Can You Wear a Pendulum as a Necklace? (6 Rules)

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rose quartz pendulum

Spiritual jewelry has been popular for centuries. Lately, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the number of people wearing pendulum jewelry. But can you wear a pendulum as a necklace? Well, the answer is yes.

Pendulum necklaces look extremely stylish and are very popular in holistic communities.

Pendulums that are used for healing purposes are best worn for health reasons rather than aesthetics.

Pendulums are fantastic tools for healing our bodies and our minds, asking questions, seeking direction, or even giving meaning to certain aspects of life.

Pendulums are objects attached to one end of a chain, piece of string, or other similar material.

The pendulum should then hang freely and be suspended from the chain where it will gently swing and sway back and forth or rotate and spin in a circular motion.

Pendulum necklace meaning

Pendulum Necklace meaning

Pendulum necklaces look extremely attractive and can be worn by all kinds of different people. But what is the meaning behind them?

If you wear a pendulum necklace, this usually means that you are a spiritual person. Pendulums are often used as tools for inner growth and spiritual healing.

Those who wear pendulums are in touch with their spiritual sides and have a unique outlook on life.

Gemstones and crystals have been assigned certain properties, including healing properties, for centuries in some cultures.

Some gemstones and crystals may be used for invoking positive energy or warding off negative energy.

Types of Pendulum Necklaces

While you can make a pendulum necklace from most objects, gemstones, metals, and crystals are the most popular choice.

Here are some of the more popular types of pendulum necklaces.

1. Copper pendulums

Metals are popular choices for pendulums as they possess the ability to intertwine themselves with our own energy.

Copper pendulums are popular because copper is a fantastic conductor of energy.

Copper is also much more affordable than silver or gold, plus it looks very stylish and is in fashion at the moment.

2. Black obsidian pendulums

black obsidian pendulum necklace

For times when you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and negative emotions, black obsidian pendulum necklaces are perfect.

Black obsidian aligns with the wearer’s root chakra and can help them to feel grounded, even when things are coming apart around them.

This crystal is ideal for when you want direct, straight-to-the-point answers about the future.

3. Sterling silver pendulums

Sterling silver is a popular choice in the jewelry world. It is lavish and opulent, yet at the same time, it’s a firm favorite in the holistic world too.

Known as the ‘metal from the moon’ sterling silver is a metal that works in synergy with the happier, lighter, more upbeat energy we radiate.

People often wear sterling silver pendulum necklaces to assist with decision-making, especially with decisions that bring about joy and happiness.

If for example, you’re thinking of buying a new outfit and can’t decide between two choices, sterling silver pendulums can help you make a decision.

4. Amethyst pendulums

Amethyst pendulum necklace

Amethyst crystal pendulums are fantastic for people living in the here and now.

This stunning purple crystal can help people deal with anxiety, and can give them the courage to help face their fears head-on.

Amethyst is also great for encouraging productivity, as it can help people tackle jobs and chores that they’ve been putting off.

5. Gold pendulums

Gold pendulum necklace

Gold pendulums are the purest of pendulums in existence. If you want a pendulum that intertwines fluently with your own energy, gold is the most conductive.

Because gold pendulums are so pure, this is reflected in the price, as gold is one of the most precious metals in existence.

6. Aquamarine pendulums

aquamarine pendulum necklace

Aquamarine pendulums are fantastic for people who are struggling to move on in life.

Whether it be from a bereavement, a breakup, an old career, or anything else, aquamarine pendulums are recommended.

Aquamarine helps people with questions regarding the past, rather than the present or the future.

7. Rose quartz pendulums

rose quartz pendulum

Rose quartz is fantastic when used in necklaces by people who are new to the world of pendulums.

This light pink crystal is great for blocking out negative energy and helps the wearer to really be in tune with their inner selves.

It is also fantastic for decision making.

How to wear a pendulum

Pendulum necklaces look stunning and provide all manner of spiritual benefits for the wearer in the process.

If you’re wearing a pendulum made from crystals or gemstones, some of the energies emitted by the crystals can be overwhelming for the wearer if worn directly next to the body.

If used as decorative jewelry, any pendulums made from healing gemstones or crystals may possess too much energy, especially for people who are overly sensitive to crystal vibrations.

If you aren’t sure how to wear a pendulum necklace, or whether it’s okay to wear a certain pendulum as a necklace, the best thing you can do is ask your pendulum.

Pendulum Necklace rules

can you wear a pendulum as a necklace

A pendulum is so much more than a simple piece of jewelry.

It is a powerful spiritual tool and if you want to wear one as a necklace there are rules which must be obeyed.

If you’re planning on using your pendulum for yes/no answers, the following rules apply:

1. Clear your mind

The first thing you need to do before asking your pendulum a question is to clear your mind.

Free your mind of any distractions, remove yourself from any distractions, and make sure to relax and focus.

Try to get yourself into an almost meditative state.

2. Make yourself comfortable

To help you free your mind you’ll need to be comfortable. Sit up straight and place both feet flat on the floor if possible.

Now, grasp the fob of the pendulum between your forefinger and your thumb and ensure your forearm is supported before letting the pendulum dangle freely.

3. Program your pendulum

Program your pendulum

Programming the signals of your pendulum ensures you understand what it is telling you.

You want to establish signals for the following three answers:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know

Now you need to decide what each signal is. For yes, tell the pendulum to move in a certain way, and do the same for the other two answers.

Make sure you can tell the difference between each answer.

Test whether the pendulum has been programmed correctly by asking a few test questions.

If it answers correctly, you can move on to the next step.

4. Ask your question

Now you can ask your question or questions. Make sure to ask questions that can only be answered with a yes or no.

5. Receive your answer

After asking your question, try to relax and wait for the pendulum to answer.

Be patient, this can sometimes take time, especially for deep and complex questions.

When the pendulum does begin to swing, look at the direction it is swinging and check this against how you programmed it.

This is your answer. If you don’t get an answer, or if it answers with ‘don’t know’ try rephrasing the question.

6. Clear your pendulum

After asking each question, touch the pendulum’s weight stone into the palm of your free hand.

This will indicate that the question has been answered and will clear the pendulum ready for the next question.

How to make your pendulum into a necklace

How to make your pendulum into a necklace

If you want to make a basic pendulum necklace, take a pendulum pendant and something to tie it onto, such as a chain or a piece of string.

You must make sure that the chain or string is flexible.

Now you simply tie or attach, your pendulum to your chain/string of choice, ensure it hangs loosely and feels comfortable around your neck, and you’re all set.

Make sure the pendulum is secure and won’t fall off or come loose.  

Can you wear a chakra pendulum?

Yes, chakra pendulums are fantastic for people seeking answers to important questions.

They work by picking up on subtle vibrations and then moving in the direction of the energy surrounding the wearer.

By holding the pendulum over all of the seven chakras within the human body, energy blocks and imbalances within the chakras will be revealed.

What does it mean when you lose your pendulum?

Depending on your beliefs, a lost pendulum could be due to carelessness on your part or could be what is known as ‘Pendulum Suicide’.

If your pendulum breaks, it could break because it is sacrificing itself for you, and absorbing negative energy intended for you.

Another reason why pendulums may break or simply disappear is because an energetic connection between the two of you has come to an end.

Sometimes pendulums may break or disappear in response to misuse on the wearer’s part.

If the wearer is using the pendulum in a negative manner, this could compromise its integrity and it will break or disappear because it wants no part in any negative activity.

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