13 Best Crystal Combinations for Turquoise

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Best Crystal Combinations for Turquoise

African Jade, Pink Sapphire, and Yellow Beryl are among the best crystal combinations for Turquoise. African Jade adds an element of abundance mentality rooted in trust in those who make your abundance possible and completes the labor of Turquoise of reconnecting you with work that truly fulfills you and is an expression of who you are.

Pink Sapphire adds an element of compassion, altruism, and service. This pairing can be of great help to people who work serving others.

Finally, Yellow Beryl can help you parent yourself so you become fearless and a high-vibrational embodiment of the Archetype of the Soldier.

This is sometimes needed in the workplace for specific issues.   

Turquoise guards the wearer against envy and accidents caused by ill-will.

It can also help to resolve all sorts of workplace and vocational issues.

It can also help you fix your reputation, for it provides some objectivity in the way you think of this issue.

When applied on the Throat Chakra, it can lead you to become the most authentic expression of yourself.

This crystal can make both your inner and outer worlds match each other to perfection.

This is so because it promotes coherence with your own self above all else.

13 Best Crystal Combinations for Turquoise

1. Chrysocolla and Turquoise

2. Pink Tourmaline and Turquoise

3. Dragon’s Blood Jasper and Turquoise

4. Malachite and Turquoise

5. Pyrite and Turquoise

6. African Jade and Turquoise

7. Pink Amethyst and Turquoise

8. Blue Aventurine and Turquoise

9. Yellow Beryl and Turquoise

10. Coral and Turquoise

11. Pearl and Turquoise

1. Chrysocolla and Turquoise Combination

Chrysocolla and Amazonite Combination

Chrysocolla and Turquoise have similar energy. They are both Yin and Lunar.

Turquoise can work on multiple chakras, but, when applied to the Throat Chakra, it helps you speak your truth even if others may not like you.

It keeps your reputation and career protected from envy.

The Throat Chakra forms a direct bridge with the Sacral Chakra, one of the areas of influence of Chrysocolla.

Here, Chrysocolla acts so you can reconnect with joy and pleasure of all kinds, including sexual pleasure.

These two crystals in combination have the effect of making you fearless. This pairing guarantees authenticity.

While Chrysocolla shows you what gives you joy, ease, and pleasure, Turquoise invites you to go after it and stop caring about what those around you may think.

2. Pink Tourmaline and Turquoise Combination

Pink Tourmaline and Turquoise Combination

While Turquoise invites you to live your truth and find a career that truly fulfills you, Pink Tourmaline makes you feel deserving of all of that in the first place.

Receiving is the logical consequence of giving.

If you’re the kind of person who gives too much, sometimes to the point of overwhelming others, Pink Tourmaline invites you to stop and only give when it’s mutual.

Turquoise can make you magnetic, both to potential suitors and to job opportunities.

And Pink Tourmaline works on your sense of actually deserving these things in the first place so fear of failure (or fear of success) doesn’t lead you to turn them down last minute.

3. Dragon’s Blood Jasper and Turquoise Combination

Dragon's Blood Jasper

Dragon’s Blood Jasper adds to the protection Turquoise offers.

Turquoise protects you from envy and energetic attacks like malocchio.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper offers a more global type of protection by taking an offensive approach to energetic defense.

This variety of Jasper also gives you the energy and vitality to fight for what you deserve.

Whereas Turquoise acts on your upper chakras, Dragon’s Blood Jasper addresses the Heart Chakra with some healing energy to stabilize your emotions.

It also addresses your Root Chakra, adding a much needed element of grounding.

Said grounding element helps you translate the Divine wisdom Turquoise has to offer in the tangible plane.

If Turquoise tells you, for example, that the career that’ll make you the most fulfilled is dancing, working with Dragon’s Blood Jasper will give you a step-by-step plan to achieve it.

4. Malachite and Turquoise Combination

Malachite and Turquoise Combination

Both of these crystals have ties to royalty and nobility and are said to protect the wearer from the envy of others.

