How Much Does It Cost to Solder Rings Together?

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Soldering rings together can be a useful thing to do if you want to make one unified ring from two individual rings.

This process will help your ring be stronger and make it so that it does not go through as much wear and tear as it would if they were separated.

Soldering rings together is not a long process and should not cost you a lot of money.

Soldering two rings together can cost you anywhere between $69.00 for sterling silver and around $80.00 for anything made of gold. Rings made of platinum will cost you a bit more. Soldering together a platinum ring can cost as much as $130.00 because it is a harder material to work with.

The process of soldering rings together can help enhance many rings.

There is no limit on how many you can solder together (but you probably want to stop around 3).

This can give your ring a unique look and help it stand out.

There are many possibilities as to what you can do with your rings, but it’s a good idea to know the cost before you commit to this process.

Average Cost To Solder Rings Together

There are many jewelry stores where you can get your rings soldered together.

Many popular jewelry stores may offer to solder together rings as part of a service plan that you can buy with the initial purchase of your ring.

The cost of the soldering may be different depending on the type of material the ring was made out of.

At Jared’s (a popular jewelry store) the prices are as follows:

Sterling silver: $69.00

All types of gold: $79.00

Platinum: $79.00

This will also depend on the intricacy of your ring. The more intricate your ring is, the more expensive it will probably be.

This is because the jeweler who is working on your ring will want to keep the design as intact as possible.

If soldering the ring together compromises the beauty and detail of the ring, you may want to consider a different option.

How Much Does it Cost to Solder Rings Together at Kay’s

Silver: $45.99

All types of gold: $62.00

Platinum: $130.99

The price may differ in certain places. There are lots of little things to consider when getting your rings soldered together.

Do you want multiple rings soldered together? Would you like a brand new ring to be added to it as well?

These are just base prices and can change depending on if you want more or less to be done to the rings.

Make sure you specify to your jeweler what you want to be done at the time you take it in.

It can take days or weeks to get it done. Make sure that you plan for plenty of time to get it soldered if you want to solder it before your wedding.

It is not a lengthy process but should be planned for well in advance just in case.

How Much Does it Cost to Solder Rings Together?

Pros of Soldering Rings Together

Why would you want to solder together rings in the first place? Well, there are lots of reasons.

The first reason is that when rings are soldered together it can be a symbol of your love for the other person.

Each ring by itself is weak, but when two rings are soldered together, they are strengthened.

The two become one and will now be connected and help each other stay together.

Another reason why you would want your rings to be soldered together is because you will be less likely to lose them once they have been fused.

Let’s face it, rings are small and they can be hard to keep track of.

Every time you clean your dishes or go do some physical activities you will probably be taking off your rings.

This will help them last longer, but if they are not connected you have to keep track of two things rather than just one.

Wear and tear on rings is the last thing that you will want to worry about.

When two rings are not soldered together they can rub together and cause friction on one another.

Over time this will cause your ring to wear out faster and be a cause for headache.

The beautiful details on your ring will wear away and turn a stunning ring into a bland piece of metal.

Soldering your rings together will also make them more comfortable for you to wear.

If not soldered, your wedding rings can become misaligned and poke into your other fingers causing discomfort and even damage to your skin.

If your rings are soldered together, you will not have to worry about such things.

They will move as one and really act as if they were one solid ring.

Cons of Soldering Rings Together

The great part about having two different rings is that you can mix and match them depending on what you are wearing and what the occasion calls for.

If your rings are soldered together then you will always have to wear that same ring.

This is not necessarily a problem if you are wanting to keep the rings forever, but if you upgrade and want to change your style, you will have to unsolder them and this can cost you a bit of money

If you decide to separate your rings later on, it can damage them.

As the years pass by, your ring will start to wear down a little bit and become thin.

This happens with all rings and can be a little sad.

If you want your rings separated then they will have to go through the process of unsoldering.

This can cause a little bit more wear to your ring than it already has.

Be sure that this is what you want before you choose to solder your rings together

Throughout the time you have your ring (which hopefully will be a long time) your fingers will probably change in size and that is okay.

But in order to resize your ring, it will have to be unsoldered.

This can cause some of the same damage that we talked about earlier.

Depending on the ring type, the jeweler may have to grind down and polish your ring before they can resize it.

Pros and cons of Soldering Rings Together

Rings are a beautiful addition to your life.

They can be a strong symbol of love and dedication to your spouse.

Soldering rings together will not cost you a whole lot of money and can greatly enhance your ring set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to Solder Rings Together?

Generally, it can take 2-3 days at an independent jeweler and up to 4 weeks at store-owned jewelry companies.

Does Zales Solder Rings Together?

Yes, Zales offers a ring soldering service.

How much does it cost to solder Rings at Zales?

The cost typically ranges between $45 to $100. Depending on the type of metal and the size and complexity of the rings.

How much does it cost to solder Rings at Jared?

The cost typically varies between $45 to $130. Depending on the ring type, size, and complexity.

Ring Soldering Alternatives?

There are several alternatives to soldering rings together, such as rivets, cold connections, adhesives, and wrap techniques.

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