9 Best Crystal Combinations For Malachite

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Best Crystal Combinations For Malachite

Malachite is tied to wealth. It can also be used for protection and healing. Its threefold benefits can each be enhanced by combining the stone with others that share one of these benefits. Jade and Malachite can seriously make it rain. Lapis Lazuli and Malachite form a powerful protective duo. Flower Agate and Malachite can help you recover from the flue or the blues. 

Malachite can help you be more abundant. It works by giving you resilience while you build a name for yourself.

It can also help you recognize and heal any pain that may be in your way towards abundance, including transgenerational pain.

Malachite is also a protective stone that will absorb malocchio, envy, and other energetic attacks from other people, whether they send them your way consciously or not.

Finally, Malachite also absorbs pain, whether it is emotional, physical, or even spiritual.

Therefore, it can be a great ally for people who suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from an illness.

9 Best Crystal Combinations for Malachite

  1. Pyrite and Malachite
  2. Labradorite and Malachite
  3. Flower Agate and Malachite
  4. Lapis Lazuli and Malachite
  5. Jade and Malachite
  6. Black Tourmaline and Malachite
  7. Gold Sheen Obsidian and Malachite
  8. Garnet and Malachite
  9. Moss Agate and Malachite

1. Pyrite and Malachite Combination

Pyrite and Malachite Combination

Both of these crystals are linked to wealth. Pyrite is like a bulldozer that will get rid of any obstacles on your road to abundance.

Malachite, on the other hand, will enhance what is already there. It works in your favor and protects your assets.

This is a great crystal combination if you need to keep your current job while, at the same time, trying to pivot into a new direction professionally.

It will keep you on good terms with your current employer and keep that regular paycheck coming in while you send out your resumé somewhere else or try to set up your own business.

It will also keep your investments and/or savings protected both from literal attacks like thievery and metaphorical, energetical attacks.

Envious people and other energy vampires sometimes make us lose money just by being present in our lives.    

2. Labradorite and Malachite Combination

Labradorite and Malachite Combination

Despite having vastly different energy, these two crystals have one thing in common: They are both protective.

The marvelous thing is that they offer protection from different flanks.

Malachite protects the wearer against envy, energy vampires, curses and hexes, and other external attacks.

The protection this stone offers has mostly to do with shielding the wearer from negative energy directed to the wearer’s way by living beings. 

Labradorite, on the other hand, protects the wearer from negative energy that may come from disembodied beings or beings on other planes.

They can combine and act together to protect against all sorts of attacks and parasites. 

3. Flower Agate and Malachite Combination

Malachite has a yang or Solar polarity. Flower Agate’s yin polarity complements it nicely and adds an element of strength and vitality that is not present in Malachite.

On the physical level, Malachite is more focused on absorbing any pain (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) from the aura of the wearer than on revitalizing them.

Flower Agate can fill up the space left by the pain with revitalizing energy.

This combination is great for all sorts of healing, from being an ally during talk therapy to physical healing to anything in between.

It should by no means replace medical attention, of course. 

4. Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Combination

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Combination

These crystals are very similar in energy. Ancient cultures valued both of them and associated them with protection and luxury.

Both protect against malocchio, other types of envious energy, and even some curses and hexes.

Lapis Lazuli complements Malachite in that it can be programmed to increase one’s interpersonal relationships for career advancement and wealth generation.

Need to make a good first impression on a job interview? Carry this combination in your pocket.

Need a talisman every time you meet with a potential investor? Have one made with this combination in gold.

You will be charming and magnetic to money and all sorts of possibilities while remaining protected from the envy that may come along with this magnetism.  

5. Jade and Malachite Combination

Jade and Malachite Combination

Jade and Malachite are both linked to wealth. Jade has been known to slowly but surely help people build long-lasting wealth.

Malachite frees you from transgenerational pain that may be keeping you away from getting what you’re worth as well as keeping what you do have secured.

This is a great combination if what you are doing to earn money is already aligned with your soul’s path and you just need an extra push.

Happy with your industry but not so much with your job title and/or salary? Work with these two.

As Malachite has a solar polarity and Jade has a lunar polarity, they don’t need to be worn together necessarily.

Exchanging one for the other on the same day works just as well.

Wear Malachite during the night time and place Jade under your pillow to have dreams about what your next course of action should be.     

6. Black Tourmaline and Malachite Combination

Black Tourmaline and Malachite Combination

These crystals combined make for a bulletproof combination that creates a shield from negative energy.

Black Tourmaline will absorb whatever comes from the outside (and not just energetic attacks by other people).

Whereas Malachite will focus on keeping your aura pure from the inside.

Both of these stones are also quite nurturing but in different ways.

Malachite feels more like a hug from an old friend, whereas Black Tourmaline’s energy can be compared to sitting down outside, in a nice place in nature.        

7. Gold Sheen Obsidian and Malachite Combination

Gold Sheen Obsidian and Malachite Combination

Sometimes we can be our own greatest enemy when it comes to attracting wealth.

Whatever we don’t own up within ourselves ends up haunting us from the outside.

Gold Sheen Obsidian can help you work on your shadow self related to money or the shadow self of your business.

If you dig too deep in the shadows, you may end up getting discouraged and giving up altogether.

