9 Best Crystal Combinations for Kunzite

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Best Crystal Combinations for Kunzite

Ruby, Desert Rose, and Emerald are notable pairings and among the best crystal combinations for Kunzite. Ruby, alongside Kunzite, can help you recuperate if you feel disheartened or lost hope. It can get you out of even the most hopeless of situations. Desert Rose can help you work on envy, jealousy, and resentment.

Alongside Kunzite, you will be able to address issues from the past and go through that process calmly.

Finally, Emerald and Kunzite can support you during a process of profound change.

You will feel nurtured and loved as you adapt to change and accept change.

Kunzite is a very calming, soothing crystal because of the relatively high presence of Lithium in it.

Because of its monoclinic structure, it provides direct focus. It has a mission: uplift your heart and connect you with the most Divine expression of love.

This is love as a creative force.

Kunzite can help you remember things from your childhood and teenage years that may still have an effect on your heart today.

But it does so in a gentle way that doesn’t destabilize you completely. It also uplifts your heart and reconnects you with joy.

9 Best Crystal Combinations for Kunzite

1. Lepidolite and Kunzite

2. Ruby and Kunzite

3. Citrine and Kunzite

4. Honey Calcite and Kunzite 

5. Desert Rose and Kunzite

6. Selenite and Kunzite

7. Ambar and Kunzite

8. Amethyst and Kunzite

9. Emerald and Kunzite

1. Lepidolite and Kunzite Combination

Lepidolite and Kunzite Combination

Lepidolite can calm down even the most overactive of minds.

It can handle serious cases of insomnia (alongside the help of a certified mental health professional, of course).

Not only does Lepidolite aid in sleep, it also gives the heart a break when it needs one to process traumatic events.

Kunzite shares this soothing quality with Lepidolite due to its relatively high amount of Lithium.

This pairing is apt for sleep, and can help you dream of the ways in which you can heal your heart.

It can also guide you, over time, to see those you love and are attracted to as reflections of Divinity.

This pairing acts on the heart for you to understand love as a Divine force and let go of past hurt and heartbreak.

2. Ruby and Kunzite Combination

Ruby and Kunzite Combination

While Ruby gives you hope and a renewed sense of vitality, even when all seems lost, Kunzite calms you down.

It uplifts your heart and spirits and helps you reconnect with a sense of joy and love for all that exists in creation.

If hope is the thing with feathers in the realm of poetry, in the mineral world, hope is the combination of Ruby and Kunzite working in tandem.

Ruby will act as a second heart until your actual heart gets back in shape.

Kunzite will gently heal it until you no longer need a second heart from the mineral world.

Ruby adds energy and vitality so you can go through the motions of life and not lose touch with your duties.

It also grounds you and adds a spiritual understanding of what renews your energy and makes you feel safe.

Kunzite, in the meantime, expands your capacity for love in a high-vibrational way.

3. Citrine and Kunzite Combination

Citrine and Kunzite Combination

Citrine can get rid of your fears and ensure you have good luck in all your endeavors.

This is so because it brings the Solar Plexus back into harmony, and this is the center of your inner warrior.

However, believing you have too much power can be a problem, too.

Kunzite enters the picture here to temper this personal power you already possess in spades with humility.

After all, Kunzite drives you to understand the lesson that you’re not that different from other people, even if you manage to be successful.

You were once scared and felt totally incapable of achieving what you wanted.

Kunzite will encourage you to use your personal power to uplift those around you instead of getting eaten up by a false idea of being omnipotent.

This combination fosters fearlessness without ruthlessness.

When your heart is open and your Solar Plexus is ready for battle, nothing can stop you.

The aspect of Citrine that attracts good luck can also join the aspect of Kunzite that promotes Divine love and reaching Divine growth through relationships to attract a soulmate.

This is especially the case if you place the pairing in the Southwest corner of your bedroom.

In Feng Shui, the Southwest corner has to do with love and relationship luck, and the bedroom is one of the most intimate rooms.

It’s where we invite love.  

4. Honey Calcite and Kunzite Combination

Honey Calcite and Kunzite Combination

The mind can be one’s own worst enemy. If you fill yours with self-doubt, you’ll undermine your own personal power.

This is where this pairing comes in. Calcite in general deals with mental blocks and mental obstacles.

Honey Calcite addresses all the mental blocks that are standing in the way of assimilating information and emotions.

It will also get rid of any overthinking tendencies and false beliefs you hold as true that make yourself smaller and less powerful.

When combined with Kunzite, you become brave from both the Solar Plexus and the Heart.

Kunzite will soothe your mind and uplift your spirits so your own thoughts don’t drown you.

This pairing will also guide your thoughts to become more reflective of Divine Love.

5. Desert Rose and Kunzite Combination

Desert Rose and Kunzite Combination

Desert Rose can, over time, get rid of jealousy, envy, and resentment from the root.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re this way because someone hurt you recently, because of an Inner Child wound, or because of something that has to do with an ancestor or a past life.

