11 Best Crystal Combinations For Celestite

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Best Crystal Combinations For Celestite

Fire Opal, Aquamarine, and Mahogany Obsidian are among the best crystal combinations for Celestite. Fire Opal will make for self-awareness, Mahogany will make for divine guidance, and Aquamarine for spiritual guidance.

Fire-Opal and Celestite will make for both a self-aware, authentic leader and one who has the tools and the passion to see the projects they lead to completion.

Mahogany Obsidian and Celestite may seem opposites at first, but, in the end, the former will help materialize the wisdom of the latter.

Celestite also aids in the shadow work that Mahogany Obsidian makes possible by providing Divine guidance.

Finally, another notable pairing for Celestite is Aquamarine and Celestite, which will help the more rational wearers of Celestite understand its spiritual guidance.

Celestite is a rather fragile stone when it comes to scratches and heat. Therefore, it’s more appropriate for meditating or as a collector’s item than for jewelry.

It helps you channel Divine wisdom and become the most authentic version of yourself possible.

It helps you move away from a warrior mentality and more into radical self-acceptance of who you are.

11 Best Crystal Combinations for Celestite

1. Fire Opal and Celestite

2. Hematite and Celestite

3. Mahogany Obsidian and Celestite

4. Malachite and Celestite

5. Watermelon Tourmaline and Celestite

6. Aquamarine and Celestite

7. Bixbite and Celestite

8. Moss Agate and Celestite

9. Citrine and Celestite

10. Tiger’s Eye and Celestite

11. Tektites and Celestite

1. Fire Opal and Celestite Combination

Fire Opal and Celestite Combination

Celestite encourages introspection and individuality in the service of the collective.

This can be a rather lonely pursuit, so it’s a good idea to combine it with stones that have a more social function.

Fire Opal immediately comes to mind as an example of such a stone. Fire Opal encourages you to see yourself more objectively as a leader.

It is connected to both the Fire element and the Water element.

Fire Opal will lead you to be a more objective leader who has the willpower and determination to succeed within and outside the group.

As the Water element is also there, it also makes for compassionate leadership.

When combined with Celestite, it makes for a self-aware leader whose leadership is aligned with the Divine mission of their business, their team, and themselves.

2. Hematite and Celestite Combination

Hematite is often chosen by people who feel the need to be authentic. However, for whatever reason, they can’t. Outside, it has a shiny silver color.

However, if you were to scratch it with a Clear Quartz or Amethyst point, you would see that inside it is a fiery orangey red.

Celestite works on illuminating the self – both the good and the bad, so the self can start to be authentic (Throat Chakra).

Hematite, in turn, is a much-needed complement for Celestite.

Celestite works on the upper chakras and Hematite on the lower ones, being able to connect you to the Earth Star.

Remember they are both ends of a channel and both have to be in harmonious functioning.

3. Mahogany Obsidian and Celestite Combination

Mahogany Obsidian and Celestite Combination

Mahogany Obsidian complements Celestite in two distinct ways. One, it provides self-awareness not only of the lighter aspect of the souls but also of the darkest shadows.

Two, it provides grounding. As it has orangey and gold flecks, the presence of the element Fire is heightened. Celestite is Air. They are complementary elements.

By myth and lore, this mahogany-colored flecks relate to the blood and tears of the people who inhabited this Earth and suffered.

Remember the murderers of family members become members of your family tree.

It connects you to the bloodline, both the destruction and life-giving aspects, and the blood.

Plato provided the idea that the body is the prison of the soul, which forms the basis for many systems of thought in the West (including organized religions like Neo-Judaism).

In the Middle Ages, the idea of attaining victory over the vices of the body with the pure energy of the Soul acquired popularity.

This combination pushes you to see the body and the spirit as one and the same.

Celestite alone can make you reach this conclusion, but you will get there faster if you pair it with Mahogany Obsidian.

4. Malachite and Celestite Combination

Malachite and Celestite Combination

Malachite acts on the Heart and it can also work on the Solar Plexus Chakra (bridging it with the heart).

It can also influence the Third Eye. It is earthier than Celestite, though it is an easy job.

It can articulate the wisdom of the upper chakras in terms the logical mind can understand.

Then, it can translate this wisdom into emotional terms for the benefit of the heart, until finally this information reaches the Solar Plexus and becomes empowerment.

Malachite is also nurturing and helps you heal from physical illness (green) and emotional wounds and pain.

Malachite absorbs the latter. It is also protective, especially from envy and attacks from living beings.

This is important because of the vulnerable state you are in while you work with Celestite.

5. Watermelon Tourmaline and Celestite Combination

Watermelon Tourmaline and Celestite Combination

Watermelon Tourmaline is a gentle but grounding stone.

It can nurture the heart while you undergo the necessary solitude and introspection needed when working with Celestite.

It also fosters compassion and empathy, especially directed towards your own self.

This is the combination for people who need to work with Celestite but suffer from being alone for extended periods of time.

Watermelon Tourmaline can help you regulate your wants and needs regarding companionship during this period, helping you identify what’s truly a need and what’s a whim.

6. Aquamarine and Celestite Combination

Aquamarine and Celestite Combination

Aquamarine is a compass, translator, and organizer of the subtle bodies. It can support Celestite by acting, precisely, as a translator.

It can communicate the spiritual process in a way the logical mind can understand.

This is needed for those of you who work with your minds and need to preserve your mental acuity.

Aquamarine can also assist you to have an emotional purge.

Sometimes, the messages you channel using Celestite may become jaded because of unresolved emotions.

Working with this pairing helps you to avoid the partiality that comes with unaddressed emotions.

