9 Best Crystal Combinations For Pyrite

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Best Crystal Combinations For Pyrite

Pink Tourmaline, Pearl, and African Jade are among the best crystal combinations for Pyrite. They address various financial concerns and obstacles which may be keeping you away from abundance. Pink Tourmaline will help you see yourself as deserving of good things.

It will help you see that any balanced relationship involves giving and taking. Pyrite applies the magnetic energy of this stone to your finances.

Pearl will help you address some specific transgenerational issues which may be blocking your wealth.

Finally, African Jade will ensure an element of trust in yourself, your associates, collaborators, and other stakeholders prevail.

Pyrite makes radical changes in the way you perceive money and your capacity to earn, save, invest, and manage it.

In contrast with Jade, another crystal that has close ties with abundance but in the activity you’re already doing to earn money, Pyrite calls for radical changes to established structures.

Pyrite also has benefits for the physical body. It can help you address long-standing medical issues, especially ones that are the result of bad habits.

9 Best Crystal Combinations for Pyrite

1. African Jade and Pyrite 

2. Moonstone and Pyrite

3. Pink Tourmaline and Pyrite

4. Pink Amethyst and Pyrite

5. Pearl and Pyrite

6. Citrine and Pyrite 

8. Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite

9. Fire Opal and Pyrite

9. Aquamarine and Pyrite

1. African Jade and Pyrite Combination

African Jade and Pyrite Combination

Jade in general attracts a more abundant mentality and drives in more wealth in what you’re already doing to earn a living.

To this date, African Jade is only found in South Africa. This variety of Jade adds an element of collaboration to this magnetism for wealth.

This is so because crystals tend to embody the positive qualities of the lands they decide to resurface in.

South Africa has an ancient culture centered around cooperation and collaboration.

This mindset is so strong that it has survived many attempts (even violent ones) to dismantle it by Western colonialism. 

Money has the same vibration as trust, so trusting one’s collaborators is key.

Recognizing that just one person can’t make money flow completely on their own is important to open the gates for wealth to come in.

Combined with the radical change towards a more abundant mindset that Pyrite brings in, this is an unstoppable combination. Prepare to make it rain. 

2. Moonstone and Pyrite Combination

Moonstone and Pyrite Combination

Pyrite has a Solar polarity. This means that it will inspire you to take action, especially to find new ways to value yourself and make money.

If you combine it with a crystal with a strong Lunar polarity, like Moonstone, you add intuition to the mix.

You’ll get gut feelings every time you’re about to close a deal.

Integrating a crystal with a Lunar polarity when you work with Pyrite will allow you to identify a potential client, boss, or associate from a mile away.

You may even dream about the path towards good investments and the intentions of people you negotiate with.

In addition, both Moonstone and Pyrite act on the physical body in complementary ways.

Pyrite can help you tackle physical symptoms that are deeply entrenched and you have stored in your body for a long time.

It can also help you get rid of symptoms that are the result of a long-standing habit or deeply entrenched pattern of behavior.

Moonstone, on the other hand, will encourage you to listen to your body’s needs. It will drive you to respect its cycles.

Though the energies of these crystals are different, when used together, they can truly help in changing your ways and incorporating routines that add to your wellbeing. 

3. Pink Tourmaline and Pyrite Combination

Pink Tourmaline and Pyrite Combination

A lot of us struggle to attract wealth and abundance of all kinds simply because we don’t feel deserving of it.

Pink Tourmaline makes you magnetic to all sorts of positive circumstances, people, and places. It subtly and gently drives you to understand your own value.

Pink Tourmaline will slowly drive you to understand that any loving relationship is about give and take.

You deserve to receive something after you give of yourself. This is a key combination for people who tend to give too much.

Excessive giving can act as an obstacle to wealth, as it communicates to the Universe that you feel you deserve to work overtime for the same pay as everybody else.

This not only applies to money.

Pyrite helps direct this very valuable lesson Pink Tourmaline brings to the table to your wallet and bank account. 

4. Pink Amethyst and Pyrite Combination

Pink Amethyst and Pyrite Combination

Amethyst and Pyrite are both transformative.

Pyrite tends to focus on the material world, your assets, your finances, and the structures in your life that are the most solid and stable.

Even those need to be revisited and changed from time to time. Amethyst changes anything in your auric field or anything spiritual that needs to be turned on its head.

However, going one step forward and making sure you pair Pyrite with an earthy type of Amethyst like Pink Amethyst is key.

In this way, the energies of the crystals will in a way “speak the same language”.

Pyrite will transform your circumstances, which can be painful for people who still need to work on their attachment issues.

Pink Amethyst will offer emotional support while dealing with other changes that need to happen on a person and soul level for you to finally reunite with the abundance you deserve. 

5. Pearl and Pyrite Combination

Pearl and Pyrite Combination

Pearl is linked to the ancestors in our bloodline that are the most linked to the Lunar Polarity.

Most (but not all) of these ancestors are women. Historically, women weren’t able to have access to money, except to manage the household.

People of any gender can have trouble handling money or having a healthy relationship with money as an unconscious loyalty to one or several of these ancestors.

This ancestor may have suffered from financial abuse or made to feel infantilized when handling money.

