11 Best Crystal Combinations for Tiger’s Eye

Best Crystal Combinations for Tiger’s Eye

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Amethyst, Sapphire, and Petrified Wood are among the most notable pairings for Tiger’s Eye. Amethyst helps you transform any fears your mother may have given you through her raising, as well as fears you may have inherited from her and her lineage.

When paired with Tiger’s Eye, Sapphire encourages you to be of service and use your voice as a warrior for the weakest links in your community.

All of this, of course, without losing sight of your own needs. Finally, Petrified Wood opens the door to all the lineage your birth mother brings with her.

Tiger’s Eye mostly acts on two chakras: The Solar Plexus Chakra and the Naval Chakra.

The Naval Chakra connects you to your birth mother on a soul level, since this is the energy point that is involved when the umbilical cord is cut.

Tiger’s Eye can also make a warrior out of you because it works on the Solar Plexus Chakra as well. This is the center of your personal power.

It’s also the center of assimilation of information and emotions.

This is why Tiger’s Eye stimulates you mentally so you can remember all the information your soul needs for its ultimate development and evolution.

11 Best Crystal Combinations for Tiger’s Eye

1. Orange Calcite and Tiger’s Eye

2. Brown Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye

3. Moss Agate and Tiger’s Eye

4. Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye

5. Rainbow Fluorite and Tiger’s Eye

6. Sapphire and Tiger’s Eye

7. Labradorite and Tiger’s Eye

8. Emerald and Tiger’s Eye

9. Moonstone and Blue Tiger’s Eye

10. Petrified Wood and Tiger’s Eye

11. Kunzite and Tiger’s Eye

1. Orange Calcite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Orange Calcite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Orange Calcite works on the Sacral Chakra and can dissolve mental blocks around creativity and sexuality.

The Sacral Chakra is right below your Naval Chakra, a minor chakra that Tiger’s Eye can harmonize and enhance.

When the Sacral Chakra is out of harmony, this is most likely to affect the Naval Chakra as well because of its proximity as well.

This is why it’s a smart idea to combine Tiger’s Eye with Orange Calcite.

Tiger’s Eye also helps you work on your soul bond with your birth mother.

Orange Calcite can help you harness the insight working with Tiger’s Eye gives you.

It does so by encouraging you to create art or express yourself creatively.

If you have a female reproductive system, you most likely inherited a lot of ancestral wounds from your birth mother.

You carry these in your Sacral Chakra, so, when you articulate Orange Calcite with Tiger’s Eye, you can start to clear these wounds away.

2. Brown Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Brown Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Brown Tourmaline lends its power straight from Mother Earth to heal, ground, and center.

Tiger’s Eye, on the other hand, gives you mental energy and helps you assimilate information.

This comes in handy for days when you need to study, focus, or work, and your mind is being your absolute worst enemy.

Brown Tourmaline also has a connection with the Earth Star Chakra, which stores information about your lineage.

Alongside the work Tiger’s Eye does with your soul bond with your mother, you can get a clearer view of your mother’s side of your lineage with this pairing.

3. Moss Agate and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Moss Agate and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Moss Agate is a nurturing stone that takes its power straight from Mother Earth.

It absorbs any impurities that may be present in your physical body or soul in a gentle manner.

It is right there beside you offering support while you are ill or sad.

We have already mentioned that Tiger’s Eye can help you work on your soul bond with your birth mother.

Some of you may have had a mother that was absent in one way or another, or that simply didn’t give you the love you required when you were a child.

Moss Agate will slowly remove one by one your hurt feelings so you can finally heal that soul bond.

Moss Agate works on healing the Heart Chakra and your capacity to receive.

Support for the heart is needed when trying to heal Inner Child wounds and address the ways your mother wasn’t there for you.

When combined with Tiger’s Eye, it provides support and nurturing while you become receptive of the life force your birth mother’s soul can give you.

4. Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye Combination

The Third Eye and the Solar Plexus chakra form a direct bridge. Tiger’s Eye not only acts on the Naval Chakra, but on the Solar Plexus as well.

It awakens your warrior spirit and invites you to assert yourself (and this is precisely why you need all the life strength, including that of your mother).