Desert Rose will get to the bottom of it and get rid of it so you can start focusing on yourself again.

When combined with Kunzite, the process becomes calmer.

You will become uplifted and start to see others as a reflection of Divine Love, and no longer as competition.

You will embrace the feelings of envy and jealousy as what they actually are: information.

Whenever you are jealous of something or envious of someone, you are getting information about needs and wants that perhaps aren’t being met.

Then, jealousy becomes an opportunity to grow spiritually and increase your happiness.

In acute cases of jealousy, perhaps in children who have just welcomed a new sibling into the household, this combination will immediately bring calm.

This is so because of the Lithium in Kunzite and the properties of Desert Rose.

Just make sure the children are in no position to swallow the stones. Desert Rose is soluble after all.

You may also journal about your teenage years and see what you lacked there that’s making you resentful or envious now.

Kunzite facilitates the healing of the Inner Teen.   

6. Selenite and Kunzite Combination

Selenite and Kunzite Combination

Selenite offers an intense spiritual experience that should be experienced in small doses.

It helps you channel Divine information. It boosts your spirit and can cleanse your aura pretty quickly.

When combined with Kunzite, you can direct these properties towards channeling insights from your spirit guides regarding Divine Love.

This pairing can help you channel information about Inner Child Healing, Inner Teen Healing, or any other holdups you may have regarding love.

Because of the soothing presence of Lithium in Kunzite, combining these crystals will temper the intense effects of Selenite and help you interact with the stone for longer.   

7. Amber and Kunzite Combination

Amber and Kunzite Combination

Amber brings your Solar Plexus back into harmony with a twist.

Because it’s an organic stone made of fossilized resin, it connects you to the experience of your ancestors.

It also connects you to the Earth Star Chakra and helps you draw energy from below.

It deeply roots you in your current reality as well as empower you.

When combined with Kunzite, you come to understand love as an act of bravery and defiance.

But it’s a beautiful act nonetheless.

Anyone can fight with brute force, but it takes a noble spirit to fight in a way that’s nurturing and compassionate. 

8. Amethyst and Kunzite Combination

Amethyst and Kunzite Combination

Amethyst transmutes the energy of everything it comes into contact with.

It can take a low vibrational energy and turn it into something productive – drive, love, an act of service.

When combined with Kunzite, it can transform your heart so you become more open to forgiveness and start to let go.

Letting go is also an act of love. It’s an act of love for your own self, to make space for the new love that’s coming your way.

9. Emerald and Kunzite Combination

Emerald and Kunzite Combination

Kunzite, however lovingly and soothingly, enacts a transformation. It has the potential to start a spiritual awakening.

This can have monumental consequences. You need the effects of Emerald in case it happens.

Emerald lovingly holds your hand and offers nurturing and support during this process of change and transition.

The Heart Chakra possesses two colors: green and pink.

Green, embodied by Emerald, has to do with receiving, especially receiving healing. Pink, embodied by Kunzite, has to do with giving.

When these two come together, they heal both your capacity to receive and give.

This pairing in general is a great addition to your life when you have been hit with sudden change (hint: astrologically, you can expect one at around the age of 42 when Uranus opposes your natal Uranus).

It will look after your body and your emotions while you adapt and accept the change and all of its consequences.

How to use crystal combinations for Kunzite

Best Crystal Combinations for Kunzite

Sleep with the crystals under the pillow

Kunzite is safe to sleep with. Some pairings, like Lepidolite, are also safe to sleep with.

You can simply place them under your pillow or place them inside a cloth bag with some cotton so they feel soft to the touch.

You can also simply place them on your bedside.

It’s interesting to combine this practice with dream journaling. You may channel some insight about Divine Love in your dreams.   

Write from your teenage self perspective

A lot of crystals facilitate Inner Child Healing, but Kunzite is rather unique in the sense that it also facilitates Inner Teen healing, which is often overlooked.

It is therefore a great idea to get in the mindset of this past version of you and journal while having the pairing in your pockets or lap.

The key here is to not overthink it. When you read over what you wrote, you may gain a lot of valuable insight.

Make a Rose Gold out of the pairing

Rose Gold boosts the pairing of your choice, but it does so with a grounding, loving energy.

If you get a short chain, the pairing will come into direct contact with your Higher Heart Chakra.

This is a great idea especially for Emerald and Kunzite, Ruby and Kunzite, and Amethyst and Kunzite.

Don’t attempt this with Honey Calcite or Desert Rose. These don’t hold up too well as gems for jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Kunzite is a soothing crystal that is apt for sleep. When combined with crystals like Amethyst and Amber, it can help you work on your courage.

Combining it with Selenite can help you channel Divine wisdom regarding Divine Love.

Ruby can give you back hope, even when all seems lost. Over all, Kunzite is a deeply healing crystal that has a gentle, beautiful energy.

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