7 Best Crystals for Moving Forward (Helpful Tips)

Crystals for Moving Forward

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Danburite, Prehnite, Larimar, Green Aventurine, Scapolite, Apatite, and Carnelian are excellent crystals for moving forward. These crystals help you connect with your inner self, manifest your dreams, and focus on your goals toward a brighter future.

When you face challenges or crises in your life you somehow find the strength to cope with or resolve them whilst you are in the midst of the drama.

It is only when the dust has settled, and the crisis has passed that the adrenalin crash and its accompanying sensations kick in.

Thus, leaving you feeling vulnerable, exhausted, depressed, or negative in other ways.

Well-meaning people may advise you to “Let go and move on” which is easier said than done.

Moving forward has a subtly different nuance and meaning to moving on and is best applied to situations that are more positive in nature.

For example, we speak about moving forward with our spiritual development or moving forward on a successful project.

In these cases, there is nothing to let go of, we simply wish to build on what we already have.

Whether you need to “let go” first, or whether you are happy to improve on what you have, there are many crystals available that can help you.

1.    Danburite

Danburite Crystal

Danburite has a high spiritual vibration and works on the Heart energy.

If you are finding it difficult to move forward after a relationship break-up, Danburite provides comfort and strength to replenish your stores of self-love and self-esteem.

Wearing Danburite provides a link to serenity and to the wisdom of the cosmos.

It helps you to access the vibrations of the global healing net that surrounds the earth.

And reminds you that, in order for new love and opportunities to enter, you first need to make space by letting off the things that are no longer right for you.

2.    Prehnite

Prehnite crystal

Prehnite heals the healer.

Those who are involved in any form of caring, healing, or supporting work, or those who are natural empaths and sensitives, often find it difficult to move forward on their own healing path because of their need to give to others.

Prehnite helps you to set healthy boundaries and to access inner reserves of strength and wisdom so that you can grow and develop as you were meant to do.

Prehnite stones can be found in colors of green yellow, white, and brown and make pretty centerpieces or focal points for your room, sacred space, or altar.  

Placing Prehnite crystals near you in this way will seal your auric field in protective energy and bring in Divine energy to keep your vibration high.

3.    Larimar

Larimar Crystal Meaning

Larimar has an ethereal beauty that stimulates growth and development on all levels.

It is one of the stones for the “new age of the planet” and facilitates contact and communication with the angelic and other realms.

Is your goal to move forward with your own spiritual growth? or you are seeking your soulmate?

Then you should wear Larimar pendants and rings to remove any self-imposed restraints or blockages that are hindering your soul’s journey to enlightenment and fulfillment.

Larimar crystals facilitate taking control of life and are especially good, when worn around the neck, for removing fear and alleviating feelings of guilt or shame.

4.    Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Meaning

Psychologically, Green Aventurine enhances leadership skills and promotes decisiveness.

When you want to move forward in your career or business, try placing Green Aventurine crystals all around your home, place of business, and workspace.

It is a very positive stone of prosperity and will help you to move forward quickly and easily with new ideas and projects that will be of benefit not just to you but also to the people around you and the earth itself.

5.    Scapolite

Scapolite Crystal

This stone, which occurs in a variety of colors, is an excellent support stone for fostering self-discipline and independence.

It will help you to set achievable goals, based on careful planning and mental agility.

It will help you remove self-sabotaging behavior patterns and set your soul free to move forward on its destined path.

Scapolite stimulates cellular memory and facilitates the release of “stuck” energy that may be holding you back or blocking your mind from the assimilation of new, exciting ideas.

Wear this crystal as jewelry or carry a piece with you when you want to open new doors of opportunity but be ready to step through them when they manifest in your reality!

6.    Apatite

Apatite Crystal Meaning

Sometimes we just need a bit of a push, or a flash of inspiration to get us moving forward again after a time of stagnation.

Apatite is a wonderful stone for this.

It carries the energies of inspiration and creativity within its structure and helps you to see how your enforced period of reflection or stillness is actually a blessing in disguise.

Apatite tells us that boredom can be a positive thing because it is when we are bored that we look for new projects and our creativity and imaginations fire up for action.

Place Apatite in the room where you do most of your work and/or thinking.

Its healing energies will clear negativity from the atmosphere and help you expand your knowledge, clear confusion, and bring you a clearer vision of your path ahead.

7.    Carnelian

Carnelian Crystal Meaning

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with high energy that invigorates and re-energizes the physical and subtle bodies.

This crystal resonates with the Sacral Chakra, which is the center that governs our creativity and senses.

It needs to be open and activated if we are to reach our full potential and move forward towards our goals.

Once the Sacral chakra has done its work, the Base chakra can then ground our thoughts, imaginative creations, and visualizations into concrete reality.

Place carnelian crystals in your bath water to cleanse and clear any blockages from your Sacral chakra.

Wear Carnelian rings or bracelets to keep your motivation and energy high as you work towards your goals.

Final thoughts: Crystals for Moving Forward

Crystals for Moving Forward

Crystals are wonderful allies in any journey your soul is taking towards your destiny.

They also provide sources of practical support such as increased vitality and stamina, or emotional and mental resilience when you feel unable to move forward from trauma or shock.

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