7 Best Crystals for Discipline (Helpful Tips)

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Crystals for Discipline

Fluorite, Garnet, Prehnite, Pietersite, Larimar, Imperial Topaz, and Onyx are among the best crystals for discipline. These crystals possess grounding and stabilizing properties that help increase concentration and motivation, making them ideal for improving discipline and focus.

When the word “discipline” is mentioned what is the first thing that springs to mind?

For many of us it is self-discipline that seems to be the most important, or, if you have unruly children, perhaps you think first of how best to discipline your children so that they grow up to be decent human beings!

Discipline is an essential part of a healthy, happy life and it is through exercising discipline over ourselves and our behavior that we attain freedom.

Many of us struggle with the concept of discipline.

Humans seem to have an in-built opposition to being told to do something, even if we are telling ourselves that we simply must get control of our eating habits, or our exercise regime.

There are many crystals that can help with discipline in a variety of contexts.

1.    Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite is one of the best crystals for getting organized.

Fluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura, drawing off negativity and restoring the body to perfect order.

Very often, a lack of self-discipline has its roots in muddled or disorganized thinking.

We find ourselves in denial about harmful behaviors or justifying poor lifestyle choices when we do not give ourselves the time and space needed to clear our minds and bring our common sense into play.

Fluorite promotes a calm, rational, and cool-headed way of thinking that is beneficial for anyone in need of more discipline in their lives.

Choose Green Fluorite to help you find the discipline needed to study or learn new things.

Blue Fluorite enhances orderly thought processes and promotes clear communication.

Yellow Fluorite is helpful in group situations where more discipline is needed to get things done.  

2.    Garnet

Garnet Crystal Meaning

When your life seems to be chaotic and fragmented, Garnet is an excellent support stone for getting things back on track.

It brings the courage and self-discipline needed to sort out even the most tangled life situations.

Garnet activates and fortifies the survival instinct and helps you to turn a crisis into a challenge.

Garnet reminds you of the plentiful resources you already possess to get your life in order and to rise above any difficulty.

Mentally, Garnet helps you to leave old or useless ideas behind and provides mutual support in times of trouble.

Garnet jewelry is fortifying and energizing. Wear Garnet earrings and rings to benefit from its supportive vibrations during the day.

3.    Prehnite

Prehnite crystal

Prehnite is a stone that helps you to be prepared for whatever comes up.

It is also a wonderful aid to de-cluttering, whether this relates to your possessions or your mind.

It helps you to let go of whatever you do not need anymore and helps you to organize the things you want to keep in an appropriate way.

It is a great help to anyone who hoards possessions, especially when this trait stems from earlier experiences of lack or deprivation.

Use Prehnite to remove muddled or disorganized ways of thinking and to clear the atmosphere of unwanted external influences.

A disciplined approach to daily life and to your living and working spaces frees up time and brings a clearer, calmer frame of mind.

Place Prehnite on the Third Eye for help with visualization and guidance or wear it on your wrist or finger to aid you in letting go of unnecessary possessions.

4.    Pietersite

Pietersite Crystal

Pietersite promotes self-discipline and encourages you to take charge of your life.

It is strengthening and supportive during times of disturbance and stress and links you to the source of your inner wisdom and insight.

If you need to remove the effects of conditioning imposed on you by other people, this crystal will dissolve stubborn blockages and allow you to break free from the limitations set upon you by authority figures from your past.

Pietersite supports willpower and helps you to acknowledge the reasons why you have decided to follow a new course of action.

Whether this is giving up an unhealthy addiction or leaving a relationship that is no longer good for you.

Carry Pietersite with you to boost your willpower during the day.

A piece of this crystal placed on the nightstand can help to reveal hidden truths about your life path through the medium of dreams.

5.    Larimar

Larimar Crystal Meaning

If you feel in need of some support in completing your creative projects Larimar is the crystal to turn to.

When we leave tasks undone, or creative projects unfinished we feel uneasy and agitated, even when we tell ourselves that we do not care.

Get your creativity flowing again with Larimar crystals placed around your workspace.

Larimar removes self-imposed limitations and constraints.

It helps you to take control of life and dissolves self-sabotaging behavior.

If you rub the soles of your feet with Larimar, your emotions become calmer, and your mind achieves tranquility and peace.

6.    Imperial Topaz  

Golden Imperial Topaz

A lack of discipline can leave you feeling despondent and discontented with life.

This beautiful Golden variety of Topaz restores faith and optimism and helps with motivation and discipline to change things for the better.

Imperial Topaz bestows charisma and confidence, making it easier for you to discipline others when necessary and to achieve your goals with enthusiasm.

Imperial Topaz conditions and invigorates the Solar Plexus chakra and can be used to cleanse and purify this center so that you can step confidently into your own power.

7.    Onyx

Black Onyx Crystal

Onyx instills stability and self-control.

It is a strength-giving stone and can support you through times of extreme mental stress when things seem to be falling apart.

Onyx alleviates worries and removes fear so that you can see your way more clearly.

Onyx helps us to see possible outcomes and to decide whether we want to change these.

It can also help you to delve into past experiences and events that may still be affecting your life in the present.

When you need to discipline others, Onyx brings in vibrations of understanding and compassion which help to ensure that the best possible is achieved for all concerned.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Discipline

Crystals for Discipline

When you place these crystals around your home you benefit from their ability to impart discipline to the overall atmosphere generated by all the occupants.

Carrying or wearing the crystals on your person supports willpower and helps you to remember why you want to bring more discipline into your life.

When you acknowledge the benefits and advantages of discipline you are naturally motivated to continue in your new course of action.

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