7 Best Crystals for The Mind (Mental Clarity)

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crystals for the mind

Prehnite, Apatite, Onyx, Fluorite, Hematite, Red Jasper, and Blue Sapphire possess unique healing properties and are one of the best crystals for the mind. They help to enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration.

No matter how sharp your intellect, or how quick-witted you are, there will be times when you experience mental confusion and “brain fog.”

The cause may be physical or emotional and it may be alleviated simply by an early night or some deep relaxation techniques.

However, if you feel that your overall mental clarity is suffering, or that you no longer seem to be able to remember important things in your everyday life, it may be worth your while to access the powers of crystals to bring balance, harmony, and clear thinking to your mind.

The chakras governing the mind are the Crown, the Third Eye, and the Solar Plexus.

Working with the crystals below can help to bring these chakras into balance and harmony, clear confusion, and sharpen your mind and intellect.

1.    Prehnite

Prehnite crystal

Prehnite enhances meditation and facilitates contacting the Higher self.

It encourages you to reach deep within your mind and heart to rediscover truths and knowledge that you may have neglected or buried.

Prehnite puts you in touch with the Energy Grid of the Universe.

It strengthens your connections with your trusted guides and mentors and brings peace of mind.

Prehnite is an excellent de-cluttering stone and can be used to organize your thoughts as much as your personal possessions.

An orderly mind leads to clear thinking and serenity.

For prophecy, guidance and visualization hold Prehnite on your Third Eye when making contact with your spirit and angel guardians.  

2.    Apatite

Apatite Crystal Meaning

Apatite clears confusion and stimulates the intellect.

It enhances creativity and stimulates the imagination, bringing innovative ideas to the fore and supporting discernment.

Apatite helps you to trust your judgment and to have confidence in your own ability to know what needs to be done.

This stone has inspirational properties and is a crystal of manifestation.

It helps you to maintain a positive frame of mind at all times, even when things are not going your way.

Apatite expands knowledge and truth and can be used in a chakra layout to gain answers to questions that seem to be beyond your ordinary ability to resolve.

Apatite cleanses and clears all the chakras and brings the subtle body into alignment with your spiritual truths.

3.    Onyx

Black Onyx Crystal

Onyx is an excellent support stone for times of mental stress.

It centers your energy and brings it into alignment with Higher wisdom, promotes confidence and clarity of mind so that you can find solutions to the problems that are causing your worry and stress.

Onyx holds memories and keeps secrets. It helps you to keep your own counsel and to be at ease in your surroundings.

Onyx reminds us that it is not always necessary to share all of our thoughts and ideas with others.

It also teaches us that we need to be honest with ourselves and avoid playing “mind games” with ourselves to justify damaging or harmful behavior to ourselves.

Onyx recognizes and integrates dualities within the self and imparts a high level of self-control.

Wear Onyx on the left side of the body to enhance intellectual powers and promote clarity of thought.

4.    Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite works ceaselessly to bring things into order and balance.

It is the supreme organizer and can be used to help you get your thoughts in order and to come to logical conclusions.

Fluorite occurs in every color and has a balancing, organizing effect on the energetic pathways of the body and the entire chakra system.

Fluorite is an excellent learning aid and can be placed on your desk when you are sitting exams to assist in recall and logical thinking.

Fluorite increases concentration and helps you to absorb new information.

5.    Hematite


Hematite stimulates concentration and focus.

It aids in problem-solving and reminds you to stay in the present moment when your mental faculties are being challenged.

Hematite is a grounding and anchoring stone.

Use it to keep your feet firmly on the ground when you feel spacey or flighty or have your “head in the clouds.”

Hematite allows you to come to terms with your mistakes and to see them as learning opportunities rather than disasters.

Hematite jewelry imparts mental stability and a sense of security in the material world.

It can be worn on the right wrist to facilitate access to answers to any problems you may have with putting your ideas into practice.

6.    Blue Sapphire

Sapphire Crystal

Blue Sapphire imparts good common sense. It is a stone for fidelity and faithfulness, allowing you to stay true to your principles and beliefs.

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone and Blue Sapphire resonates with the Throat chakra and the Third Eye.

Use it to activate your Third Eye chakra when you want to integrate your logical, intellectual thought processes with a deeper spiritual truth.

Blue Sapphire should be worn around the neck to enable you to communicate your ideas and truths clearly and without hindrance.

It can be used to open your Third Eye to show you the next step on your soul’s path on this plane.

7.    Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Jasper helps to unify all aspects of your life. It also reminds us that we are not alone and that we need others as much as they need us.

When learning something new, remember that it is important to acknowledge the things you do not know and to ask others for support and answers.

Red Jasper encourages you to do this in order to expand your mind and increase your knowledge base.

Jasper works slowly, so it is necessary to wear Jasper jewelry in contact with your skin for extended periods.

Red Jasper brings strength of mind and courage to see things through assertively and to persist in your quest for answers to problems or questions that will benefit you in the long term.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for the Mind

crystals for the mind

Crystals can help to clear your mind and to balance unruly thoughts and emotions.

Use them in meditation to alleviate anxiety and to counteract the effects of over-thinking and “busy brain” syndrome.

Anxieties and fears begin in the mind, but we often do not recognize them until they have affected our physical bodies.

Crystals can help you to enter the deep meditative state that is essential for a quiet, untroubled state of mind.

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