7 Best Crystals for Connecting with Angels (Important Facts)

Crystals for connecting with Angels

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Crystals provide an excellent way to connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides, and messengers from other realms.

Many crystals have a high vibration that is spiritual in nature, and these can help you to connect, through meditation and other means, with the Angelic Realm and the Divine.

If you are in need of support in any area of your life, you can call upon the angels to assist you.

Angels cannot interfere with free will, so it is important that you call upon them for help when you need it.

Otherwise, your angelic helpers can only watch your struggles from the sidelines.

Many people like to wear an angle pin in their lapel, to remind them to call on their angels, and to signal their willingness to receive guidance from the angelic realm.

The following are the best crystals for connecting with Angels.

1.    Angelite

Angelite Metaphysical and Emotional Properties

Angelite has a soft, silky vibration that is highly spiritual in nature. Its beautiful blue or grey tones are immensely calming to contemplate.

And this makes it a perfect stone for meditating with when you want to raise your consciousness to a higher level.

Angelite’s naturally gentle energy brings a feeling of deep peace and tranquility.

When you enter meditation in this state you are more receptive to the messages your angels want to share with you.

Use Angelite as an aid to relaxation and meditation.

Its vibrations will help open your Crown and Third eye chakras and clear the way for signs and symbols to enter your unconscious mind so that you can understand them later.

2.    Amethyst

Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for connecting with Archangel Uriel. Uriel is sometimes called the “psychology angel”.

And when you connect with him you are often given insights and wisdom as to the steps you need to take next on your soul’s journey.

Amethyst absorbs the negative energies of doubt and uncertainty that may be causing you to hesitate in your attempts to contact the angelic realm.

It clears these energies from your aura and transmutes them into positive, loving thoughts that enable you to trust in your own intuition and ability to interact with your angelic guides.

Place an amethyst cluster nearby, or a single piece of Amethyst on your brow, when you want to contact the angels.

Call in Archangel Uriel, and your own guardian angel and ask that they send you clear messages during your meditation.

3.    Aquamarine  

Aquamarine crystal raw stone

Aquamarine has a fluid, flexible vibration and promotes a feeling of serenity and tranquility during turbulent times.

Sailors used this stone as a talisman of protection against the unpredictable ebb and flow of the ocean, and to keep them safe in stormy weather.

You can use Aquamarine in the same way but in a metaphorical sense.

Hold a piece of this stone in your hand when you feel the need for support and protection.

Call in Archangels Chamuel and Jophiel to help you to navigate your way through turbulent times.

If you want to improve your organizational skills and bring more discipline into your life, ask Archangel Gabriel to help you with this.

Close your eyes and tune into the vibrations of your Aquamarine stone, taking note of any messages or signs that come to you.

4.    Celestite

Best Crystal Combinations For Celestite

The pure, soft blue tones of Celestite are reminiscent of the color of the sky in summer.

This is a stone with a high spiritual vibration that encourages you to connect with your spirit guides and angels.

And to bring forth your own innate wisdom through trusting your intuition and allowing the angels to guide your actions.

Celestite is strongly connected to the Divine consciousness that is all around us.

It is one of the best crystals for connecting with the Source and the wisdom of the consciousness of the cosmos.

Celestite can be used in rituals and meditations along with a simple white candle, salt, and water.

Place these four elements around you when you meditate and ask that each one brings you the answers and understanding that you need.

Place the Celestite on your Third Eye and visualize its energies entering your mind.

As your mind becomes calm and receptive, send a request to Archangel Haniel to bring you her grace and comfort.

5.    Pink Kunzite

Best Crystal Combinations for Kunzite

The energies of Pink Kunzite are in tune with the loving vibrations of Archangel Chamuel.

When you need love, ask this angel to stay with you and open your heart to giving and receiving love.

Pink Kunzite jewelry can be worn at any time and its gentle, soft energy works to keep your Heart chakra open and energized.

It encourages you to give love to yourself as well as to others and to the planet.

6.    Larimar

Larimar Meaning

Larimar has a strong affinity to goddess energy and is especially useful for women who wish to reconnect with their femininity and restore their connection to nature.

Although angels are popularly seen as genderless, their vibrations and energies are often recognizable as either male or female in nature.

Yang’s energy is dynamic and masculine. Yin energy is feminine, receptive, and more passive in nature.

Archangels Haniel and Jophiel are especially partial to the vibrations of Larimar.

Jophiel is an angel of beauty and can help you to find beauty in everything.

Haniel has a strong connection to the moon and is an angel of grace and quiet contemplation.

Use Larimar as a conduit to connect with these feminine energies by placing it under your pillow to bring lucid dreams and promote restful sleep.

7.    Sunstone

Sunstone Meaning

Sunstone has a masculine, dynamic vibration that is ideally suited to connecting with Archangels Uriel, Azrael, and Metatron.

When you feel the need to change or transform areas of your life, use Sunstone to cleanse and energize all of your chakras and give your entire energy field a boost of vitality.

Take some time to imagine the changes you would like to make to your current situation.

Write down your intentions and the resources and support you need in order to make these changes.

Hold a piece of Sunstone in your right hand against the center of your chest.

Reach out with your left hand, palm facing upwards, and invite your guardian angel to bring in positive energies and vibrations that will help you to achieve your desires.

Summary: Crystals for Connecting with Angels

Crystals for connecting with Angels

Here is a summary of the best crystals for connecting with Angels.

  • Angelite
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Celestite
  • Pink Kunzite
  • Larimar
  • Sunstone

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