11 Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx

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Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx

Amethyst and Black Onyx, Sardonyx and Amazonite, and Onyx Cielo and Sapphire are among the best crystal combinations for Onyx. Amethyst and Black Onyx offer comprehensive protection for people, objects, and places. Sardonyx and Amazonite can give you the strength of your ancestors while you gather the guts to stand up for yourself and assert your boundaries.

Finally, there is no better pairing for peaceful communication and a life of service to others than Sapphire and Onyx Cielo, a naturally occurring variety of blue Onyx native to Argentina. 

What is and isn’t Onyx is a heated topic for debate for geologists, gemologists, and crystal healers alike.

The consensus is that it’s a variety of Chalcedony that is banded.

However, some consider it a subtype of Agate, while others consider it its own type of Chalcedony.

The most well-known and readily available type of Onyx is Black Onyx with brownish or yellowish bands.

However, there are also other varieties such as Sardonyx, in warm colors such as brown and orange, and Nicolo Onyx, with white bands.

In the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, naturally blue and green Onyx is available in large quantities. This is not to be confused with dyed Onyx.

Onyx encourages order in the material, tangible world. It also encourages the wearer not to repress pain or grief, but to accept it as a natural part of life.

It embodies the best qualities of the Tarot Card The Hanged Man, as it encourages inaction and caution.

This isn’t inaction out of cowardice, but out of self-introspection.

This crystal is also believed to help the wearer abandon bad habits once and for all, as well as being grounding and protective.

11 Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx

1. Diamond and Black Onyx

2. Moss Agate and Sardonyx

3. Amazonite and Nicolo Onyx

4. Blue Lace Agate and Onyx Cielo

5. Coral and Sardonyx

6. Rose Quartz and Green Onyx

7. Sapphire and Onyx Cielo

8. Amethyst and Black Onyx

9. Bronzite and Black Onyx

10. Larimar and Onyx Cielo

11. Pink Tourmaline and Green Onyx

1. Diamond and Black Onyx Combination

Diamond and Black Onyx Combination

Diamond amplifies whatever it comes into contact with.

Once paired with Black Onyx, it can amplify introspection, caution, inaction in order to reflect on who one is, and most of all, grounding and protection.

The crystalline lattice of Diamond is both one of the most complex in the world and geometrically perfect, so Diamond can be said to promote spiritual order.

Once someone interacts with Diamond, they must be prepared for absolute coherence between thoughts, words, and actions.

Black Onyx complements the spiritual order brought by Diamond by promoting tangible order.

It reconnects the wearer with their everyday duties and promotes the most basic forms of self-care – nutrition, sleep, rest, and exercise.

The overall effect is one of both order and protection.

The grounding element of Black Onyx helps to bring into tangible terms whatever the high-vibrational Diamond helps you channel as well.

These two have been paired by jewelers for years because of their contrast.

The opaqueness of Onyx stands out when paired with the translucent, transparent diamond.

This is a comment on how opposites in general can complement one another, and even the darkest of pain can acquire new meaning when it interacts with the light.

We are invited to welcome pain and grief into our lives and display it out on the Sun proudly.

2. Moss Agate and Sardonyx Combination

Moss Agate and Sardonyx Combination

Sardonyx is a naturally occurring variety of Onyx that may display white, reddish, brownish, or reddish hues, either layered, banded, or as a base.

It forms a connection with the Earth Star Chakra and, as such, it brings order and introspection to the realm of our ancestors and our lineage.

A lot of us carry the burden of people in our bloodline that have long passed over.

Sardonyx encourages you to let go of these burdens so you can be the truest version of your own self.

When paired with Moss Agate, you will start a physical and emotional purge related to all the burdens you carry that aren’t really yours.

These extend beyond your ancestors and into any people, places, things, or situations that are sucking out your life force without giving you anything of value.

However, because Moss Agate is in the mix, the process will be gentle.

The presence of Sardonyx ensures vitality throughout the tedious process.

3. Amazonite and Nicolo Onyx Combination

Amazonite and Nicolo Onyx Combination

Nicolo Onyx is a naturally occurring variety of Black Onyx that displays a thin layer of white, which can look blue in the darkness.

This crystal embodies in just one piece the joint effect of Diamond and Black Onyx as pain is viewed as something beautiful when displayed in the light.

The blue suggests we are all divinely guided and protected, even in the darkest of times.

It also contains the wisdom that only conversations and expressing ourselves will get us out of painful times unscathed.

The people that gravitate towards Amazonite, both Green Amazonite and Peach Amazonite, need to work on setting more effective boundaries.

A person needs to be wounded badly to be able to believe their boundaries aren’t worth being articulated.

Or they must have suffered from unbelievable pain to think they must assert their boundaries forcefully to be heard.

