8 Best Crystals for Allergies (Helpful Tips)

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Crystals for Allergies

Lepidolite, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, and Apophyllite are among the best crystals for allergies. These crystals have unique healing properties that help alleviate allergy symptoms and boost the overall immune system.

If you suffer from allergies, such as food allergies, environmental allergies, or seasonal allergies, you already know how miserable they can make you feel.

Some seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, and the mere thought of the coming Spring or Summer can make you anxious.

Making you unable to enjoy the improvement in the weather that your friends and family take for granted.

On that note, friends and family can often be insensitive to the sufferer who is “spoiling their day out,” as if it were something you chose to do, out of spite!

This can lead to emotional and mental health problems.

If others treat you with hostility over something that is completely beyond your control, it is understandable that you may end up suffering from low self-esteem, depression, or mood swings.

The following crystals can help to control allergies of all kinds:

1.    Lepidolite

Lepidolite Crystal

Lepidolite has healing properties for both the mind and body.

It is excellent for guarding against electromagnetic stress, caused by harmful emanations from electronic devices.

A relatively recent phenomenon is the apparent sensitivity some people have to their work environment, often called “sick building syndrome”.

Lepidolite mops up the negative energies from devices and artificial light and clears pollutants and irritants from the atmosphere.

When Lepidolite is placed on the body over a site of dis-ease it vibrates gently.

Lepidolite enhances the generation of negative ions and helps to strengthen the immune system and to relieve allergies of all kinds.

Place Lepidolite under your pillow for relief from disturbed sleep patterns.

2.    Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite cleanses, purifies, and re-organizes anything within the body that is out of alignment.

It clears pollutants from the atmosphere and blocks geopathic stress.

Fluorite is a powerful healing tool for dealing with infections and disorders.

It relieves allergies caused by dust mites and cat dander by soothing the mucus membranes and lining of the lungs.

Wear Fluorite near to your chest if you suffer from these allergies so that you can access its abilities to regenerate the mucus membranes.

3.    Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Meaning

Black Tourmaline has grounding and healing properties that are aligned with the spine and Base chakra.

It can be used to protect against harmful emanations from computers and cell phones and to cleanse the environment of stagnant energy.

It ameliorates the effects of “sick building syndrome” and has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that help to keep harmful microbes away.

It strengthens the immune system and harmonizes the energies of the subtle body so that your aura remains clear and strong.

It is said to guard against the allergenic effects of pollen and other seasonal irritants.

Place Black Tourmaline near the front door of your house to keep the air clear and clean.

Wear it around your neck for protection during allergy season.

4.    Carnelian

Carnelian Meaning

Carnelian is associated with the lower chakras of the Sacral and Base.

As a healing aid in dealing with allergies, Carnelian can be used to soothe the lungs and the linings of the nose and Throat.

It is a stone for self-confidence and love and will help you to maintain an optimistic outlook and to bring positivity, hope, and healing to any situation.

This is helpful for anyone who feels as if their allergies are being dismissed by loved ones or those who lack the confidence to speak out about their feelings.

5.    Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine has a strong affinity with the Devic kingdom and can be used in grid gardens to protect against airborne diseases in plants.

People also suffer from the effects of these airborne particles.

If this is you, try placing pieces of this crystal around your house and garden to keep the atmosphere clear and clean.

6.    Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is an energy amplifier and purifier stone.

It has the ability to clear stagnant and negative energies from your aura and transmute their effects into positive, loving energies.

Clear Quartz protects against many forms of diseases, including allergies and adverse reactions to substances that cause skin irritation.

It can be used as an elixir to soothe eczema and dermatitis.

You can also use Clear Quartz wands to pinpoint areas of discomfort caused by allergies and to draw off the negative energies that are causing the problem.

7.    Amazonite

Amazonite Crystal

Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone.

It calms the brain and the nervous system and aids in the absorption of calcium and other minerals through the bloodstream and cells.

Amazonite balances the levels of masculine and feminine energy and brings the subtle body into alignment with the physical.

If your allergies are caused by emotional trauma or stress Amazonite will get to the root causes of your condition.

It will bring in cleansing and purifying energies to ease the blocked energy that is causing any imbalance.

Amazonite protects from electromagnetic smog and can be taped to cell phones to mitigate the effects of their harmful examinations.

You can also wear Amazonite jewelry to bring your Heart into alignment with your logical and intellectual capacities.

This can be helpful in cases where allergies are impacting the overall quality of your life.

8.    Apophyllite

Apophyllite Crystal

This crystal has many uses and is a fine healer of both the mind and body.

It is especially useful for allergic reactions that affect the respiratory system as it clams and soothes the lining of the Throat and has a decongestant effect on the lungs.

Apophyllite is a delicate stone that is not suitable for making jewelry.

However, you can keep a piece of this crystal on your desk or by your bedside.

This will help strengthen your immune system, calm your mind and bring you hope and courage to face your challenges.

Summary: Crystals for Allergies

Crystals for Allergies

Severe allergies to foodstuffs or medication are best treated by a medical professional,.

And in some ways are easier to live with than the most common allergies some of us experience when we breathe in invisible particles of dust, pollen, or pet dander.

Often, we are unaware that the trigger is nearby until it is too late.

Use the power of crystals to strengthen your resolve, soothe your physical body and bring peace to your mind.

This can be of enormous help if allergies are making your life difficult.

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