15 Best Crystal Combinations for Green Aventurine

Best Crystal Combinations for Green Aventurine

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Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Angelite are among the most notable crystal combinations for Green Aventurine. Rose Quartz has been combined with Green Aventurine since the 80s, if not before, to complement the giving energy of Rose Quartz with that of Green Aventurine, which fosters receiving.

Carnelian can help you reconnect with joy. Once paired with Green Aventurine, this reconnection with joy will be gradual and gentle. Finally, Angelite is great to channel messages from the Divine and it’s apt for children of certain ages.

Aventurine is a member of the Quartz family, with the difference that it contains minute inclusions of other minerals that give them their green color.

Green Aventurine is one variety of Aventurine. It also comes in yellow and orange, among others.

Green Aventurine is a great source of support, especially during periods of sadness.

It soothes emotions. When paired with other crystals, it can soften the effects of more harsh ones.

15 Best Crystal Combinations for Green Aventurine

1. Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine

2. Black Tourmaline and Green Aventurine

3. Obsidian and Green Aventurine

4. Lepidolite and Green Aventurine

5. Howlite and Green Aventurine

6. Green Jasper and Green Aventurine

7. Blue Aventurine and Green Aventurine

8. Kunzite and Green Aventurine

9. Carnelian and Green Aventurine

10. Angelite and Green Aventurine.

11. Chrysoprase and Green Aventurine

12. African Jade and Green Aventurine

13. Amethyst and Green Aventurine

14. Ambar and Green Aventurine

15. Red Jasper and Green Aventurine

1. Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine Combination

Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine

Rose Quartz has to do with the giving or emotional aspect of the heart chakra, and Green Aventurine has to do with the health or receiving aspect of this chakra.

This pairing can lead the wearer to understand that love is about giving but also receiving.

And that love (and all interpersonal exchanges) must remain balanced for the sake of all parties involved.

2. Black Tourmaline and Green Aventurine Combination

Black Tourmaline and Green Aventurine

Black Tourmaline will ground you and cleanse your aura. Green Aventurine will offer you support and emotional nurturing.

This is a great combination for protection and recuperation from illness and psychic attacks.

If you program your Green Aventurine piece with the intention of representing your wealth, Black Tourmaline can keep it protected while Green Aventurine nurtures it.

3. Obsidian and Green Aventurine Combination

Obsidian and Green Aventurine

Obsidian shows you your shadow self. This can be a bit tough for some of you.

This is why combining Obsidian with a gentle stone that holds your hand during the process is a good idea.

Even when you face the worst parts of your own self, Green Aventurine will remind you to be kind and forgiving towards yourself.

As Green Aventurine has one of the colors associated with wealth, you may program your piece with the intention of revealing the shadow around your own attitude to wealth and your business’s shadow.

Working with the shadow can indeed be very powerful to attract that extra inflow of cash.

4. Lepidolite and Green Aventurine Combination

Lepidolite and Green Aventurine

Lepidolite is the anesthetic of the mineral world.

Sometimes, we need to numb the heart space because we are doing a lot of emotional labor and healing and we need to hit the pause button.

Lepidolite also helps with even the toughest cases of insomnia.

However, when you sleep close to this stone, you can get nightmares. The effects of Green Aventurine soften the effects of Lepidolite.

5. Howlite and Green Aventurine Combination

Howlite and Green Aventurine

Howlite helps overthinkers realize when something that should be felt is being rationalized instead.

Green Aventurine, on the other hand, will guide you to ways of coping with your emotions in a healthy way. It also encourages you to make space for them.

Green Aventurine offers emotional support, which may be needed for people who struggle with making space for their emotions.

6. Green Jasper and Green Aventurine Combination

Green Jasper and Green Aventurine

Green Jasper is very similar in energy to Green Aventurine.

However, Jasper acts mostly on your physical body, whereas Green Aventurine has a more ample influence, affecting the emotional and sometimes the mental body as well.

If you suffer from palpitations or tachycardia, this pairing can act simultaneously on both the emotions that lead to the symptoms and the symptoms itself.

This combination is also effective for treating panic attacks (alongside the help of qualified professionals, of course).

7. Blue Aventurine and Green Aventurine Combination

Blue Aventurine and Green Aventurine

Blue Aventurine works on one of the Heart Chakra’s neighbors – the Throat Chakra.

It will help you translate your newfound sense of worth, which you will reconnect to with the help of Green Aventurine, with your capacity to set boundaries.

If you are recuperating from a cold, or a toxic relationship where you felt like you weren’t heard, Blue Aventurine can help you strengthen your voice and ears, both physically and emotionally.

8. Kunzite and Green Aventurine Combination

Kunzite and Green Aventurine

Kunzite leads you through the challenging path towards Divine Love straight through your Inner Child.

This path will bring up painful memories and emotions, and you need the gentle and nurturing quality of Green Aventurine beside you.

As you reconnect to the essence of your Inner Child, Green Aventurine will keep your immune system strong and encourage you to be kind to said child.

9. Carnelian and Green Aventurine Combination

Carnelian and Green Aventurine

Emotional support can also be handy when it comes to joy and happiness.

After all, if you’re not used to these emotions, they will have a disruptive effect on you.

