Can You Use Safety Pins As Earrings? – (Answered)

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can you use safety pins as earrings

Earrings come in a variety of different shapes and styles, yet lately, more and more people have been asking the question ‘can you use safety pins as earrings?’ Well, the answer to that question is yes, although there are certain risks involved.

Standard safety pins are of course not designed to be worn as earrings, which is why jewelry-grade pins must be used, and the necessary safety precautions must be taken.

Despite this, the reason why they’re worn as earrings is in fact quite beautiful.

Why do People Wear Safety Pins as Earrings?

can you use safety pins as earrings

The main reason why people wear safety pins as earrings can be traced back decades, to the 1970s and 80s. Specifically, to the punk rock scene in the United Kingdom.

Those familiar with punk rock will of course know Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon, as it was, he who started the trend of wearing safety pins as earrings and jewelry.

A British punk rock icon, Johnny Rotten was a member of the band ‘The Sex Pistols’.

Johnny, and the punk rock genre, is all about anti-establishment and standing up for the ‘little man’ as it were.

Wearing a safety pin as an earring was viewed as rebellious, and as a way of sticking it to the establishment.

What does it Mean to Wear a Safety Pin as Earrings?

Initially, wearing a safety pin was seen as a rebellious act, though as the years ticked by, fashion changed, and society changed and evolved.

Nowadays, wearing a safety pin as earrings is seen as a symbol of solidarity to stand by people who have been ostracized.

This small gesture shows those who have been marginalized that the wearer of the safety pin stands with them and is on their side.

Is it Comfortable to Wear Safety Pins as Earrings?

Yes. Provided you choose the correct style and size of safety pin earrings, wearing them should be no more or less comfortable than wearing a sleeper earring.

Safe Ways to Use a Safety Pin as an Earring?

can you pierce your ear with a safety pin

If you are considering wearing safety pins as earrings, as they are not specifically designed to be used as jewelry, you must take certain safety measures, including the following:

  • Always wear new safety pins
  • Always wear new safety pins produced by jewelers
  • Do not use if there is any sign of damage
  • Make sure the safety pins are clean and sterile first
  • Make sure your piercing and ear is clean and sterile
  • Make sure your hands are clean and sterile
  • Do not use if it feels uncomfortable or painful
  • Do not wear if the safety pins feel too big or too small

How to Clean Safety Pins for Earrings?

How to clean safety pins for earrings

When you wear a safety pin as an earring, it’s essential that the safety pin is clean and sterile before you put it into your piercing. But how do you clean and sterilize them?

Wash your hands and wear clean disposable gloves

When handling the safety pin, and your ear, make sure you have clean hands and that you’re using disposable gloves.

The last thing you want is for bacteria on your hands to find its way onto the safety pin or your piercing, as this could lead to infection.

Boil the safety pin

One of the most effective ways of sterilizing a safety pin to be used as jewelry is to submerge it in boiling water for 10 minutes.

This should kill any germs or bacteria that may be present on it.

Apply rubbing alcohol

A light coating of rubbing alcohol should be applied to the safety pin next.

This will not only kill any nasties that may be left, but it will also ensure that the surface remains clean and sterile.

Clean your piercing

Before applying your safety pin earring, make sure to clean your piercing too.

A simple saline solution should suffice, though you can also wipe the area with rubbing alcohol afterwards.

Can You Pierce Your Ear with a Safety Pin?

negative effect of using safety pins as earrings

In theory, yes you can, though we strongly recommend against this.

When you have any piercings done, ideally, they should be done with a clean and sterile needle, performed by a qualified piercer.

If you try to pierce your own ear with a safety pin it will likely hurt more.

there is a greater risk of infection, and there’s a greater risk of your body rejecting the piercing if it doesn’t heal as it should.

Negative Effects of Using Safety Pins as Earrings?

Despite safety pins working very well as earrings, and looking great in the process, there are more risks associated with wearing them, when compared with standard earrings.

Some of the negative effects of using safety pins as earrings include:

  • Risk of infection
  • Greater risk of the piercing getting caught on clothing or other items
  • Greater risk of the piercing being ripped out
  • The piercing could be uncomfortable
  • Risk of allergic reaction if using a regular safety pin

Can You Sleep at Night with Safety Pin Earrings On?

what does it mean to wear safety pins as earrings

Every now and then it is okay to sleep with safety pin earrings on, though it is not recommended.

Because of the size and shape of the safety pins, they could get caught on clothing, or bedding when you sleep.

As well as that, if you toss and turn a lot, the more you turn your head and rub your ears on your pillow, the higher the risk of the safety pin being ripped out.

Try to get into the habit of removing your safety pin earrings every night before you go to bed.

Why do Punks Wear Safety Pins as Earrings?

Because it was Johnny Rotten himself who popularized this look, safety pins as earrings are still very popular amongst British punk rockers.

Not only do the earrings look cool, but it’s the meaning behind them that is so important.

For punk rockers, safety pin earrings show that they won’t conform to society or be told what to do by a corrupt government.

Safety pins as earrings are a metaphorical middle finger to the establishment and are a way for the little people to stick it to the man.

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