15 Best Crystal Combinations For Moonstone

Best Crystal Combinations For Moonstone

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You can pair similar crystals with Moonstone, such as Aquamarine and Moonstone, to have a great compass to find your true soul’s purpose. You may also pair it with a similar but more grounding crystal such as Pink Tourmaline to become more receptive without losing touch with your most immediate reality.

You may also go for a crystal with an entirely different energy, like Citrine, and still see wonderful results. Moonstone is versatile when it comes to forming combinations.

Moonstone works on both the Third Eye and the Sacral Chakra. It heals your Inner Lunar polarity and helps you become more receptive.

It also enhances your intuition. It helps you connect with the more cyclical aspect of life and challenges your linear understanding of time.

It can help people who menstruate regulate their periods and soften some of the more unpleasant symptoms that come with your cycle.  

15 Best Crystal Combinations for Moonstone

  1. Jade and Moonstone
  2. Amethyst and Moonstone
  3. Pink Amethyst and Moonstone
  4. Sunstone and Moonstone
  5. Aquamarine and Moonstone
  6. Emerald and Moonstone
  7. Pink Tourmaline and Moonstone 
  8. Amazonite and Moonstone
  9. Blue Aventurine and Moonstone
  10. Kunzite and Moonstone
  11. Rose Quartz and Moonstone
  12. Tiger’s Eye and Moonstone
  13. Citrine and Moonstone
  14. Black Onyx and Moonstone
  15. Ruby and Moonstone

1. Jade and Moonstone Combination

Jade and Moonstone Combination

Sleep with these two stones together and your dreams may surprise you.

You will gain tons of insight to heal. Jade is the stone to channel Divine wisdom through dreams.

Keep a dream journal and, over time, rereading it will surprise you. Moonstone has a gentle energy that won’t interfere with your sleep.

It will enhance your intuition, especially over time, and make you more receptive to the right message.   

2. Amethyst and Moonstone Combination

Amethyst and Moonstone Combination

Amethyst is also tied to intuition and the Third Eye, but it is more aggressive and proactive and shows quicker results than Moonstone.

Depending on whether you need a quick epiphany that can be rather aggressive or a gradual one that takes time, this pairing will adapt and give your intuition exactly what it needs.

If you’re a person who’s rather resistant to change or has a hard time adapting to new circumstances, this combination is ideal.

Moonstone will help you be more receptive to the element of transformation that Amethyst brings to the table.

This pairing is a great gift for teenagers, as that period of life is full of change. 

3. Pink Amethyst and Moonstone Combination

Pink Amethyst and Moonstone Combination

This rare variety of Amethyst is more grounded than purple Amethyst.

It will give you energy and vitality if you have heavy periods, which Moonstone will help lighten over time (but do not stop going to the doctor).

Both crystals will hone in on your intuition but Pink Amethyst contains Hematite, a grounding mineral that will help you not lose focus with your tangible, most immediate reality. 

4. Sunstone and Moonstone Combination

Sunstone and Moonstone Combination

There are a lot of fake Sunstones out there, I am talking about the pale orange pieces.

Stay away from anything full of glitter. Sunstone and Moonstone have complimentary energies.

One gives you the energy of the sun: vital, energizing, abundant.

Moonstone, on the other hand, invites you to connect to what is hidden from view – The secret, your subconscious world.

When combined, you get the full picture of whatever is troubling you.

Sunstone connects you to your Lower Chakras and Moonstone connects you to your Upper Chakras. This is a very balanced combination. 

5. Aquamarine and Moonstone Combination

Aquamarine and Moonstone Combination

Do you feel lost? Do you lack a sense of purpose? Combine Aquamarine, the spiritual compass, with Moonstone, which will help you start a dialogue with your own soul.

This combination will lead you to know yourself and what you truly need and want much better.

Both have a very gradual approach when connecting you to the Divine and can eventually guide even the most skeptical people out there to their true Divine purpose.    

6. Emerald and Moonstone Combination

Emerald and Moonstone Combination

Emerald will keep you strong from the heart during transitional periods. It will also help you heal physically (alongside medical treatment).

Moonstone complements this by connecting you to your higher self, your inner voice, and the voice of your body.

Transitions and change can be tough. It can be easy to lose sight of yourself and what truly makes you happy.

These two crystals will help you stay connected with your own inner self during the journey and encourage you to take good care of your body.

Not only by looking after its needs but by doing things that are pleasant, like dancing, going on walks, or spritzing your favorite perfume.       

7. Pink Tourmaline and Moonstone Combination

Pink Tourmaline and Moonstone Combination

Both of these crystals enhance receptivity. Pink Tourmaline is grounding and will offer you the gift of self-love until you become magnetic.

Confidence translates into radiance and being pleasant to be around. Moonstone will help you be receptive to Divine wisdom.

If you want to attract a lunar partner, one that’s attentive and knows a thing or two about active listening, one who’s compassionate and kind, you can use this crystal combination to manifest them into your life.

But self-love is all you need at the end of the day, and this combination gives that to you in spades by teaching you how to listen to your body and treat it with love and care. 

8. Amazonite and Moonstone Combination

Amazonite and Moonstone Combination

Our Inner Lunar polarity can start to get wounded after we suffer from abuse of various kinds.

The wounds in our Lunar Polarity are often stored in the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra forms an energetic bridge with the Throat Chakra, as they both have to do with self-expression. Amazonite works on the Throat Chakra.

It will help you use your voice to fight and set boundaries.

Moonstone will heal those of you who have deep wounds in your Sacral Chakra, which will compromise your ability to set boundaries.