This pairing will also make you more magnetic and lead you to believe you are deserving of love and joy.

In a creative block? Doubting yourself as an artist? This pairing can make you more creative than ever.

Not only that, it will make you more confident in your vision and abilities as an artist.

It will also push you to be kinder to yourself while you perfect your artistic skills.

For imposter syndrome in general, this also helps. This combination will lead you to see your value and be more magnetic.

10. Angelite and Green Aventurine Combination

Angelite and Green Aventurine

Angelite can help you channel wisdom from Divine channels to heal your Inner Child, and Green Aventurine offers loving nurturing and support.

As long as they are old enough not to swallow them, this is a great combination for children and adults who want to gently get back in touch with play

11. Chrysoprase and Green Aventurine Combination

Chrysoprase and Green Aventurine

Chrysoprase pushes you to be brave from the heart space. Even if your bravery is invincible, you may still have fear left over.

Green Aventurine can help you calm those fears down. If you’re an anxious or nervous person and you need to step up and be brave, definitely use this pairing.

Green Aventurine will make the bravery of Chrysoprase sink in more gradually than it usually would.

Chrysoprase will still nudge you to get out of your comfort zone, baby step by baby step.

12. African Jade and Green Aventurine Combination

African Jade and Green Aventurine

Jade was already the crystal to manifest wealth if you are already happy with your line of work (Pyrite is the most appropriate option to manifest a career change).

Then, a mine was discovered in South Africa, bringing with it the wisdom of its land, which has to do with cooperation.

Money and trust have the same vibration, so adding cooperation to the mix is powerful.

Green Aventurine will slowly but surely attract cash while keeping you away from working too many hours or straining yourself unnecessarily.

African Jade will lead you to trust in yourself, your clients, and your collaborators, which will end up manifesting as a lot of unexpected cash entering your life.

13. Amethyst and Green Aventurine Combination

Amethyst and Green Aventurine

Amethyst transforms everything it touches. However, this transmutation process can be a bit harsh for some sensitive people.

Green Aventurine can soften the blow and make the transformations slower and more gradual.

These crystals can act in unison to bring in a boost in health and vitality.

As they both have colors related to wealth in Feng Shui, placing them in your wealth corner or wallet can bring in some unexpected cash.

14. Amber and Green Aventurine Combination

Amber and Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine can gently but surely amplify the ancestral wisdom in Amber.

It will connect you to the women warriors in your ancestral line and help you stand up against injustice.

Here, the nurturing spirit of Green Aventurine acquires a mission – that of supporting the collective through the ancestral wisdom contained in Amber.

In addition to this, Amber works on the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is below the Heart Chakra.

The heart stores its fears, envy, and painful memories there, so purging it is a great idea to ensure the harmonious working of the heart.

15. Red Jasper and Green Aventurine Combination

Red Jasper and Green Aventurine

In cases of both illness and sadness, it may be a good idea to recur to a crystal that can both bring you back to the ground and give you health and vitality.

Here is where Red Jasper comes in. It will remind you of your more mundane duties and give you just enough energy to complete them, despite your sadness or poor health.

Green Jade adds an element of heart to this earthy crystal, making this pairing an excellent source of willpower and self-esteem.

How to use crystal combinations for Green Aventurine

Best Crystal Combinations for Green Aventurine

Have them close to you while you get ready in the morning

Green Aventurine can help you work on being kinder to yourself.

When paired with a crystal like Rose Quartz, it can have a great overall effect on your self-esteem.

If you’re insecure, the crystals will offer you some reassuring energy so you can leave your house in a more confident frame of mind.

If you have a big day ahead, having these crystals nearby can soothe you without making you sleepy.

Place them under the bed when you’re ill or sad

While I don’t recommend keeping Green Aventurine pairings under the bed at all times, you may place them here during a period when either your health or your mood are low.

Remember that Green Aventurine is a member of the Quartz family, and therefore, it can keep you up.

However, if you are sad or low, Green Aventurine combinations will lead you to have healing rest and soothe your sadness.


Doing some breathwork or a guided meditation while holding these crystals can help you get to know their energy better.

If you meditate consistently, they will eventually start to give you messages. The crystals will, in turn, help to keep your mind calm and focused.

If you want to meditate in an anxious state, it’s better to grab the Green Aventurine pairing beforehand.

Say affirmations while holding them

Self-love affirmations can be enhanced with the use of these pairings.

Due to its deep green color, it also has associations with wealth.

The crystals will also keep you focused on the moment and away from anxious thoughts, so you can focus on the healing message.

Have a bracelet made and wear it on left hand

Bracelets can bring the energy inside your body pretty quickly.

This makes it an excellent choice if you want to feel the soothing, healing effect of the pairing in your physical body. Especially if the bracelet is made of gold.

Gold will uplift your energy and give you vitality.

Wearing this bracelet on your left wrist will lead you to become more receptive to all kinds of love and blessings. 

Final Thoughts

Green Aventurine can support crystals that can be quite harsh in their approach, like Obsidian, by softening its effects.

It can also prevent side effects of crystals such as Lepidolite.

When combined with crystals such as Green Jasper and Chrysoprase, which have a similar energy to Green Aventurine, will make its healing benefits stronger.

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