Perhaps they grew up with a narcissistic parent. Or worse, they may have suffered from discrimination or abuse.

When paired with Green Amazonite, Nicolo Onyx will lead you to resignify your pain as a force that also made you the person you are while Amazonite strengthens the heart.

Nicolo Onyx will also encourage you to temper the way in which you use your voice to fight for both yourself and others.

And it will encourage you to be vulnerable with trusted people and bring to light whatever brings you pain in the process of learning to assert yourself.

When paired with Peach Amazonite, you will have the strength to make art and be creative about your pain.

Art and creative expression will be the light that guides you through the painful time you’re going through.

It will also encourage you to shed a light on any sexual abuse you may have suffered or witnessed during your life.

It can also help you exercise caution and get rid of any poor habits you may have around sexuality and sexual relations.

Over time, it can even lead you to choose healthy lovers who uplift you and are attentive to your wants and needs.

4. Blue Lace Agate and Onyx Cielo Combination

Blue Lace Agate and Onyx Cielo Combination

I am calling Onyx Cielo by this name because Blue Onyx or Blue Sardonyx generally refers to Onyx that has been dyed blue.

The provinces of Salta and Jujuy in the North of Argentina are home to some unique Onyx mines where naturally yellow, green, blue, and red onyx is found.

“Ónix azul cielo” is the name of the famous naturally blue onyx found here.

This is Spanish for “Sky blue Onyx”. These mines were mostly exploited between the 1930s and the 1980s.

The main client that received these unique gems is Italy, especially the Vatican.

Onyx Cielo brings order into self-expression and authenticity. It teaches you that it is not realistic to be yourself without any masks overnight.

It can help you come up with a plan to express your authentic self.

It also helps you exercise restraint with your words and only talk when what you have to say is better than silence.

It can be a great crystal for people who tend to trauma dump or be overly talkative just because the silence makes them anxious.

When paired with Blue Lace Agate, any nerves you may feel before public speaking or expressing yourself will be gently dissolved.

This pairing is great for social anxiety in general, as it will help you develop trust in yourself as a good conversationalist.

The pairing also encourages you to be an active listener rather than jump in and say your piece immediately.

A piece of jewelry made of this pairing can be a great present for a teenager, as it will help them fare better in society.

Not because they learn to play the games of their peer group, but because they will learn how to become an authentic version of self that is also deeply compassionate of others.  

5. Coral and Sardonyx Combination

Coral and Sardonyx Combination

Coral has the dual function of fostering Inner Child Healing and connecting you to the element of Water.

A lot of the behavior patterns and false beliefs that are holding us back in our adult lives come from unresolved issues from our childhood.

Coral slowly helps you acknowledge them and start to heal them.

On the other hand, by connecting you to the element of Water, Coral encourages you to go to the depths of your subconscious.

It enhances your intuition and dream recall.

When paired with Sardonyx, you add a much-needed grounding element to the watery energy of Coral.

You also add the strength and vitality of your ancestors.

Even if they have never met you or how old you are, your ancestors in a way still see you as their child in need of protection.

They will guide you through the process of Inner Child healing, offering nurturing and support when things get tough and tough love when you get too comfortable.

Because of the element of Water interacting with Earth, this pairing may activate mediumship for some of you, especially to communicate directly with your ancestors.

For most of you, you may have dreams of the burdens of theirs you still carry or other insightful dreams regarding your lineage. 

6. Rose Quartz and Green Onyx Combination

Rose Quartz and Green Onyx Combination

Rose Quartz teaches you Divine Love starting with yourself. It has an emotional approach rooted in kindness.

It will help you talk to yourself more kindly, banish insults geared towards yourself from your own mind, and see yourself from a kinder perspective.

It also encourages giving love to others, not because you expect something in return.

But because acts of service and words of affirmation directed towards other people are an outer expression of your own inner love.

Green Onyx, a naturally occurring variety of Onyx that is plentiful in the mines of Salta and Jujuy, helps you love yourself in a practical way.

As Onyx brings order and a systemic approach and green is the color of healing.

When you pair Rose Quartz with Green Onyx, you also start to experience self-love.

As nourishing your body with nutritious food, moving your body in a way that pleases you, giving yourself rest and sleep, and looking after your health in general.   

7. Sapphire and Onyx Cielo Combination

Sapphire and Onyx Cielo Combination

This may be the pairing for peace. Sapphire encourages altruism and spiritual development geared at being of service to your community.

Because it is a member of the corundum family, it scores a 9 on the Mohs scale and is second only to Diamond in hardness.

This means that it can help you channel Divine wisdom.

The unique thing about Sapphire is that it also helps you translate this insight you receive into logical sentences and articulate language.

When paired with Onyx Cielo, you will speak the Divine truth with caution, sweetness, and care.

