7 Best Crystals for Kindness (Important Tips)

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Crystals for Kindness

Chrysocolla, prehnite, malachite, amazonite, citrine, carnelian, and garnet are among the best crystals for kindness. These crystals possess unique properties that help open the heart and become more loving and kind towards ourselves and others.

We should never underestimate the power of being kind. It is just as easy to say kind words as cruel ones, and that includes the way we talk to ourselves.

Kindness opens the way for understanding, compassion, love, and forgiveness to enter into our lives and the lives of those around us.

When you show kindness to other people, with a smile or a positive comment, your reward is usually instantaneous.

When you show kindness to your environment you will feel the benefits in your own space, and in the knowledge that you have, no matter how small a way, made the world a better place.

Crystals for kindness can help you to remember to show love and compassion to the world and will attract kindness and positivity back to you.

1.    Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla Crystal

Tranquil and sustaining in its actions, Chrysocolla also draws off negative energies of all kinds.

This crystal aligns your chakras with the divine and teaches forgiveness, patience, and kindness.

Chrysocolla reverses negative programming and removes stagnant energies that have become lodged in your energy body over time.

Many people react in a defensive or aggressive way as a result of childhood conditioning or trauma. 

Use Chrysocolla crystals to cleanse, purify and clear your aura by wearing a Chrysocolla bracelet or pendant as you work to heal old wounds and past hurts.

You cannot easily show kindness to others if you are hurting yourself.

Wearing Chrysocolla over your Heart chakra heals heartache and increases your capacity to love. 

2.    Prehnite

Prehnite crystal

Prehnite is an excellent stone for healing the healer.

It promotes love, compassion, and kindness and induces deep meditation for contacting your Higher Self.

Healers need to take extra care of their own mental and physical health so that they can continue to serve others.

Show yourself some compassion and self-love by mediating with Prehnite.

While meditating, call upon Archangel Raphael to help you reinforce your boundaries and to remain in touch with the Universal Healing Grid.

Prehnite offers a shield of protective Divine energy for your energy body and brings peace and tranquility to a troubled mind.

3.    Malachite

Malachite Crystal

Malachite has a powerful vibration and needs to be handled with care, due to the toxic nature of the crystal in its raw form.

Nevertheless, Malachite is one of the best crystals for mental and emotional healing and can be used safely in its polished form if worn for short periods.

It is best to wear Malachite jewelry outside of clothing to avoid prolonged contact with the skin.

Malachite is a stone for the New Age. It encourages an attitude of kindness, compassion, and gratitude.

It amplifies both positive and negative energies and is a useful scrying stone.

Placed or worn on or near the Heart chakra, Malachite opens you up to unconditional love.

4.    Amazonite

Amazonite Crystal

Few crystals are as soothing and peaceful as Amazonite.

It has a beautiful, gentle, restorative vibration that calms the nerves, relaxes the muscles, and releases tension in both the mind and body.

Amazonite also has a powerful filtering action.

Place Amazonite around your home to block geopathic stress and absorb the harmful electromagnetic smog generated by electronic devices.

Amazonite balances masculine and feminine energies and harmonizes all aspects of the personality.

On an emotional level, Amazonite alleviates fears, dispels negative energy, and balances mood swings.

Amazonite opens the Heart chakra to love, compassion, kindness, and understanding.

It helps you to see all aspects of a problem or situation and to show tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs.

5.    Citrine

Citrine Meaning and uses

Citrine is often seen as a dynamic, powerful stone for manifesting abundance, especially of wealth, in your life.

It brings motivation and vitality, enhances joy, and encourages following your bliss.

However, there is much more to this cleansing, regenerating stone than the accumulation of material possessions and “feel-good” vibes.

Citrine balances and activates your Solar Plexus chakra, promoting confidence and amplifying your personal power.

Citrine forms a protective shield over your Solar Plexus, drawing off negativity and replacing it with loving vibrations.

When you feel safe, secure, and confident in your own power you are able to extend hands of love and kindness to others.

Citrine is a crystal of gratitude and generosity, encouraging you to share your gifts and bounty with the world.

Use a Citrine cluster to purify the air and energy around you, and wear Citrine jewelry to keep your vitality levels high.

6.    Carnelian

Carnelian Crystal Meaning

Carnelian is an excellent stone for mental clarity. It dispels mental lethargy and cuts through illusion and confusion so that you reach a high level of self-awareness.

Being kind to yourself should not be confused with self-indulgence.

You are not showing your body the kindness and respect it deserves if you fill it with junk food or spend most of your time sitting around indoors.

Carnelian brings into focus those areas of your life that need some loving attention.

It activates your Sacral chakra, reminding you of the pleasure and joy to be found in productive creation.

When you know it is time for a change, place a piece of Carnelian crystal on your Sacral chakra and breathe deeply into your lower belly.

Allow thoughts and ideas to come to you regarding the best ways to look after your physical and mental health.

Ask the stone to energize your will and encourage healthy habits, knowing that this is the best way to be kind to yourself.

7.    Garnet

Garnet Crystal Meaning

Garnet inspires love and devotion. Long ago it was carried as a protective talisman to warn of impending danger.

It occurs in many forms, with Red Garnet being the most commonly used variety in the manufacture of jewelry.

Red Garnet earrings and rings are especially useful in times of trauma and crisis.

Show love and kindness to all concerned if you are caught up in a collective disaster by drawing on the support and protection of this crystal.

This will help you navigate your way through seemingly hopeless situations.

Garnet increases and strengthens your survival instinct and brings courage and optimism during the darkest of times when love, kindness, and compassion seem to be in short supply.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Kindness

Crystals for Kindness

Crystals for kindness are a wonderful way to concentrate your mind on the positive aspects of life.

They remind you to show gratitude for all that you have and to share your good fortune with others through simple acts of kindness.

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