They may have felt they couldn’t be trusted with the family’s finances. The pain they felt was often silenced.

The family tree heals itself by repeating these unhealthy patterns in family members that are more likely to see them, address them, and eventually heal them for themselves and the generations that are to come.

If this is your case – if you find yourself suddenly feeling like a toddler when you get your paycheck, with no good reason – this combination will bring you clarity.

It will give your female ancestors who were abused financially and infantilized an opportunity to tell you so clearly.

Once you’re aware that this is happening, you can finally step away from their patterns and start to build your own.  

6. Citrine and Pyrite Combination

Citrine and Pyrite Combination

It’s always a good idea to add success and good luck to the mix when trying to pay the bills or scale your wealth.

Citrine paired with Pyrite will help you find a new job or client that pays what you’re worth swiftly. The process will be smooth to boot.

Citrine and Pyrite together will make sure you knock on the right doors, reach out to the right people and go to the correct networking events.

In short, this combination will make sure you’re in the right place, at the right time.

Citrine attracts good luck, though it doesn’t have to be necessarily tied to wealth.

Pairing it with Pyrite makes sure the luck and success are directed into making your assets grow. 

7. Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite Combination

Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite Combination

Making it rain does tend to bring in one thing with it as a consequence: the envy of others.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to protect your wealth from envy and malocchio as you build it.

Pairing Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite will not only keep you protected from negativity while you make, save and invest money.

But also make you privy to how people in the workplace perceive you and who could be starting to get envious of you.

Though this may seem counterintuitive, this is also information you need to keep your trust in others intact.

If you know exactly what to expect from a coworker and aren’t worrying that they may backstab you, your relationship becomes more harmonious and trusting.

Sure, there are things you’ll keep from them to protect yourself and your assets, but the relationship will only see benefits from this added knowledge on your part.

As money shares the same exact vibration with trust, trusting even your most conflictive coworkers goes a long way to keep an abundant mentality in the long term. 

8. Fire Opal and Pyrite Combination

Fire Opal and Pyrite Combination

This is the best combination for entrepreneurs and managers currently struggling in their leadership roles.

Fire Opal helps you see the best version of yourself as a leader and start to get aligned with it.

As Opal of any kind is still deeply tied to the energy of the element Water, this new model of leadership you’ll slowly embody is one where you are compassionate with your subordinates.

You know what’s the best they can offer to your enterprise, how to bring out their best versions, and how to cater to their needs.

Pyrite will, in turn, lead you and all of your team towards wealth.     

9. Aquamarine and Pyrite Combination

Aquamarine and Pyrite Combination

If you have no clue as to where to start when it comes to making money, Aquamarine paired with Pyrite will help you find your financial North Star.

After all, Aquamarine was used as a talisman or compass of sorts by sailors and pirates across various cultures.

This combination will lead you to find a high vibrational way of making money that also gives you joy and fulfillment.

It can also, quite literally, show you where the gold is. Keep this combination close to you while browsing the crypto or stock market.   

How to use crystal combinations for Pyrite

Best Crystal Combinations For Pyrite

Place on Printed Bank Statements

Bank statements work as a powerful symbol of what you currently earn and how you administer it.

Printing a bank statement and perhaps writing your intention on the back (preferably in green or gold ink, though black will do) is a powerful manifestation act by itself.

Once you add the Pyrite combination of your choice, you can count on good results coming your way.  

Make a crystal grid

Crystal grids are a powerful manifestation technique because they combine the power of crystals with the power of a set intention, sacred geometry, and numerology.

One of the advantages of this method of manifestation over others is that, as it includes sacred geometry.

It will only attract harmonious manifestations of what you desire.

What you manifest will swiftly come into fruition in a way that’s Divinely aligned with your soul’s purpose.

To make a crystal grid, print any geometrical shape you feel serves your purpose best. Place purified crystals replicating the shape.

Then, place your hands above it and say your intent out loud while you focus on it.

You can leave the crystal grid out for as long as you feel you need to.    

Draw your family tree with them close to you

With some combinations like Pearl and Pyrite or even Pink Tourmaline and Pyrite, which are effective for transgenerational problems related to abundance and wealth, this is the best practice.

Do a brief grounding meditation. Then, practice some breathwork while holding the crystals to connect with their energy.

Leave them close by as you grab pen and paper and draw your family tree.

You may gain some very valuable insight from doing this exercise, especially if you repeat it every day for 21 days.

Include them in an abundance altar

An abundance altar can be a great way to include Pyrite crystal combinations.

Other items you may include are a gold, purple or green mantle, coins and bills from your currency and others you may be interested in getting, and printed pictures of what you’re planning to do with the money.

You can print out something that represents any debt you have and cross it out and write “It has been paid in full” as a manifestation act.

Feng Shui also suggests adding a fountain and gold objects.

An abundance altar is also a great place to store your gratitude journal if you keep one.  

Final Thoughts

Pyrite makes all the necessary changes and shifts needed so that money can start flowing into your life.

However, money obstacles can come in many shapes and sizes.

Pairing Pyrite with other crystals will help you address several concerns, whether they have to do with trust in others, feeling unworthy, or transgenerational issues.

The activities to connect with the pairings include various manifestation techniques, drawing your family tree, and including them in your abundance altar.

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