone and Sugilite

Sugilite brings purple ray energy to earth.

It is one of the significant love stones, and, when combined with the earth energy of Blizzard Stone, brings healing to the planet by connecting the Heart chakra of Mother Gaia.

Sugilite has many spiritual qualities that complement the intuitive vibrations of Blizzard Stone.

The combination of the two stones reminds your soul of its true purpose in this incarnation and teaches you how to live from your truth.

Physically, Sugilite complements the energies of Blizzard Stone in treating depression and despair.

It has a strong connection with those who feel as if they do not belong, who have lost their way, or who suffer from debilitating anxiety or shyness.

Blizzard Stone and Sugilite can be placed on the Solar Plexus to disperse fear and replace it with confidence and strength.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Blizzard Stone Combination

Blizzard Stone is a mixture of chlorite, serpentine, muscovite, pyroxene, hercynite, magnetite, and white feldspar.

The presence of so many minerals within its structure means that this stone has many applications and metaphysical benefits.

Including the ability to clear and, balance your entire chakra system and strengthen your human biofield.

Blizzard Stone effectively absorbs electromagnetic waves from computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Blizzard Stone is a stone for uniting opposites.

It is useful for past-life work, showing how past traumas and events may be impinging on your present state of health, both on the physical and the emotional levels.

Blizzard Stone removes the effects of violent or extreme actions from the Akashic Record.

It works to neutralize attitudes of hatred, racism, prejudice, and discrimination, whether as perpetrator or victim.

It restores peace to the soul and promotes feelings of tolerance, forgiveness, and cooperation in all humanity.

It is believed to be one of the most effective, and important, metaphysical agents for the eradication of discord, aggression, and hatred on the planet.



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