7 Best Crystals for Venus Retrograde (Important Tips)

Crystals for Venus Retrograde

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Rhodonite, Chrysocolla, Celestite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amber, and Peridot are among the best crystals for Venus Retrograde. These crystals possess unique energies that help alleviate the intensity of this potentially confrontational period.

When Venus is in retrograde it can cause more disruption than the better-known Mercury retrograde.

A planet in retrograde simply means that, from our perspective here on Earth, the planet seems to move backwards. 

When Venus enters her retrograde period, you can expect relationships to come under scrutiny.

Unresolved conflicts or difficulties within relationships are likely to resurface at this time, as will any recurring behaviors of your own that lead you into similar relationship patterns that seem to be on a repeat loop in your life.

Venus is traditionally associated with love and relationships, but this planet also influences your financial affairs, the arts, beauty, and aesthetics.

The takeaway from Venus in retrograde is not to start anything new in any of these areas!

Your perception may well be off the mark and your thinking could well be confused and distorted.

1.    Rhodonite

Rhodonite Crystal

Look after your Heart and your emotions at this time with Rhodonite.

Rhodonite is a balancing stone that shows both sides of an issue and nurtures respect and love for your fellow humans.

It is an altruistic, generous stone that encourages forgiveness, patience, and tolerance.

Rhodonite is an excellent crystal for promoting and supporting self-love that is not selfish.

It opens the Heart Chakra and grounds emotional and spiritual energy into the physical body.

It teaches the power of showing ourselves the same respect and unconditional love that we give to our loved ones.

This is extremely empowering and can sustain you through the difficult self-analysis and self-examination that often accompanies Venue in retrograde.

Place a piece of Rhodonite over your heart to heal emotional trauma and help you let go of self-destructive thoughts patterns and behaviors.

2.    Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla Crystal

Chrysocolla draws off negativity of all kinds within the home.

When situations are changing, as is the case during the Venus in retrograde phase, Chrysocolla invokes inner strength to help you to accept all change with serenity and patience.

Chrysocolla aligns your chakras with Divine energy and draws out negative emotions such as guilt and shame.

It reverses destructive patterns of emotional conditioning and encourages self-awareness and inner balance.

Placed on the Third Eye, Chrysocolla allows you to see your way forward clearly.

It opens you to new situations and ideas and promotes trust in your own wisdom and insights.

Wear chrysocolla next to the skin in the form of bracelets or rings to reduce mental tension and promote clear thinking.

3.    Celestite

Celestite Crystal

When Venus is in retrograde relationships can come under scrutiny.

You may find that your temper is short and that you are easily irritated by significant others in your life during this time.

Celestite holds deep peace, which can help to ease tensions, promote harmony, and assist in resolving conflict.

Celestite promotes purity of the heart, and wearing Celestite gemstone jewelry will help you to see the truth of the matter regarding any relationship turmoil.

It sharpens and calms the mind, opens the Heart chakra, and aids fluent communication.

It promotes mental balance by aligning your intellect with your instincts.

4.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

Venus is the Goddess of love and Rose Quartz is an excellent stone to have nearby when she is in retrograde.

Rose Quartz has a beautiful, soft energy that is comprised of pure love.

This crystal promotes Universal, unconditional love on all levels.

Use Rose Quartz in meditation to amplify your connections to the angelic and divine realms.

Wear Rose Quartz carved into heart-shaped pendants to open, cleanse and protect your Heart chakra from unwanted external influences and negative vibrations.

 Pairs of Rose Quartz crystals can be placed in the relationship corner of your home, or by your bed, to attract new love interests or to repair damaged relationships.

5.    Citrine

Citrine Meaning and uses

Citrine is a form of Amethyst that has been heated, usually in a lab, to turn its usual purple color into yellow.

Citrine does occur naturally when rocks have been subjected to extreme heat and pressure, but this form of Citrine is extremely rare.

Like amethyst, citrine is a wonderful cleanser and amplifier of energy.

Citrine has a positive, joyful vibration and is aligned with the Solar Plexus chakra.

When Venus is in retrograde you may find that your Solar Plexus closes down due to tension in the gut.

Anxiety and fear will cause blockages in your Solar Plexus, and this leads to an imbalance in all of the chakras.

Use a Citrine crystal to open, cleanse and revitalize your Solar Plexus so that you experience only joy and bliss.

6.    Amber

Amber crystal Meaning

Amber is a grounding stone for higher energies.

It is a powerful healer and cleanser and draws dis-ease from both the physical and emotional bodies.

It has a sustaining energy that keeps you grounded and focused in the here and now.

Amber brings stability to life and also increases motivation by supporting your drive to achieve the things you really want.

When Venus in retrograde thwarts your plans and you seem to be moving backwards, call upon the powerful vibrations of Amber to help you to see new opportunities in your present circumstances.

Amber is a powerful chakra cleanser and can be used in a chakra healing layout to revitalize and re-align each of your chakras in turn.

Begin at your Base chakra and slowly work your way up to your Crown, placing the crystal on each chakra and visualizing negative or blocked energy flowing away from your body.

7.    Peridot

Peridot Crystal

Peridot is a protective stone for the aura. It releases and neutralizes toxins and purifies the physical and subtle bodies.

Peridot is excellent for promoting the release of “old baggage” and for clearing away the burdens of guilt, shame, or obsession that have been holding you back.

This crystal teaches us that holding onto the past, whether this is in the form of people, events, conditioning, or thought patterns, is counterproductive.

Peridot is a visionary crystal that helps you to understand your spiritual purpose.

When you wear Peridot gemstone jewelry your aura is kept sparkling clean and your thoughts, emotions, and even the language you use all take on a positive vibration.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Venus Retrograde

Crystals for Venus Retrograde

Getting through the disruptive influence of any planet during its retrograde phase can be challenging.

With Venus, you will need to look at the relationships in your life, your plans for transforming your appearance, and your financial health.

Use this period to do some inner work with the help of crystals so that when the retrograde phase is complete you have a clear idea of the things you want to work on.

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