11 Best Crystal Combinations For Citrine

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Best Crystal Combinations For Citrine

Amazonite, Jade, and Rainbow Fluorite are some of the best crystal combinations for Citrine. Amazonite will help you set boundaries and be more assertive. This goes smoothly with the process of harmonizing the Solar Plexus Chakra that happens when you start interacting with Citrine.

In addition, Amazonite will help you reconnect with alternative definitions of power and leadership. Jade can turn the good luck associated with Citrine to gold.

Finally, Rainbow Fluorite adds laser focus and heightened concentration.

These pair well with the assimilation that Citrine brings with it, making it the ideal combination for learners and students.  

Citrine is energizing and revitalizing. It works on your Solar Plexus Chakra, connected with your inner warrior, your personal power, and your self-esteem.

It’s a crystal that’s very solar in energy.

This means it will push you to be proactive and make plans rather than meditate or try to be receptive to wisdom from other planes.

The Solar Plexus is also where we assimilate information.

When paired with crystals for the Third Eye, working with Citrine can make you a better student. Citrine also attracts good luck and success.   

11 Best Crystal Combinations for Citrine

1. Moonstone and Citrine

2. Sunstone and Citrine

3. Pearl and Citrine

4. Petrified Wood and Citrine

5. Amazonite and Citrine

6. Chrysoprase and Citrine

7. Hematite and Citrine

8. Pink Amethyst and Citrine 

9. Jade and Citrine  

10. Rainbow Fluorite and Citrine

11. Green Tourmaline and Citrine

1. Moonstone and Citrine Combination

Moonstone and Citrine Combination

Citrine can be a bit aggressive in its approach. Moonstone softens the effects of Citrine and, to the vitality and energy it provides, it adds creativity and intuition.

This makes it a great combination for people who need to do a lot of tasks that involve creativity or making decisions informed by the gut.

They also have complementary approaches when it comes to the well-being of your physical body.

Citrine is very Solar in energy, which means the energy it provides responds to the 24-hour cycle in a day.

Moonstone can distribute it evenly throughout the month. In this way,  you won’t crash and burn. You’ll be able to sustain projects in the long term.

For everyone, Moonstone will help distribute the vitality throughout the month according to when they need it most.

For the people that have periods, Moonstone will take this into account, too. It’ll make you feel vital if you need to even on the worst day of your period. 

2. Sunstone and Citrine Combination

Sunstone and Citrine Combination

They’re almost identical in function, with the key difference being that Sunstone acts specifically on the physical body.

Citrine does act on the physical body too. However, it also acts on the auric field and the emotional plane.

If you’ve got physical symptoms in your digestive system, your best bet is to combine them for full coverage.

This is a great combination to take with you when you travel. New cuisines can cause mayhem on our digestive systems.

Plus, they will help you assimilate all the new and exciting things you see on your trip.

3. Pearl and Citrine Combination

Pearl and Citrine Combination

Regardless of your gender, we all tend to form unconscious loyalties to people that came before us in our bloodline.

Pearls help you connect with the ancestors in your lineage that have a strong Lunar Polarity. Most of these ancestors (but not all) happen to be women.

Citrine deals mainly with the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus has to do with your inner warrior, your sense of personal power, and your inner confidence.

Historically, women have struggled to feel powerful and confident.

If you have formed an unconscious identification with a woman in your bloodline that felt powerless, you will repeat her patterns and put yourself in positions where you feel powerless.

Working with these two stones in tandem will help you identify this and let go of your ancestors with love while starting to build your personal power center on your own terms.

4. Petrified Wood and Citrine Combination

Petrified Wood and Citrine Combination

The energy and vitality Citrine provides gets a massive boost once it’s combined with Petrified Wood.

Petrified Wood helps you reconnect to the Earth Star Chakra.

This is where the energy from your ancestors, crystals themselves, and all the living things on Earth is stored.

This energy is healing and can revitalize even the most weakened person.

When Petrified Wood gets connected to a crystal-like Citrine, which works on the Solar Plexus, it helps the wearer draw from ancestral and ancient energies to strengthen their center of inner personal power.

With this combination, working with plants is a good idea.

You can see your houseplants as reflections of yourself and watch them grow as your confidence does.

5. Amazonite and Citrine Combination

Amazonite and Citrine Combination

When dealing with the Solar Plexus and working on our sense of power, the image of a powerful leader is generally the image of a white man.

However, in ancient times, societies were matriarchal, and your soul may still remember.

If you’re a person of color, you may also have ancient memories from your lineage of a person who looked like you who exercised leadership.

Amazonite brings these alternative memories of leadership and power to the table.

You’re encouraged and energized to fight for what’s fair. Amazonite works on your Throat Chakra. It helps you be assertive and set healthy boundaries.

This completes the inner power and confidence provided by Citrine.  

6. Chrysoprase and Citrine Combination

Chrysoprase and Citrine Combination

Our fears are stored in the Solar Plexus Chakra. Therefore, when we work with Citrine, we have the opportunity to identify what our fears are.

We gain the strength to face them head-on. Citrine helps us see that we have the tools to face even the scariest of situations.

Chrysoprase provides bravery, but it’s a different kind of bravery than the one that comes as a result of working with Citrine.

Chrysoprase works on the Heart Chakra to give you bravery.

The bravery that comes from the heart may be even stronger than the bravery that comes from understanding the need to face one’s fears.

If you are being brave in the name of love, be it to yourself, another person, or the collective, there is no way you will shirk facing your face.

However, the strength provided by Citrine is still needed. 

