7 Best Crystals for Willpower (Important Tips)

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crystals for willpower

Ruby, Carnelian, Pyrite, Citrine, Red Calcite, Sardonyx, and Rose Quartz are excellent crystals for willpower. These crystals help strengthen the willpower within you by providing you with clarity, focus, motivation, and mental strength.

People talk a lot about willpower. They seem to fall into two camps when it comes to this topic;

Some people maintain that all they have to do is decide to break a habit, make more money, lose weight, gain fitness, or a host of other self-improvement activities and they can just get on and achieve it.

For others, it is not so simple and they may use phrases like “I really want to but I just can’t seem to do it”, or “I have no willpower whatsoever”.

The truth is that this thing we term “willpower” is actually a complex psychological process involving both our conscious and unconscious minds.

Your logical brain may tell you that you will feel a lot better if you take a daily walk.

But until your unconscious has agreed, and been reprogrammed as necessary, you will continue to make excuses and avoid committing to the desired outcome, in this case, a daily walk.

Crystals are here to help us to get to the bottom of our perceived “lack of willpower” and to support us in exercising our power and self-discipline for our own benefit.

1.    Ruby

Ruby Crystal meaning

Ruby carries a powerful vibration for courage and positivity.

It is a stone for motivation and decisiveness, making it ideal for bolstering your willpower once you have decided what course of action you wish to follow.

Ruby encourages motivation and the setting of achievable, realistic goals.

If you need or want to improve your physical fitness and strength, Ruby imparts vigor and vitality to the physical body.

If your issue is based on your emotional reactions or reactions, place Ruby near your Heart chakra to kick start your passions and fire your enthusiasm.

If wearing Ruby as jewelry, choose rings or ankle bracelets to keep you grounded and focused on your goals. 

2.    Carnelian

Carnelian Crystal Meaning

On an emotional level, Carnelian protects against the negative vibrations of envy, rage, and anger, whether these are your own or other people’s.

If you have decided to change your reactions to certain people or situations for the better, Carnelian can help to stabilize your emotions, calm irritation, and allow you to see what needs to be done or said to improve your relationships.

Carnelian gives courage and promotes positive life choices.

It resonates with the Sacral chakra and brings in vibrations of creativity when you are not sure how to solve tricky situations.

Wear Carnelian jewelry or place it in your bathwater to revitalize your Sacra chakra and keep your vibration high.

3.    Pyrite

Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite’s silvery sheen is highly reflective and powerfully protective.

It promotes determination and commitment and can be used to help you to carry through with your intentions.

At times, we may feel that we need the willpower to change our thoughts and behavior when in fact what we really need is to see why we are acting in ways that are harmful to our physical or mental health.

Once the causes have been uncovered and brought into the light, we can address them in a healthy and positive way.

To do this, place Pyrite stones in front of you when you meditate.

Request answers to the questions you have about why you persist in self-sabotage or similar behavior and wait quietly as the reflections come through to you from the stone.

4.    Citrine

Citrine Meaning and uses

This cheerful yellow crystal brings joy and confidence into your aura.

It encourages optimism and hope and is excellent for boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.

When you have faith that you can achieve something you will.

Citrine shows you that anything and everything is possible as long as you continue to demonstrate faith and confidence in your own talents, qualities, and abilities.

Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra.

This is the center of our personal power and influences the way we perceive the world and the people around us.

When it is blocked or sluggish we see obstacles and problems and can easily fall into blame or victim mode.

When it is in balance and open the opposite is true.

We see opportunities instead of threats and we sail through difficult times with a cheerful confidence that all will be well.

Keep your Solar Plexus free from restrictions and blocked energy by wearing Citrine pendants or rings.

And cleanse your chakra by holding a piece over your Solar Plexus, just below your breastbone.

5.    Red Calcite

Red Calcite Crystal

Sometimes we simply need to take ourselves in hand, give ourselves a good talking to, or “get a grip” as we often say!

If you have had enough of trying to think your way out of your current unhappiness or difficulties, try the dynamic, forceful resonance of Red calcite to power up your willpower and bring you the determination you need to succeed.

Cleanse, open and energize your Base chakra with Red Calcite to disperse fear.

Fear of failure often keeps us stuck in our present situation.

Take the leap with Red Calcite and allow the fear to simply melt away.

Red Calcite can be worn as a pendant or kept beside your bed.

You can also make it into a gem essence which can be sipped slowly when you feel the need for more determination and willpower.  

6.    Sardonyx

Sardonyx Crystal

Sardonyx works on a psychological level to strengthen willpower and increase self-control.

It helps you to overcome hesitancy and stops vacillation and procrastination.

Sardonyx promotes physical vigor and potency.

It promotes integrity and virtuous conduct, allows you to live in your truth with integrity, and keeps you firm in the face of opposition.

This is useful if you are faced with the common problem of others wanting you to stay the same!

No matter how much they say they support your new ways of being, some people will always wish you to revert to your former self – the one that suited them.

Wear Sardonyx or carry it with you to create a shield around your energy body so that your boundaries remain firm.

This crystal will disperse negative energies and protect you from unwanted external influences. 

7.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

Wearing Rose Quarts pendants, earrings, and other jewelry will allow you to access the unlimited and unconditional love of the Universe.

Sometimes, this is all you need to keep your motivation and willpower high.

Rose Quartz will encourage you to love yourself and to treat yourself with the respect and care you deserve.

If you feel that you need the willpower to get over an addiction or unhealthy attachment, try keeping Rose Quartz with you all the time.

You may find that all you need is love!

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Willpower

crystals for willpower

Willpower, determination, and motivation amount to the same thing.

If you avoid using negative language when describing yourself you will find that your perception of your own strength of character and willpower increases.

If you add crystals to the mix, in an intentional way, you will achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

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