9 Best Crystal Combinations For Carnelian

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Best Crystal Combinations with Carnelian

Amazonite, Larimar, and Rhodonite are great stones to pair with Carnelian. Amazonite adds an element of strength, assertiveness, and heart to the creative expression of Carnelian. Larimar can help you understand pain as a necessary and beautiful part of life through artistic expression. Finally, Rhodonite adds an element of willpower and doing what you have to do with love.

Carnelian, depending on the components of the specific stone you have, is a member of the Agate and/or Quartz family. It is generally orange or orangey red in color.

It works on the Sacral Chakra. It provides creativity and helps you reconnect with joy and pleasure.

It is a great crystal both for artists and people who would simply benefit from having more creative ideas in their day-to-day life.

Because it helps people reconnect with joy and pleasure, some people turn to this crystal to ease depression symptoms.

This shouldn’t replace proper care from a licensed professional, of course.

9 Best Crystal Combinations for Carnelian

  1. Orange Calcite and Carnelian
  2. Moonstone and Carnelian
  3. Rhodonite and Carnelian
  4. Rhodochrosite and Carnelian
  5. Amazonite and Carnelian
  6. Larimar and Carnelian
  7. Morganite and Carnelian
  8. Aquamarine and Carnelian
  9. Blue Aventurine and Carnelian

1. Orange Calcite and Carnelian Combination

Orange calcite and carnelian combination

These two crystals have similar functions in the sense that both can be used to foster creativity and energize or harmonize the Sacral Chakra.

The main difference between them lies in the fact that Orange Calcite acts on the more rational mind and Carnelian acts on the more unpredictable left brain.

When you use them together, you become unstoppable in any of your acts of creation.

Orange Calcite will help you get rid of any mental obstacles that may be interfering with your creativity.

Carnelian will take care of the physical and emotional ones.

Together, they will work on it over time if there is a spiritual blockage as well.

The Sacral Chakra also has to do with the reproductive system, so this combination can also make you more fertile and help you combat health issues that are related to the reproductive system (alongside medical help, of course).   

2. Moonstone and Carnelian Combination

Moonstone and Carnelian Combination

Moonstone adds an element of intuition and has a softer energy than that of Carnelian.

It makes Divinity present in the act of creation that Carnelian makes possible.

This combination is ideal for the younger artists among us, who may have tons of energy but not enough maturity to manage their time accordingly.

This combined energy can also be used by those artists who see their art as somewhat sacred and want to give Divinity a place.

Both of these stones act on the Sacral Chakra. Moonstone can help those who menstruate have more regular menstrual cycles, especially when paired with Carnelian.

3. Rhodonite and Carnelian Combination

Rhodonite and Carnelian Combination

Rhodonite is all about willpower. It gives you an extra push to do what you love, with love. Carnelian does a bit of the same but emphasizes creativity.

They make for an excellent motivator once they are combined – for the arts and for any endeavor you must undertake.

You will feel not only motivated but also full of creative ideas to complete the task at hand to the best of your abilities.

This is a great combination for people who have depression. Bring it with you to talk therapy.

4. Rhodochrosite and Carnelian Combination

Rhodochrosite and Carnelian Combination

Carnelian encourages creativity and art. Art is subjective and does not ask for permission to be whatever it needs to be.

However, in the road towards self-expression, we can lose sight of the other people around us.

Rhodochrosite encourages us to listen to what others have to say, even if we disagree.

It guides us so we can understand there is room for the point of view of everyone.

When paired with Carnelian, it helps you not lose sight of diversity. It will give you a dose of empathy when creating whatever you decide to create.

5. Amazonite and Carnelian Combination

Amazonite and Carnelian Combination

Amazonite works on the Throat Chakra to restore its harmonious functioning. Amazonite helps you fight from your voice.

However, the fight proposed by the energy of Amazonite is a fight that comes from being able to set healthy boundaries.

The fight is about listening to what everyone around you has to say.

It is a bit of a collective fight more than a fight on an individual level, though it will help you raise your own voice if society does not tend to listen to what you have to say.

If you are a writer or singer, combining it with Carnelian will lend your art strength.

Remember that Carnelian works mainly on your Sacral Chakra, and the Sacral Chakra and the Throat Chakra are united by an energetic bridge of sorts.

Therefore, this combination strengthens this existing connection between the two chakras.

If you practice other art forms, Amazonite will empower you as an artist.

If you are not an artist but welcome some form of creativity and strength to express yourself, this combination is wonderful, too.