Even if you don’t give up, the process can be quite painful. That’s where Malachite comes in.

It will remind you of your value while absorbing some of the excess pain of discovering your shadow self.

8. Garnet and Malachite Combination

Garnet and Malachite Combination

Garnet gives you strength and vitality and Malachite absorbs anything negative that may be present in your system, especially pain.

This makes it a great combination for physical healing (alongside seeing a doctor and following any medical instructions you were given).

Garnet will keep you strong during recovery so that you can start to follow your normal daily routine, and Malachite will keep any chronic pain at bay. 

9. Moss Agate and Malachite Combination

Moss Agate and Malachite Combination

This is a combination to get better from a cold or the flu faster (of course, go to the doctor, this is a compliment, not a replacement).

Moss Agate is a deeply healing stone that gives you strength directly from Mother Earth.

It can keep any invasive organisms like viruses or bacteria at bay and help you quickly get rid of them if they have already entered your system.

Malachite will help with any sort of pain that these illnesses can cause.

If you aren’t sick but simply sad, Moss Agate will give you comfort while Malachite takes some of your sadness away.  

How to use Crystal Combinations for Malachite

Best Crystal Combinations For Malachite

Place them in the Feng Shui corner for abundance

You can use the principles of Feng Shui to place the crystal combinations that have to do with wealth (Jade and Malachite, Pyrite and Malachite) on the corner associated with it.

According to the Bagua or energy map in Feng Shui, there are areas in a house or office that have to do with the different areas of life of the people that frequent.

The corner related to wealth is the far left corner of any room. Try not to place them directly on the floor.

If it’s not possible to have them on a small table, place them on a clean piece of cloth that is purple, green, or gold in color (all of these hues are associated with wealth).

Make sure they are clean and charged, as stagnant energy from the crystals in a said corner can be counterproductive.

If you have ample space and want to go full-on with an abundance altar of sorts, Feng Shui considers fountains to be tied to abundance.

Other trinkets in the color gold also work, as well as a bowl of oranges.  

Make jewelry out of them using gold

There are few things in existence as abundant as the Sun. The noble metal gold is almost the embodiment of the Sun itself.

So, when you pair gold with pairings like Jade and Malachite, you’ve got a money magnet in your hands.

This also works for protective combinations like Lapis Lazuli and Malachite or Black Tourmaline and Malachite.

The Sun is not only abundant but also a source of strength, so it will enhance the protective powers of the crystals.

Make sure to keep this necklace cleansed, purified, and charged. When you aren’t wearing it, store it away, preferably wrapped in silk.

Silk will isolate the jewel from stagnant energy around it, though cotton will also do.

As Malachite can’t be cleansed with water because it becomes toxic when wet, and any jewelry should avoid exposure to big amounts of water.

You may cleanse the necklace by burying it in a bowl of raw rice you later compost.

Charge by sunlight but don’t leave it out for more than a couple of hours, as the gems may lose their color.   

Keep them in your office or desk

Just having them as décor in your office or desk will also do wonders for your paycheck and career.

You may choose to apply the principles of Feng Shui here as well, or just use them as decoration.

As long as they are kept clean and charged, anything goes.

It’s not only a good idea to keep crystal pairings that have to do with wealth here, the protective Lapis Lazuli and Malachite combination can be great if your colleagues aren’t the best people in the world.

Garnet and Malachite can also be great to take to the office when you return after a long period of illness.

Keep them under your pillow when you’re sick

Malachite isn’t necessarily great to sleep with.

However, if you’re on bed rest due to illness or emotional issues, you can keep some of the more healing combinations like Moss Agate and Malachite under your pillow during the day.

To make them softer, you can place both crystals inside a cloth bag with some cotton. Placing them on your night table also works.

Place on top of your wallet

Your wallet or cardholder is a symbol of how you treat your money and assets.

Placing a small piece of Jade and a small piece of Malachite, for example, can quickly start to move things around for you in a positive sense when it comes to abundance.

If your wallet is too small to fit them, placing the crystals on top of it (or on a debit card, if you don’t even own a wallet in the first place) while you’re not using it is also a meaningfully symbolic act.

Make non-toxic crystal water and combine with Ginger

Malachite is highly toxic when wet, especially with warm water. However, there is still a safe way to make crystal water out of Malachite and any of its pairings.

You will have to do this process for each stone separately. Place the stone inside an empty glass container and place the said container in a large bowl full of water.

The water shouldn’t overflow into the smaller container. Cover with plastic or mosquito cloth and expose the Moon or Sun.

Store in a glass bottle in a dry, cool place. If you want it to last more than a month or so, add 60% vodka or apple cider vinegar to preserve it for a couple of years.

If you’re sober or wish to leave out the alcohol for some other reason, throw away the crystal water after a month.

The advantage is that it can be used to make tea by adding a few drops into regular drinking water.

Ginger and other herbs such as mint will help you move money quickly and can also be used for healing purposes.  

Final Thoughts

Different properties of Malachite can be highlighted by pairing it with other crystals.

Give your finances an overhaul by pairing it with Pyrite.

Give your energy protection a boost by pairing it with Black Tourmaline. Carry it alongside Garnet while you recuperate from an illness.

A versatile stone for sure, even more so when you combine it with others.


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