When placed on the Heart Chakra, Malachite eases your pain.

When placed on the Solar Plexus Chakra, it bridges this center of personal power with the heart.

The result is a more complete picture of how your emotions affect your physical body and stop repressing emotions, especially fear.

Malachite can also help you accept that part of your soul’s mission on this Earth is to face challenges and difficulties.

When you pair Malachite with Turquoise, the result is out of this world.

Malachite gives an element of grounding and radical acceptance to the personal truth Turquoise wishes you to pursue.

Malachite can also add to the information of Turquoise regarding your career and lead you towards a path where you earn what you’re worth – which may be far more than you imagine. 

5. Pyrite and Turquoise Combination

Pyrite and Turquoise Combination

If you’re drawn to Turquoise because you’re looking for career redirection, pairing it with Pyrite may be a smart idea.

Pyrite enacts a radical change in your finances, leading you to a dramatic career change if needed.

Turquoise adds Divine guidance to this dramatic change.

When paired with a more earthy stone like Pyrite, it can quickly and powerfully translate the guidance you receive from Turquoise into the material world.

This pairing can be a powerful manifestation tool in the realm of wealth and career.  

6. African Jade and Turquoise Combination

African Jade and Turquoise Combination

As a stone of wealth, African Jade is the variety of Jade that is the most potent and effective.

The fact that it appeared in South Africa, a nation where a culture of collaboration has received even violent attempts to overturn it, only to meet failure, speaks volumes about what African Jade does.

Money and trust vibrate at exactly the same frequency.

African Jade attracts wealth by driving you to trust your team, your clients, and yourself as a provider.

It even leads you to build systems around yourself, such as legal resources and the services of an accountant you trust, so you can even trust strangers without gambling your life away. 

Combine it with Turquoise and you’ve got gold, sometimes quite literally.

Turquoise can be used to aid in specific workplace issues, and a lot of those (if not all) boils down to trust.

This pairing will guide you toward a workplace that you can trust.

It will place you in the hands of a leader who will encourage you to become the best version of yourself and a team that will uplift you. 

7. Pink Amethyst and Turquoise Combination

Pink Amethyst and Turquoise Combination

Pink Amethyst, like purple Amethyst, enacts a transformation, and it does it quickly.

It can transmute low vibrational energy into high vibrational energy.

However, as there are hematite traces in this variety of Amethyst, it also helps you ground yourself and stay present in the tangible plane.

Because of its pink color, it also works on the Heart Chakra, soothing your emotions and encouraging you to be more loving and giving.

When paired with Turquoise, it helps you transform your current employment circumstances.

It will drive you to see yourself as fully capable of providing for yourself and your family.

It will also work on your self-esteem as a professional. This pairing will also inspire you to follow your heart regarding your career.

8. Blue Aventurine and Turquoise Combination

Blue Aventurine and Turquoise Combination

Turquoise and Blue Aventurine both work on the Throat Chakra in complementary ways.

Blue Aventurine gives your voice power and strength. Turquoise focuses on the authenticity side that has to do with the Throat Chakra.

Besides being inspired to be your truest self despite what people may think, you will also have the strength to speak your truth.

9. Clear Quartz and Turquoise Combination

Clear Quartz and Turquoise Combination

Clear Quartz can amplify and direct the energy of Turquoise wherever it’s needed.

If you need the protective or healing effects of Turquoise to work faster, pair it with Clear Quartz.

This variety of Quartz will also attract high-vibrational energies and Divine Guidance to complement the work of Turquoise.

If you choose a Clear Quartz tower, you can combine it with Turquoise to manifest your dream job.

This is so because Clear Quartz can hold onto any energy and remember it, and then elevate it to the Heavens.

10. Pink Sapphire and Turquoise Combination

Pink Sapphire and Turquoise Combination

Pink Sapphire is the finest expression of the pink ray. This ray invites people to be loving and compassionate.

It’s especially recommended for people who tend to repress their emotions.