A warrior needs all the strength they can get.

This is why, metaphorically speaking, they need to come back to the wound sometimes and get nourished to be reborn and give a fight again.

Amethyst also enacts transmutation. If you have a hard time forgiving your birth mother for whatever reason, Amethyst will get right to work to gradually lead you to forgiveness.

If your birth mother has given you fear (for example, a fear of abandonment or rejection), or if you have inherited fears from her or her lineage, Amethyst can help.

When both Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye are placed on your Solar Plexus, Amethyst will turn this fear into a more positive energy, such as drive or vitality.

When you work with this pairing long-term, you can let go of anxious attachment style and work on Soul Wounds such as the Rejection Wound or Abandonment Wound.

Of course, the intervention of the appropriate healthcare professional is also recommended.

This isn’t a process you’re supposed to work through alone.

Working with this pairing will bring about big emotions that you shouldn’t keep to yourself.

Besides the work these two stones do on one’s soul bond with one’s birth mother, this is also a great combination for students, researchers, and other people.

Especially those who need to manage a lot of information in their daily lives.

Because Amethyst addresses the end of the channel that absorbs new information (the Third Eye Chakra), giving it a boost of energy, and Tiger’s Eye addresses the other end of the channel, the Solar Plexus, which is also the center of assimilation.

You will become a much more effective learner when armed with this combination.

Amethyst will help you intuitively focus on what’s important.

It can whisper in your ear what topic you should revise for an exam or in what academic paper lies the answer to your conundrum.

It can also lead you to get to the heart of the matter of whatever subject you’re trying to learn.

Tiger’s Eye makes sure you assimilate all the information you need, no matter its quantity.

Of course, don’t expect to memorize three textbooks in a day, crystals don’t do miracles.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is also one of the memory centers in your aura.

This crystal will ensure you remember the information that is more valuable to both your current pursuit and your soul’s development.

5. Rainbow Fluorite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Rainbow Fluorite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Rainbow Fluorite also helps exploit Tiger’s Eye’s potential as a stone for learning and memorization.

Fluorite is a very intellectual stone, no matter it’s color. However, it doesn’t encourage logic for its own sake.

It encourages you to place the intellect in the service of your spirit’s higher good and evolution.

Rainbow Fluorite contains several colors on a transparent background. In a way, it contains it all.

This crystal alone can help you place your intellect to the service of your spirit.

When paired with Tiger’s Eye, Rainbow Fluorite empowers your mind.

If you’ve been told your whole life that you aren’t “the sharpest tool in the shed” (like the song says), this pairing will remove that false assumption.

Keep this pairing close when reading sacred texts, doing research, or studying.

Rainbow Fluorite will invite you to explore all sides of an argument and not let the mind overpower you in the process.

Tiger’s Eye will activate the memory center of your aura and help your mind and spirit hold on to key information.

6. Sapphire and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Sapphire and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Sapphire articulates your upper chakras, including those like the Eighth or even the Ninth, with your Throat Chakra.

If concepts like chakras other than the seven main ones disorient you, this is because these respond to a 12 chakra model that starts on the Zero or Earth Star Chakra, goes through the seven main chakras you probably already know, and ends on the 11th Chakra, known as Divine Gateway.

Alternative chakra systems have existed for millennia, but the 12 chakra model has recently come to the forefront in new age circles as a model for ascension.

The goal is no longer just to actualize yourself, but to ascend and serve the collective.

Let’s circle back to Sapphire and Tiger’s Eye, though. Sapphire helps you articulate the Divine insight you gain from the ascension process.

It promotes altruism in general. When combined with Tiger’s Eye, you will use your voice as a warrior for the marginalized.

But you’ll do this with love and compassion.

However, this pairing won’t drive you to bleed yourself dry for others.

Sapphire also contains a strong Yang component. It will lead you to understand that you must first serve yourself.

Fill your own cup first. And don’t compromise authenticity at no cost.

When you add Tiger’s Eye to the mix, you’ll know when to stand up and give your best fight, and when to retreat into the metaphorical womb to reconnect with what nourishes you and revitalizes you. 