Together, they will teach you how to be assertive when saying what you will accept and what you will not.    

9. Blue Aventurine and Moonstone Combination

Blue Aventurine and Moonstone Combination

The Sacral Chakra, which Moonstone acts on (alongside the Third Eye chakra) is connected to the Throat Chakra, so it is a good idea to combine a crystal like Moonstone with one that strengthens your voice.

This is especially the case if you plan to find yourself through writing or conversation.

They can even aid you during talk therapy, but the intervention of certified professionals is still crucial.

As Moonstone acts on the Third Eye chakra as well, it will help you channel Divine wisdom through self-expression.

10. Kunzite and Moonstone Combination

Kunzite and Moonstone Combination

Moonstone will help reconnect you with what your body and soul needs.

Kunzite is connected to the Heart Chakra and encourages your Inner Child to speak.

When you combine them, you get a brilliant ally for Inner Child Healing.

Your intuition will be working a mile a minute and your Inner Child will be loud and clear. Have your journal ready.

11. Rose Quartz and Moonstone Combination

Rose Quartz and Moonstone Combination

A lot of people suffer from poor self-esteem due to wounds in the Sacral Chakra, which Moonstone can help you with.

However, a more proactive approach will be completed once we add Rose Quartz, the self-love crystal par excellence.

It will teach you how important it is to love yourself and will lead you to talk to yourself kindly.

Moonstone, on the other hand, will make you more receptive to the subconscious information you need to heal your relationship with yourself.

12. Tiger’s Eye and Moonstone Combination

Tiger's Eye and Moonstone Combination

They both act on the Sacral Chakra with extremely different energies. Tiger’s Eye is loving but aggressive.

It will work non-stop until your Sacral Chakra is in tip-top shape.

Moonstone is so gentle and gradual that it’s the kind of energy you don’t notice until it’s no longer there.

Together, they can keep you creative and fertile (whether it’s literally or metaphorically fertile) with whatever energy is needed at the moment. 

13. Citrine and Moonstone Combination

Citrine and Moonstone Combination

Citrine works on the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can help you process the sacred information Moonstone helps you channel.

Sacred information can be hard to swallow emotionally. It can sometimes manifest as physical symptoms related to the digestive system.

Citrine can help with that. It also gives you a lot of energy to process what needs to be processed.

14. Black Onyx and Moonstone Combination

Black Onyx and Moonstone Combination

Moonstone works with creative and Divine energy, so it may need the grounding energy (and even the protection) Black Onyx has to offer.

The Crown Chakra, from where Divine wisdom enters, is one end of a channel. The other end is the Root Chakra.

Both need to be in working order for your intuition to be precise. Intuition happens in context.

When you lose touch with the tangible world, you can’t know for sure that your intuition is correct. This is why this combination is important and effective.

15. Ruby and Moonstone Combination

Ruby and Moonstone Combination

Ruby gives you a ton of loving strength, especially when you’ve lost hope and you need a second heart.

Moonstone adds intuition and Sacred Chakra healing.

If you feel worthless because you’ve been through the ringer, or you feel like there can’t possibly be any hope for you after all you’ve been through.

This combination will teach you a thing or two about how hope should be the last thing you lose. 

How to use crystal combinations for Moonstone

Best Crystal Combinations For Moonstone

Dance or go on walks with them

The best way to connect to both your body and your Inner Lunar polarity is to move the said body in a state where you are receptive and don’t have anything urgent to tend to.

This is why making time in your schedule to go on a leisurely walk or dance a little while carrying the crystal pairings in your pockets or bra is a great idea.

We don’t recommend sticking the crystals in a backpack because they won’t benefit you personally but will rather act on your belongings.

Make silver jewelry with them

Silver is the most receptive of the noble metals and will enhance Moonstone’s energy and that of its chosen companion beautifully.

For crystals like Amazonite or Blue Aventurine that work on your voice, a choker is great.

Crystals that work on your heart such as Ruby or Pink Amethyst are best worn as a long necklace that reaches the chest area or on a bracelet on your left wrist.

Infuse paint with them and do some finger painting

Moonstone is rather inexpensive. If you choose a less pricey pairing (say, Blue Aventurine or Black Onyx) you can put the crystals directly in paint.

If you’d rather not risk ruining your crystals, you can always place them over or near closed paint containers, such as watercolor tins.

Finger painting connects you to both your own body and your Inner Child. It is a meditative moment in which you become receptive to Divine wisdom.

Use them during Divination

Even if you are a complete beginner, it is a great idea to have Moonstone and any pairing you like near you while you pull some Tarot cards or runes.

They will help you tap into your Third Eye and learn how to listen to the most sacred part within yourself.

You can also simply practice scrying, in which you calmly look at the stones until you start to see shapes in them.

If you are a total newbie, you can always practice asking a yes-no question, flipping a coin, and seeing what your intuition tells you about the answer. 

Use them to manifest

If you want to manifest new opportunities, you can write a letter to the Universe as if you have already received what you wanted.

Give thanks. Then, place the Moonstone pairing of your choice and see your dream reality become the truth.

Pair with Moon Water

Try making Moon water with a twist. Take the Moonstone pairing and place it inside a clean, empty glass container.

Place it inside a larger container with drinking water and cover it with a plastic or mosquito cloth.

Leave outside to make special moon water infused with the energy of the crystal combination of your choice.

You can drink it, give it to your pets and plants, use it to wash your face, or pour it inside a bath.        

Final Thoughts

Moonstone is a pretty versatile stone when it comes to combinations.

It goes well with stones that are similar in energy and stones that vastly differ, and everything in between.

This is so because of its gentle, soft, and gradual energy. 

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