7. Hematite and Citrine Combination

Hematite and Citrine Combination

Vitality is made complete and grounding is added by Hematite. Plus, this combination nudges you to be authentic and stop wearing masks.

Did you know that Hematite is actually red on the inside?

If you were to scratch the piece with a Quartz Point, its silver shiny surface would give way to an orangey hue of red.

This crystal is often chosen by people who feel the need to present themselves as something they are actually not.

When combined with Citrine, an energizing crystal that attracts good luck and encourages you to value yourself and work on your personal power, the result is authenticity.

With authenticity, you become magnetic to opportunities that are more aligned with who you truly are in essence.

Hematite also adds an important element of grounding to the mix.

In this way, your sense of confidence will be truly connected to your material reality and you don’t run the risk of over or underestimating your abilities.

Hematite is also great for people who are in a weakened state. It will help them recover while Citrine gives them the energy they need to complete their daily tasks.   

8. Pink Amethyst and Citrine Combination

Pink Amethyst and Citrine Combination

This combination brings in powerful transformation: A complete overhaul and transmutation of your fears, insecurities, and self-limitations.

All of this is done lovingly and without losing touch with the tangible, material reality.

Mother Earth acquires a very important role in your empowerment, as Pink Amethyst contains a bit of Hematite, a mineral found deep into the Earth’s core.

The most important characteristic of this combination is that it works on two neighboring chakras: the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra.

The first chakras to be affected when one goes out of harmony are the neighboring chakras.

In the case of the Solar Plexus, that means that both the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra end up working overtime if the Solar Plexus is weakened.

If the Solar Plexus is overly active, it takes away from these chakras.

When working with Pink Amethyst and Citrine in tandem, you ensure that your own sense of personal power doesn’t come in the way of your loving nature and your capacity to care about others.

All of this while adding an important element of grounding.  

9. Jade and Citrine Combination

Jade and Citrine Combination

The luck of Citrine is increased when it is combined with Jade. This is especially the case when applied to wealth and abundance.

Jade also adds an element of the intuitive and the oneiric. It can help you dream of the key to success.

However, don’t pair them at night. You may keep them together during the day.

Your Jade tumble will become imbued with the energy of Citrine and will help you dream of success and opportunities. 

10. Rainbow Fluorite and Citrine Combination

Rainbow Fluorite and Citrine Combination

The winning combination for learners, researchers, and students. Rainbow Fluorite will keep your mind and focus sharp.

Citrine will let you assimilate all of the new information and not be overwhelmed by it.

Because Citrine also works on your Solar Plexus chakra, keeping it nearby while you study will keep Imposter Syndrome at bay.

11. Green Tourmaline and Citrine Combination

Green Tourmaline and Citrine Combination

Green Tourmaline complements Citrine’s Solar Energy with its Lunar Energy.

This color of Tourmaline has the power to absorb the pain in your wounded soul. It does so gently and gradually.

You consciously feel the results more than the process. With this combination, you will be supported and nurtured on your journey towards self-confidence.

How to use crystal combinations for Citrine

Best Crystal Combinations For Citrine

Make custom gold jewelry out of them

Gold is almost the exact embodiment of the Sun on Earth. The Sun plays a key role in keeping you empowered, joyful, and confident.

Gold also impeccably directs the energy of the crystals wherever it’s needed.

Making a custom jewelry piece with the crystal pairing and some gold can be a great way to connect with the energy of the crystals.

The possibilities are several, but we do recommend you don’t make Citrine earrings, as they can overstimulate you and cause anxiety and insomnia.

You can make a long necklace with Jade or Green Tourmaline paired with Citrine, so the combination lies close to your chest.

You can make a shorter necklace, closer to the throat area, with Amazonite and Citrine.

You can make a ring with both Citrine and Pink Amethyst and wear it on your right index finger to make sure you make decisions that lead to success but are also compassionate.

Bracelets are the best choice when you want to benefit from the physical benefits of a combination.

This is so because the wrist is a very sensitive energy point that will send the energy straight to the bloodstream.

A gold bracelet with Citrine plus Moonstone or Sunstone can be a great piece.

Only wear these pieces during the day, as Citrine is not suitable for the night.

When you’re not using your jewelry piece, store it in a dry, cool place, preferably in a silk or cotton pouch to keep its energies intact. 

Infuse Sun Water with the crystals

Making Sun Water is easy. Just leave a glass container with some sort of lid out in the Sun for at least a couple of hours.

Avoid eclipses and don’t mix the Sun and Moon – that is, don’t forget about your container until sundown.

Making crystal water can be a bit trickier, as a lot (if not most) of crystals are toxic for ingesting.

However, you can place the clean, purified crystal inside an empty glass container. Place said glass container in a larger glass container like a bowl.

Pour the water inside the large container in a way that doesn’t overflow into the large container.

The crystal and the water will be in close contact without physically touching each other.

Cover the containers with plastic or mosquito cloth and leave them out in the Sun for at least a few hours.

Pour it into a glass bottle and gently tap it against a hardback book to activate it. Once it’s ready, store it in a dry, cool place for a month.

If you want to preserve it for longer, you have to pour 60% vodka or apple cider vinegar, alcoholic beverages that have neutral energy to 40% water. That way, it will last a couple of years at least.

You can’t make crystal water out of crystal pairings. You have to repeat the process of each one. Use drops rather than drinking it straight. 

Final Thoughts

The possibilities for Citrine combinations are endless. From personal power to authority with compassion, to bravery, success, and wealth – the imagination seems to be the limit.

The best way to come into contact with these pairings is involving the Sun or its embodiment on Earth: gold.

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