7 Best Crystals for Buying a House (Helpful Tips)

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Crystals for Buying a House

Bloodstone, Green Jade, Dumortierite, Blue Lace Agate, Pyrite, Kyanite, and Tiger’s Eye are among the best crystals for buying a house. These crystals possess unique properties that help provide stability and support, including guidance in finding the right home and negotiating the best deal.

Moving house, and buying a new one, is said to be one of the most stressful activities the modern human being will engage in, coming second only to the death of a loved one and divorce.

Whilst it can be an exciting time, it can also cause anxiety and worry, especially when you are uncertain of the outcome and are waiting for the formalities to be completed.

You will want to keep your enthusiasm and motivation high during this time.

And you may also want to ensure that you are thinking clearly and making the best decisions for your own good and that of those around you.

These Crystals can help you to sail through this time with optimism and positivity.

1.    Bloodstone

Bloodstone Crystal

Bloodstone is a powerful healer, especially of the circulatory system and blood vessels.

It is also strengthening and supportive on a mental and emotional level.

Bloodstone calms the mind and dispels confusion.

Buying a house can quickly become overwhelming as you try to deal with multiple demands on your time and energy simultaneously.

Using a piece of Bloodstone as a palm stone or worry beads can help you to stay grounded and to take the necessary time to reach the right decision.

It encourages you to listen to your inner guidance and not be swayed by others’ opinions or sales techniques.

2.    Green Jade

Green Jade Crystal

Green Jade is traditionally viewed as a stone of good fortune, abundance, and luck in all aspects of your life.

Green Jade is also protective, keeping the wearer from harm and bringing harmony into relationships and transactions so that all parties are satisfied.

When buying a house, it is always best to establish rapport between the individuals concerned, and Green Jade is excellent for calming the atmosphere and cooling heated or agitated emotions.

Wear a necklace or bracelet of Green Jade beads as you go about viewing houses and considering your options.

Green Jade releases negative thoughts and allows the mind to contemplate situations rationally and serenely. 

3.    Dumortierite

Dumortierite Crystal Meaning

Dumortierite instills unshakeable self-confidence.

It promotes standing up confidently for yourself and maintaining your position unshakably, which can be a valuable asset if you are drawn into negotiations of any kind.

Dumortierite promotes patience, courage, and objectivity.

It helps you to avoid over-excitability and to maintain your good sense, despite temptation.

When contemplating buying a house, it is all too easy to be seduced by cosmetic details that may cause the property to look and feel much better than it actually is.

Keep a level head by holding or carrying a piece of Dumortierite as you go about your business.

If you are also selling a property, Dumortierite can be used to grid the house and garden to balance and harmonize the energies surrounding your space.

4.    Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

This delicate blue stone resonates with the Throat chakra and is especially supportive of people who are timid or shy by nature.

Buying a house will bring you into contact with many strangers and if you find communicating with people you are not familiar with difficult or stressful you will need some support.

Wear a necklace of Blue Lace Agate when talking and negotiating with others to keep your Throat chakra open.

This will encourage you to stand up for yourself and your point of view in a non-threatening way.

Blue Lace Agate promotes communicating in a clear and logical way.

It also helps those who are prone to losing their temper to stay calm and focused even under provocation. 

5.    Pyrite

Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite has a strong, powerful vibration that gets things done. If a crystal could be a life coach, Pyrite would be it!

Also known as “Fool’s Gold” it has a silvery, reflective sheen and feels surprisingly heavy when you hold it in your hand.

Pyrite keeps you grounded and promotes decisiveness.

It anchors your energies into the Earth and allows you to look at the situation dispassionately and to see all sides of any argument.

When Pyrite is combined with Quartz the energetic combination clears out even the most intransigent blockages.

It increases vitality and overcomes fatigue.

Keep a piece of Pyrite to hand when you feel your resolve weakening, or when it seems as if your plans are going awry.

It promotes strength, perseverance, and determination to help you through.

6.    Kyanite

Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite dispels frustration, anger, and stress.

It also increases your capacity for linear, objective thought and promotes logical thinking.

When you are in danger of being carried away by unrealistic expectations Kyanite brings you back to Earth with a jolt that allows you to cut through illusion and deception and to see the situation as it truly is.

Use a Kyanite “blade” to open your Third eye and Crown chakras to assist in detaching from the idea of fate and karma and to dispel fatalistic, pessimistic predictions.

It is easy to assume the worst where purchases of this magnitude are concerned and Kyanite will assist you in maintaining a positive, but realistic outlook.

7.    Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal

Mentally, tiger’s Eye is excellent for helping you to get your thoughts in order.

The experience of buying a house entails dealing with a lot of disparate information and this can soon become overwhelming.

Wear a bracelet of Tiger’s Eye beads on your right wrist to help you gather your thoughts into a coherent whole.

Tiger’s Eye harmonizes male and female energies within the body and balances the hemispheres of the brain to enable logical thought to integrate with creative, imaginative, and intuitive ideas.

Tiger’s Eye is said to be excellent for daydreamers and those who are uncommitted.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Buying a House

Crystals for Buying a House

Try to enjoy the process of buying a new house!

After all, it most likely signals a new ear in your life and will certainly bring new opportunities your way.

However, if the process of buying a house starts to wear you down or causes you undue stress, be sure to take the time to meditate and indulge in some self-care and personal healing with the crystals mentioned above.

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