7 Best Crystals for Determination (Helpful Tips)

Crystals for Determination

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Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Labradorite, Onyx, Dendritic Agate, Garnet, and Honey Calcite are among the best crystals for determination. These crystals possess unique energies that help to stay focused and determined on your goals.

Sometimes we need to “get a grip” and really put all of our efforts and will into completing a project or achieving an aim or objective.

This is not always easy, in fact, at times it can seem to be almost impossible, especially when you encounter obstacles or setbacks on your journey.

When you need a boost and some support for motivation, determination, and perseverance there are crystals you can employ to help you.

Certain crystals carry a strong vibration ideally suited to the accomplishment of difficult or challenging tasks.

Others bring you confidence and the strength and courage you need to come through challenging situations.

1.    Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal

Carrying a combination of the powerful energy of the earth and the vitality of the energy of the Sun, Tiger’s Eye brings both stability and intuition.

It stimulates creativity and promotes self-control, willpower, and determination.

The vibrant energies of Tiger’s Eye dispel lethargy and apathy, replacing them with positive vibrations of optimism and hope.

Tiger’s Eye restores motivation and brings the strength and courage needed to see projects through to the end.

Wear Tiger’s eye on the right wrist to amplify your Yang energies and bring you the determination you need to succeed.

2.    Pyrite

Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite is one of the most motivational crystals you could hope for.

When your physical strength is waning, and you are beginning to feel the effects of over-exertion take a few minutes to rest quietly with Pyrite.

Hold it in your hand and allow the warming, dynamic energies of this stone to stimulate your immune and endocrine systems to help you combat fatigue and exhaustion.

3.    Labradorite

Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite is a bringer of light.

It shines with flashes of blue and gold iridescence when it catches the light and has a magical, mystical aura that cannot fail to inspire you to greater efforts.

Sometimes we have moments of doubt or uncertainty that are difficult to overcome.

At times like this you may feel your determination fading in the light of uncertainty.

You ask yourself “Am I doing the right thing here?” Labradorite can help you to find the answer to this question if you sit with it in quiet meditation.

It promotes greater self-knowledge and self-awareness and, if you allow it to bring up honest answers from your subconscious mind, will help you to get back on track with your current situation.

Labradorite will let you know whether it is the determination to carry on that you need, or a willingness to let go at this time.

4.    Onyx

Black Onyx Crystal

Onyx is a stone of truth. It can be used alongside Labradorite to help you explore your own motivations and agenda.

Your lack of determination may stem from confusion surrounding your best course of action at any given time.

Onyx imparts strength and support during times of extreme stress and allows your mind to come to a quiet place from whence you can decide the best way to proceed.

When you are confident that all you need is determination, and the energy to succeed, call on Onyx to bring you personal strength and help you to be the master of your own destiny.

This stone promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina. It clears mental confusion and integrates dualities within the self.

Wear an Onyx pendant when you need to keep your own counsel in order to achieve your desired outcome. 

5.    Dendritic Agate

Dendritic Agate

This form of Agate holds within its structure the most beautiful patterns of trees, twigs, branches, and leaves, caused by inclusions during its creation.

It has a strong affinity with the natural world and the energies of the Earth.

It is known as a stone of plenitude and brings fullness and abundance to all areas of life.

Dendritic Agate helps you to stay centered and grounded through times of confusion or uncertainty.

It promotes determination, perseverance, and the ability to see difficulties as challenges that you are able to overcome and learn from.

Use Dendritic Agate to balance the Base and Sacral chakras.

It will connect you to the strength of the Earth and also to the wisdom of Mother Gaia so that you feel confident in moving forward on your current path. 

6.    Garnet

Garnet Crystal Meaning

Garnet regenerates the body and stimulates metabolism.

It inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive, and alleviates emotional disharmony.

It is a crystal of the will and encourages perseverance, determination, and the wise use of resources.

Garnet will help you to succeed in any project that you show commitment to.

It fortifies, activates, and stimulates your survival instincts, brings strength and stamina, and bestows self-confidence.

Grossularite is a useful stone to have with you during times of challenge or uncertainty.

Hessonite imparts self-respect and eliminates guilt and feelings of inferiority.

All varieties of Garnet can be worn as jewelry or carried with you when your determination needs a boost.

7.    Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite Crystal

Honey Calcite is aligned with your Solar Plexus chakra, which is the center of your personal empowerment.

When you step fully into your personal power you realize that you are strong enough, and determined enough, to persevere through anything.

Honey Calcite helps you to face life’s challenges from a position of confidence and certainty.

It eliminates doubts and fear and keeps your vibration high when you need to exert your will over situations or people in order to achieve an outcome for the highest good.

Wear Honey Calcite as a pendant to activate, energize and balance your Solar plexus chakra so that you have unimpeded access to your own power.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Determination

Crystals for Determination

Determination and willpower are often needed if we are to change and transform our lives.

Sometimes we need the determination to help us change the lives of others or to help those who are vulnerable and depend on us.

Remember that you also need to look after yourself if you are giving a lot of your energy to others.

And use appropriate crystals to help you with self-love and self-care as well as determination and courage.

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