7 Best Crystals for Nurses (Uses and Benefits)

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Crystals for Nurses (Sodalite)

Selenite, rose quartz, petrified wood, ocean jasper, sodalite, pink opal, and obsidian are among the best crystals for nurses looking to benefit from crystal healing. These stones will help you stay focused and balanced during your shifts.

If you are a nurse or healthcare worker, you will already know how exhausting the caring professions can be.

You may also suffer from physical aches and pains, especially in the feet and back, due to spending long hours on your feet and lifting heavy loads.

Nurses cannot help but be emotionally connected to their patients and experience mental and emotional stress to some degree, on a daily basis.

The rewards of nursing as a career are, however, enormous, and many nurses say that they would not wish to do anything else.

1.    Selenite

Selenite Crystal

Selenite helps to balance your emotions and to show you where you may be overreacting to stressful situations.

It has a high, fine, spiritual vibration that cools and calms.

Selenite is useful when begin to feel overwhelmed by responsibilities as it brings you back to your true self and reminds you that you are human and can only cope with so much pressure or responsibility.

Selenite brings in understanding and compassion, for yourself and for others, and instills peace and tranquility even in busy situations.

Selenite plates are useful for holding collections of crystal on a desk or other surfaces, both at work and at home.

If you need the soothing, calming influence of Selenite while you work, try carrying a small piece in your pocket.

2.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz is a good support stone for nurses as it carries the vibration of Universal unconditional love.

There may be times when you feel undervalued or disregarded, even when you are giving your all to your job.

Rose Quartz heals the Heart and brings in frequencies of reassurance, nurture, and love from the Universe and the Divine.

It opens your Heart chakra and allows you to see the vast amount of love that is all around you.

It stimulates the Heart chakra so that it vibrates at a frequency that is ideal for both giving and receiving love.

In this way, it reminds you that you are worthy of respect, love, and understanding.

Wear a Rose Quartz crystal near your Heart and next to your skin to encourage you to show respect and love to yourself.

3.    Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood Crystal

Petrified Wood was formed when a living tree fell into water.

Elements like iron, manganese, and copper are often present in Petrified Wood.

It is an excellent stone for supporting your physical health.

It boosts the immune system and is beneficial for the joints, muscles, feet, back, and bones.

Make a gem essence of Petrified Wood and spray it all around your environment to disperse unwanted pollutants and negative energies.

Carry it with you on walks in nature to amplify the healing vibrations of the earth and to help you stay grounded.

4.    Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper Crystal

Ocean Jasper is a wonderful support stone for those in caring professions.

It is a highly effective nurturing stone that brings in vibrations of reassurance and comfort when you need them most.

It brings the courage needed to face difficult situations and choices assertively and instills determination and strength to get the job done.

Ocean Jasper promotes organizational abilities and promotes quick thinking, both of which can be invaluable in nursing situations.

It clears and cleanses the energy and chakra systems, bringing in positive, optimistic frequencies and dispersing doubt and negativity.

Ocean Jasper can be used as a rubbing or worry stone whenever you feel that the pressure is mounting, or when you need to ground yourself into the stability of the Earth.

5.    Sodalite

Sodalite Crystal

Sodalite is one of the best crystals for coping with burnout, and the effects of worrying about burnout.

Nursing is a highly pressured job and the environment most nurses work in is charged with the energy of many people, all doing their best to meet their responsibilities and to care for their patients in the best possible way.

The pressure most nurses experience can lead to physical and emotional burnout and needs to be handled effectively.

Sodalite brings about emotional balance and calms panic attacks.

It clears mental confusion and sharpens the intellect. It also clears electromagnetic smog from the atmosphere.

Many hospitals are artificially lit and overheated.

If your working environment feels oppressive, try carrying Sodalite and Amethyst with you, or wear them as jewelry to bring in a breath of fresh air.

6.    Pink Opal

Pink & Cherry Opal

Pink Opal resonates with the Heart Chakra and has a soothing, gentle vibration that reminds you to take care of yourself.

It is easy to neglect your own needs when meeting the needs of others and Pink Opal can help you to see that taking care of yourself means that you can better take care of others.

Loving yourself means acknowledging the necessity of good nutrition and rest.

Pink Opal removes guilt and fear from your etheric body and helps you to understand your full potential.

Wear Pink Opal stones at the ears and throat to facilitate hearing and speaking loving, truthful messages.

7.    Obsidian

Obsidian Crystal

There is a saying that “nothing can be hidden from Obsidian” and this is true of your own fears, shadow side, and blockages.

Obsidian brings negative emotions to the surface and exposes areas of your character or life that you may prefer to deny or keep hidden.

This is immensely cathartic and is worth doing when you have self-doubt or feel unsuited to the demanding nature of the work you do.

Obsidian brings everything to the surface and shows you that you can heal and repair the effects of old wounds or traumas in a positive fashion.

It is natural to have moments of self-doubt and to experience a lack of confidence when you work in a stressful environment.

Obsidian provides deep soul healing and forms a strong, protective shield around your physical and emotional bodies as you start to heal.

The reflective surface of a Black Obsidian crystal is ideal for meditation.

Gaze upon it when you wish to see the truth about your current situation.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Nurses

Crystals for Nurses (Sodalite)

Crystals can help you to combat nervous, physical, and mental exhaustion.

They can also strengthen your immune system, revitalize your mind, body, and spirit, and provide the emotional balance and support you need to help you in your demanding and challenging nursing career

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