People who have suffered from domestic and other forms of abuse often store this wound in the Sacral Chakra and experience creative blocks as a result.

This combination is the perfect companion for therapy with qualified professionals to help them fully heal and reconnect to their own inner voice.

It will help them articulate their feelings during their healing journey, either verbally (hopefully in therapy) or by making art.      

6. Larimar and Carnelian Combination

Larimar and Carnelian Combination

These two crystals have very different energies. Larimar helps you connect with old sadness, even sadness from past lives.

It even helps you understand from a soul level how necessary and beautiful pain and sadness are.

Carnelian can help you channel this pain and make art from it.

The combination is so powerful that said art may also encourage people who interact with it to recognize the pain in themselves.

It will help them see how necessary it was so they could become who they are.      

7. Morganite and Carnelian Combination

Morganite and Carnelian Combination

Morganite is the stone of Divine Love based on devotion. One that is not at all possessive.

It contrasts nicely to the energy of self-expression of Carnelian.

Whereas Carnelian is all about expressing oneself and being an authentic individual, Morganite is all about learning to truly love and embrace the Divine and the collective.

They can help you make more compassionate art.

If you need to get into character (for example, if you are an actor or a writer who depicts realities that are very different from your own), this combination is ideal.

8. Aquamarine and Carnelian Combination

Aquamarine and Carnelian Combination

Aquamarine is a spiritual compass. Combined with Carnelian, these two stones can guide your creative journey.

It can also guide you on any type of journey if you make art.

When making art, the correct path of whatever situation you have questions about will reveal itself.

This is so even if you are not a professional artist and just make art as a hobby.

This combination also helps unite the Lower Chakras (that Carnelian enhances) and the Upper Chakras (enhanced by Aquamarine).

9. Blue Aventurine and Carnelian Combination

Blue Aventurine and Carnelian Combination

Carnelian acts on the Sacral Chakra and Blue Aventurine acts on the Throat Chakras. These chakras are connected.

They both have to do with self-expression. This is an especially great combination for people that work with their voices.

This is so because Blue Aventurine makes your voice more powerful and resistant.

Teachers may find themselves having more innovative ideas in the classroom while being able to talk without getting exhausted.   

How to use crystal combinations for Carnelian

Best Crystal Combinations For Carnelian

Mix the crystals in paint

Of course, actually mixing the crystals with paint is something you will want to do with the cheaper ones like Carnelian or Blue Aventurine.

Do not do this with Larimar or Morganite. However, mixing them with paint can be a great way to infuse your tools with your energy.

If you do want to benefit from the energy of the combination of Carnelian and a more pricey crystal like Larimar, placing them on top of your tin of watercolors or near or on top of other closed containers will also work.

Keep them close to you for creative writing

Making the Carnelian pairing a part of your usual writing setup will keep your creative juices flowing and find the right words for what you intend to write.

Whether you place them close to your laptop or keyboard or near your journal and pen, this is a great idea both for creative writers and those who write poetry or fiction as a hobby.  

Place them in your pocket or bra for public speaking

Keeping the crystal pairing as close to your body as possible can give you an extra push to face an audience.

If you wear a bra, this is a great place to store the crystal combinations that have to do with the heart – Carnelian and Morganite, Carnelian and Rhodonite, Carnelian and Rhodochrosite.

If you don’t wear a bra, you can always sew secret pockets or pouches on your clothes, or crochet a pouch you can hang from your neck and reach your chest area.

The pockets of your pants also work in a pinch.

Place the crystals on a written note about your creative block

To manifest a creative block dissolving as effortlessly as possible, write about it as if it has already been resolved.

Include all the factors you consciously know. Write about them as if they no longer exist or no longer affect you creatively.

Thank the Universe for its help. Finally, place the crystal combination on top of the piece of paper where you wrote that and let them do their magic.

Put them under the bed before a visit from your lover

Carnelian works on your reproductive system and can give you an extra boost of energy and libido if you need and want that to have a better performance in the bedroom.

Some great combinations to use in this way include Blue Aventurine and Carnelian.

This is so because great communication helps have a fun, distended time.

Place Rhodonite and Carnelian under your bed for an extra element of passion.

Final Thoughts

Carnelian brings with it the gift of creative expression. Other crystals can help enhance said creative expression by offering complimentary energies.

Morganite and Carnelian help you connect to divine, devotional love.

Rhodochrosite helps you express yourself without getting too involved in said self and losing sight of others.

In general, combining this crystal, which works on the Sacral Chakra, with crystals for the Throat Chakra is also a great idea.

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