Top 7 Cheap Custom Name Necklaces

Custom name necklace

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For many people, jewelry is the perfect gift as it is a fantastic way to show somebody how much they mean to you.

If there’s somebody in your life that you think deserves a treat, if they’re a fan of jewelry then a necklace would be the obvious choice.

While necklaces come in many different lengths, materials, styles, and designs, custom name necklaces are a wonderful gift idea as they’re more meaningful.

These necklaces come with a variety of different names to choose from, or they can be engraved for an even more personal touch.

If you’re on the hunt for a custom name necklace and want to keep your spending to a minimum, here are our top 7 cheap custom name necklaces.

1. MyNameNecklace Personalized Unisex Necklace

This first custom name necklace from MyNameNecklace is a wonderful entry-level custom name necklace gift idea.

This unisex necklace is suitable for both men and women alike.

Available in sterling silver, 18K gold plated, or gold vermeil, this is the perfect necklace for people who wish to be bold and make a statement.

The extra thick Cuban chain can be customized to spell the name of the recipient.

The first letter of the name, or even the word, is always capitalized and comes in a very aesthetically pleasing font.

Available in 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22-inch lengths, this is the perfect customizable piece of show jewelry that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

And coming in at less than $60 as of this writing, it really is a great bargain.

2. Blue Nile 14k 18” Engravable Bar Necklace

Jewelry from Blue Nile is always of the finest quality, and this 18” engravable bar necklace is no different.

This necklace is on the higher end of the price spectrum but is still affordable considering the quality and materials.

It has a classy and elegant look. It’s subtle, yet still noticeable at the same time and can make a great accessory for a wide range of different outfits and styles.

Complete with a lobster claw clasp, 14k yellow gold material, sterling silver, or 14k rose gold, the 18-inch chain length, goes with almost any outfit.

The bar necklace features a nameplate big enough for a custom name or word of up to 12 characters in length.

If 18 inches is too long, the necklace can also be worn at 16 inches instead.

3. Fettero Name Necklace for Women

This Fettero Name Necklace for Women features a simple gold disc design where the engraving will be.

The bull necklace comes in a small box, 14k gold-plated brass micro inlay cubic zirconia diamonds.

It is tarnish-resistant so won’t fade, and as it is hypoallergenic you can wear it without the risk of an allergic skin reaction.

With numerous popular women’s names to choose from, not only is the necklace extremely beautiful to admire, but it’s also very affordable too.

4. Pyramid Jewelry Personalized Necklace

This Pyramid Jewelry 10K Yellow Gold Personalized Necklace can be customized in any name you can think of, up to 8 letters in length.

Got a name that’s longer than that? No problem, just contact them on Amazon and they will be more than happy to oblige your customization request.

The size of the necklace will of course depend on the length of the name or word you choose to have as the focal point.

So obviously the shorter the name, the shorter the chain, and vice versa.

Considering the attention to detail and the fact that the name and the necklace are both 10K gold, this necklace is still ideal for people on a budget.

5. Blue Nile 18” Mini Bar Heart Necklace

If you really wish to show somebody you care about them, the Blue Nile 18” Mini Bar Heart Necklace is the perfect product to do exactly that.

This 14K yellow gold bar features a heart-shaped cut out attached to a thin and delicate looking chain.

The bar can be customized and engraved and will feature the heart on the left-hand side of the finished design.

The cable chain closes with a lobster clasp, it’s 18 inches in length, and it is just 1/8 inches wide so it’s certainly not too large or overwhelming.

It’s available for a special price, making it a great value and a fantastic bargain.

6. Dobling Hip Hop Custom Name Necklace

If you like your jewelry to be loud and about as subtle as a sledgehammer, the Dobling Hip Hop Cursive Name Necklace is the piece for you.

With a tennis chain design, complete with cubic zirconia jewels, this handmade gold-plated copper chain is big, bulky, loud, and proud. 

Available in gold or white gold, the chain features a small heart above the custom name of the recipient, printed in cursive lettering with a distinct hip-hop style.

Fully customizable and available for men and women, each custom pendant comes with an 18-inch tennis chain and luxury gift box.

7. Blue Nile Engravable Infinity Heart Pendant

The Blue Nile 18″ Engravable Infinity Heart Pendant is hand-crafted from solid sterling silver and has a very distinct vintage look about it.

It’s vintage yet classy, without being too loud or out there.

The sterling silver heart features infinity symbols carved along its edge to create a lovely decorative pattern.

The heart would look great on its own, but it can also be customized and engraved to give a more personal touch to it.

The cable chain closes via a lobster clasp, is 18 inches in length, and costs less than $200 right now, making it as affordable as it is lovely.

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