This is so because Pink Sapphire forms a bridge between your emotions and your physical body.

If you are the kind of person who represses their emotions until they manifest as illness, you probably need this crystal in your life.

It can also act as a buffer between two people so they don’t butt heads too much.

When combined with Turquoise, the properties of Sapphire in general – those that have to do with altruism and serving your community – are heightened.

In addition, the benefits of Turquoise that have to do with promoting authenticity can guide you to kindly guide others to be the most authentic self.

This combination can be of special utility for people who work serving others.

It can help nurses and teachers be loving and resolve any workplace issues that may come up. 

Guidance counselors in particular can benefit from it so they can give accurate advice.  

11. Yellow Beryl and Turquoise Combination

Yellow Beryl and Turquoise Combination

Yellow Beryl can lead you to be fearless by becoming your own mother or father.

No matter how much we love our parents, or how much they love us, it is part of everyone’s life that at some point we must parent ourselves.

Yellow Beryl encourages you to parent yourself in a way that encourages you to assert yourself and be fearless.

This is sometimes very much needed if you are, for example, dealing with a bully in the workplace or need to negotiate a pay raise.

To face all of these circumstances, you need to be certain of your own value. This pairing can give you this certainty over time. 

12. Coral and Turquoise Combination

Coral and Turquoise Combination

Having trouble finding a career that fulfills us, in some specific cases, has to do with unresolved Inner Child wounds.

You may place yourself in the shoes of the wounded child you once were when things are unfair in the workplace.

You may believe you are a victim with no responsibility for whatever’s happening to you.

This places you away from a position where you can have agency and be an architect of your own destiny.

This pairing is especially relevant if you know or sense you may carry the wound of Injustice with you.

Here’s where Coral comes in to complete the energetic labor of Turquoise.

Coral will help you reconnect with both your inner child and the element of Water.

The element of Water has to do with emotions, cycles, and intuition.

Once Turquoise reveals the most authentic way in which you can be yourself, Coral will reveal the wounded version of you as a child or teenager who is acting as an obstacle.

However, this version of you may only need some love and words of affirmation.

With this pairing, you’ll recuperate agency over both your career and your life.

13. Pearl and Turquoise Combination

Pearl and Turquoise Combination

Pearl connects you to the experiences, memories, wounds, and wisdom from your Lunar ancestors.

Most (but not all) were women. Because of sociological and historical reasons, the women in your lineage had their wings cut professionally.

Now, you may be subconsciously repeating their patterns out of unconscious loyalty.

By pairing Pearl with Turquoise, you will be able to affirm that you are your own unique self.

You won’t be held back by the experiences of the women in your lineage.

And instead, you’ll honor them by being true to yourself and doing what they couldn’t do during their lifetimes.

How to use crystal combinations for Turquoise

Best Crystal Combinations for Turquoise

Place the pairing in strategic places in your household or office

The Ancient Chinese of Feng Shui posits that different corners in our homes represent different areas of life.

In the case of Turquoise pairings, special attention should be paid to the far left corner of a room, representing wealth.

This is a great corner to place African Jade or Pyrite alongside Turquoise.

The South in Feng Shui represents fame and recognition, so placing a protective pairing such as Turquoise and Malachite here can ensure your reputation stays immaculate.

Have earrings made out of the pairing

The Throat Chakra also rules over the ears. Active listening is an important facet of career success.

You can have earrings made out of the gentler pairings on this list, always with silver.

This is so because the earlobes are an extremely sensitive energy point.

Silver is the most gentle metal and will administer the energy of the crystals slowly.

Some safe pairings for this use include the Pink Sapphire pairing and Turquoise and Pink Tourmaline.  

Final Thoughts

There may be many reasons why you are having trouble finding your way professionally.

Pairing Turquoise with crystals to address these specific issues ensures you finally find your way professionally.

For example, if trust issues are in the way, pairing Turquoise with African Jade can solve this for you.

If it’s ancestral wounds, Pearl and Turquoise will address this problem. And so on.

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