7. Labradorite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Labradorite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Labradorite also works on the Third Eye Chakra and adds a strong protective element against low-vibrational parasitic beings present in subtler planes.

Doing the soul work that Tiger’s Eye requires you to do can put you in a vulnerable position.

Some larvae and souls of people who have passed on that can’t make it to the other side will also want to experience the healing of Tiger’s Eye themselves.

The problem is that they don’t have a physical body like you do, so they will want to enter your aura like parasites.

This is where Labradorite comes in.

It will keep you protected from these low vibrational energies while you need what you need to do with Tiger’s Eye.

It also activated the Third Eye and brings it back into harmony, with all the benefits that come with this.

It adds a very intuitive spin to this activation of the Third Eye.

8. Emerald and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Emerald and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Emerald is a gentle, nurturing stone that guides you towards mothering yourself.

It draws its power from Mother Earth and can nurse you back to health and happiness.

It is an obvious pairing for Tiger’s Eye because it offers a more loving, supporting element to the healing, fighting spirit of Tiger’s Eye.

This combination can really help those who have Peter Pan syndrome.

As Emerald encourages you (very lovingly) to become your own mother for a spell and stand up on your own two feet as an adult.

Tiger’s Eye, in the meantime, pushes you to break with everything your mother gave you that’s holding you back.

Ultimately, this pairing will guide you to become the most empowered version of yourself.

9. Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye Combination

When the Yin and Yang principle get together, magic happens. Despite its connection to the mother, Tiger’s Eye is Solar and Yang in energy.

Adding a gentle stone that embodies the Yin principle, such as Moonstone, helps you become more receptive.

Moonstone will drive you to understand the cyclical nature of the healing Tiger’s Eye facilitates.

It will make you more receptive to its wisdom.

10. Petrified Wood and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Petrified Wood and Tiger’s Eye Combination

You know what’s better than just working on your birth mother’s soul bond?

Working on the whole lineage of ancestors, both by blood and affinity, she brings with her.

As Petrified Wood is connected to the Zero or Earth Star Chakra, which, among other things, contains information about all the human beings that ever lived.

Including those that, a long time ago, decided (or were forced) to reproduce and ended up being partly responsible for your life.

It is recommended you work with some other pairing of Tiger’s Eye before integrating this one.

This is so because it’s important to have the channel with your birth mother wide open and without any sort of obstacle before you invite the rest of her lineage to give you strength.

11. Kunzite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Kunzite and Tiger’s Eye Combination

Kunzite contains lithium, which makes it a highly relaxing stone. However, it also promotes high levels of vulnerability.

It invites you to bare your soul completely before your spirit guides and your own self in order to understand Divine love as the creative force it is.

This process is also needed when working with Tiger’s Eye.

It is particularly apt as a pairing for Tiger’s Eye because of the Lithium in its composition. Which brings an essential soothing element.

How to use crystal combinations for Tiger’s Eye

Best Crystal Combinations for Tiger’s Eye

Take the pairing with you to therapy

If you’re currently discussing the impact of your birth mother in your life with a mental health professional, it’s an excellent idea to carry your chosen pair with you.

The crystals will guide you to discuss certain anecdotes and feelings you may otherwise have overlooked.

Taking the pairings to therapy in general, even if you are not discussing that topic, is still a good idea.

Because Tiger’s Eye will help you assimilate the information your therapist gives you or the conclusions you come to on your own as a result of talk therapy.

Kunzite offers an additional soothing component, and Emerald encourages you gently to act like the adult you are and abandon any victim mentality you may be holding on to.

Include the pairing in an altar to your ancestors

Making an altar to your ancestors is a great idea in general.

You are honoring the fact that they gave you life and that they assist you every day (because they do).

Placing your chosen Tiger’s Eye pairing as an offer to your ancestors will allow them to use the energy of the pairing for your benefit whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

Tiger’s Eye can be used for the purposes of learning by pairing it with Third Eye stones such as Labradorite, Amethyst, and Rainbow Fluorite.

Neighboring chakras can receive a helping hand by pairing it with stones like Orange Calcite.

Finally, the labor Tiger’s Eye can be complemented in various ways by stones like Emerald, Kunzite, and Petrified Wood.

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