7. Bixbite and Celestite Combination

Bixbite and Celestite Combination

Bixbite helps you regulate your emotions. When paired with Celestite, it helps you deal with the emotions of your ego as they surface.

It regulates both your emotions and your body. In this way, you’ll be better prepared to be true to your soul.

Bixbite also provides you with energy and vitality. Bixbite has an element of grounding because it also acts on the Root Chakra, due to its vivid red color.

8. Moss Agate and Celestite Combination

Moss Agate and Celestite Combination

Moss Agate is gentle and Lunar. It contains the Earth Element, which may seem foreign to airy Celestite.

It has a healing effect on the physical body and the subtle body that is closest to it – the emotional body.

It offers nurturing and support during solitude.

This may be the preferred combination for introverts, as it will push them to experience their solitude outside in nature whenever possible.

It can also help by giving a boost to the immune system, which may get weakened while spiritual ascension takes place.

9. Citrine and Celestite Combination

Citrine and Celestite Combination

Celestite has such a subtle, understated energy, that the big, dramatic boost of Citrine can sometimes be needed.

They both embody the idea of the warrior, but from completely different places.

Whereas Citrine embodies the spirit of the literal warrior that has to give life a fight, Celestite embodies the warrior that stays authentic no matter how adverse the circumstances are.

Citrine will also push you to be proactive about the wisdom you gain through the use of Celestite.

10. Tiger’s Eye and Celestite Combination

Tiger’s Eye and Celestite Combination

Tiger’s Eye will provide energy and vitality. It will also help you assimilate the complex spiritual ideas provided by Celestite.

There is a missing link here though with understanding things logically and assimilating information. They are different concepts.

Make this clear, Virginia. Tiger’s Eye can also help you work on your soul bond with your mother and with your own inner mother.

Many people need to mother themselves. Talk about the archetypes of The Mother and The Destroyer.

11. Tektites and Celestite Combination

Tektites and Celestite Combination

Celestite is subtle and gradual and Tektites are sudden and like a bang. That’s why this combination works.

Generated by the impact of meteors on the Earth’s crust, Tektites stay true to their rather explosive birth.

Tektites like Libyan Desert Glass and Moldavite will accelerate the process and make it unfold like a play through external events.

Sometimes, the fastest way to learn a spiritual lesson is to live it in your own flesh. Not everyone is best suited for this, though.

Be prepared to keep calm in the face of adversity and understand that, not matter how bad things get, things are happening for you, not to you.

How to use crystal combinations for Citrine

Best Crystal Combinations For Celestite

Have a brooch made

As we have said previously, Celestite is not the best option for jewelry.

However, an experienced jeweler will be able to turn Celestite into a nice brooch alongside one of its pairings.

The pairings that best adapt to this purpose are Aquamarine, Bixbite, and Tiger’s Eye.

You can wear the brooch on a coat, close to the heart chakra, to receive some spiritual wisdom regarding the heart.

The metal you choose will also play a role.

For Celestite on its own, we recommend white gold, as it will make the properties of Celestite stronger without being too different in nature.

Incorporate in decorations with imagery of a compass

An experienced jeweler or designer may also be able to fashion your chosen Celestite pairing into an object for decorative purposes in the shape of a compass.

After all, Celestite guides you to the truest, most authentic version of yourself, just like a compass.

You can place said object using Feng Shui principles to make your intention stronger.

For example, keeping the Aquamarine and Celestite combination in the farthest left corner will guide you to make a lot of money while remaining true to your soul’s purpose.

If you don’t have the budget to have a custom decorative piece made at the moment, just printing an image of a compass you like and placing both crystals on it will also do the trick. 

Carry the combination with you in a cloth bag

Celestite is great to carry in your pocket. However, as it can be rather fragile, place it alongside your chosen combination in a cloth bag.

We don’t recommend silk, as it will insulate the properties of Celestite and keep them away from you. Cotton will do just fine.

Try to avoid synthetic cloth if possible. This is a great opportunity to place, for example, some lavender or some other herb that helps with your intention as well.

Build a shrine

Building a shrine around your intention or including these stones in an existing altar or shrine will help to imbue the stones with sacred wisdom.

Celestite attracts that kind of Divine information like a magnet.

Later, when you use the stones for meditation or prayer, the information will reach you with far more ease.

A shrine doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to buy a new table for it.

A mantle on the floor will do just fine. Just make sure everything you include in it is clean and purified.

Meditate with them

Meditation is a great way to interact with our crystals.

When we slow down our breath and make sure our mind doesn’t wander, we start to vibrate at the same frequency as the crystals and become more receptive to their messages.

A few of the Celestite combinations are rather intense for this purpose, though, unless you’re experienced in meditation.

Don’t meditate with Tektites, for example. 

Write your prayers with them in hand

Writing your own prayers is a great way to empower yourself spiritually because you start to communicate with the Divine on your own terms.

Celestite can help you channel a perfect prayer you can come back to whenever you need it.

Adding the appropriate pairing for the intention of your prayer is key for the prayer you do come up with.

Practice Automatic Writing with Them

Getting in the flow of writing whatever comes to mind can also be a way for you to connect to the energy of the pairing you chose.

The trick here is not to overthink or edit anything. Write down whatever comes to mind.

This may take some practice until you finally get the hang of it.

When you do, though, you’ll be surprised by the amount of insight that comes through.

Final Thoughts

Celestite can use the aid of other stones to become more grounded.

Other stones like Tiger’s Eye or Mahogany Obsidian can help to direct the power of Celestite to a specific area of your life.

Finally, Tektites can enhance the properties of Celestite and make this stone work faster.

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