You will be able to give the spiritual insight Sapphire facilitates even more grounding.

This pairing will help you see the hidden pain of your community and the unique way you can be of service to those who need you the most.

8. Amethyst and Black Onyx Combination

Amethyst and Black Onyx Combination

Amethyst performs an important protective function by transmuting the low-vibrational energy present in a person, object, animal, or space.

However, this energy can still be moving in a bit of a chaotic pattern if it isn’t also absorbed, especially in severe cases where the amount or the quality of the negativity is too high.

Black Onyx absorbs what Amethyst can’t transform and protects the process of energy movement that Amethyst sets into motion.

Amethyst can also be used on the Solar Plexus chakra to transform fear, sadness, and other debilitating emotions into something that gives you energy and vitality.

Add Black Onyx to the mix and you’ll learn how not to disown anger.

Fear causes anger. Extreme sadness sometimes is just repressed anger.

As Black Onyx helps you acknowledge and honor your pain but also act with caution, and Amethyst helps to transmute whatever is there.

This pairing can help people with a quick temper cope with their anger in healthy and constructive ways.

9. Bronzite and Black Onyx Combination

Bronzite and Black Onyx Combination

If a negative energy is too strong and too obstinate and doesn’t want to leave someone’s aura or someone’s home, you need to do something called banishing.

Bronzite is a strong banishing stone that will remove anything that isn’t supposed to be there.

Because of its brown color, it calls upon the protective force of your ancestors.

Pairing Bronzite with Black Onyx will make the banishing ritual more comprehensive.

This is so because Black Onyx will absorb any energy Bronzite hasn’t taken care of.

10. Pink Tourmaline and Green Onyx Combination

Pink Tourmaline and Green Onyx Combination

The grounding force of both Onyx and Tourmaline are multiplied in this pairing.

Green Onyx will encourage you to look after and nourish yourself in the most practical sense possible.

It will guide you to take actionable steps so you can stay healthy in your body, mind, and spirit.

It will also offer comfort and grounding if you’re going through heartbreak.

Green Onyx will give said heartbreak to noble Mother Earth to absorb and transmute back into the love it once was, to be returned years later to a new couple.

Pink Tourmaline complements the work of Green Onyx by reminding you of your own value.

Besides looking after your physical and mental health in quite tangible ways, this pairing will encourage you to look for pleasure and to express yourself aesthetically in a way that feels authentic.

Pink Tourmaline completes the practical work of Green Onyx by adding an element of true pleasure and happiness.

In addition, it will make your efforts towards health even more effective because it will act as a constant reminder that you deserve all the love and care in the world.

11. Larimar and Onyx Cielo Combination

Larimar and Onyx Cielo Combination

Larimar gently leads you to understand that pain is not only necessary, but it also has a beauty of its own.

After all, if we didn’t have the contrast of pain, beauty and pleasure would mean nothing to us.

It can help us work on old soul wounds, be them Inner Child wounds, ancestral, or past life wounds.

It does so like the sea would – by encouraging you to flow and surrender.

Once you surrender your pain to the Divine, you can be open to receive the blessing of human life, with all the joy and all the woe.

We have already mentioned the effects of Onyx when it comes to accepting pain as a part of life and doing some introspection on the matter.

However, Onyx Cielo takes it one step further. It helps you articulate slowly but surely how this pain has shaped your current or future happiness.

Over time, and if it meets a wearer with a committed heart, it can lead you to use your words to heal others, not by trying to take away their pain but to invite them to embrace it with love.

How to use crystal combinations for Onyx

Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx

Make a protective talisman from the pairing

Black Onyx and Amethyst, Black Onyx and Diamond, and Black Onyx and Bronzite are all extremely protective against all sorts of negativity.

Having a talisman made out of these pairings, especially with metals like gold, which provides a lot of fortitude to the already potent pairs, or iron, which counteracts all sorts of evil spirits, can really work in your favor.

If you integrate a protective symbol like a sigil or a rune like Algiz, your protection will be complete.

Journal or make art about pain and grief

Among many other things, Onyx drives you to make peace with grief and pain.

Have the pairing in your pockets, lap, or wear it as jewelry while you journal about grief.

The pairing you choose will act as a strong supportive energy while you work your way towards acceptance.

Place the pairing near the entrance to your home

Because of its strong protective element, placing the stones inside your house, close to the entrance and preferably by the left side, will protect both your space and all the objects and inhabitants of the household.

They will even give you a warning if they suddenly appear dull or break.

Final Thoughts

Onyx is a crystal all of us should have at the ready.

When we combine it with other crystals, especially those which help us channel Divine information, some truly remarkable changes can happen within ourselves.

Like the element Earth, Onyx encourages patience and persistence.

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