7 Best Crystals for Yemaya (Important Facts)

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Amazonite, Clear Quartz, Blue Calcite, Rutilated Quartz, Aquamarine, Pearls, and Sodalite are among the best crystals for Yemaya. These crystals possess unique properties that help tap into the energy of Yemaya.

Who or what is Yemaya? The name Yemaya is a shortened form of Yey Omo Eja, which translates as “Mother whose children are fish”.

She is the African goddess of the ocean and all forms of water on the earth.

She is considered to be the Mother of all-that-is, which makes perfect sense because without water there would be no life at all on the planet.

Yemaya embodies the nurturing, feminine qualities of the Mother and is supportive, reassuring, and protective.

However, she can also be as fierce as any female tiger defending her cubs and is full of power, courage, and strength when necessary.

You can connect with Yemaya whether you are male or female, a parent or not.

Like many archetypes, Yemaya is the symbol for everything that Motherhood stands for and represents and can be summoned to aid you in any of your endeavors when her energies are appropriate to your needs.

1.    Amazonite

Amazonite Crystal

Amazonite is an extremely soothing crystal that brings in vibrations of love, peace, and serenity.

Its actions are reminiscent of pure maternal love.

Place a piece of amazonite next to your bath as you cleanse yourself with water and ask Yemaya to bring you her support and love to alleviate any tense or difficult situations occurring in your life.

Amazonite heals and opens both the Heart and the Throat chakras.

Ask Yemaya to help you to communicate your needs clearly to others.

She will help your voice to be heard, and increase your feelings of value and self-worth if you wear a necklace of Amazonite and ask for her help.

2.    Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz has a powerful vibration that amplifies the energies of other crystals and of your own energy body.

Clear Quartz embodies the dynamic, courageous, fiercely protective qualities of Yemaya and can be worn or used as a shield against harmful vibrations and external influences.

Clear Quartz has healing properties that are second to none.

It is the most effective healing crystal on the planet and has the unique ability to deliver exactly what you need, when, and where you need it at any specific time.

3.    Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite Crystal

You can wear Blue Calcite to summon the energies of Yemaya to you for the relief of worries, fears, and anxieties.

This form of Calcite acts as a sponge, soaking up negative energies from your chakras and aura and transmuting them into loving vibrations.

It is a stone for gentle recuperation and relaxation.

Wear blue Calcite at your Throat chakra to improve the effectiveness of your communication with other people and also with the angelic realms.

This crystal can also restore your faith and trust on a spiritual level, dissolving doubts and reaffirming your place in the world.  

4.    Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz effectively integrates energy on all levels.

It is believed to hold the perfect balance of cosmic light and is excellent for promoting spiritual growth.

If you wish to work with Yemaya to develop your spiritual practice, Rutilated Quartz should be incorporated into a healing grid along with clear Quartz points, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli.

Place your piece of Rutilated Quartz in the center of your pattern and surround it with alternating crystals of Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli.

The Clear Quartz points should be placed pointing inwards to channel the energies of Yemaya into the center.

Leave the grid in place for seven days, meditating on your intentions with it each day.

5.    Aquamarine

Aquamarine Crystal

When you need a calm environment, Aquamarine is the crystal to choose.

It has an affinity with sensitive people and can help you to cope with sensory overload or feelings of overwhelm and stress.

It has a strong connection to water in all forms, from rivers to oceans and even the water in your tap.

Aquamarine was worn as a talisman by sailors in ancient times to protect them from danger at sea and it is seen as a stone of quiet courage and protection even today.  

When you feel the need for some tender loving care, akin to the care shown by a mother to her infant, incorporate Aquamarine into your self-care routine and ask Yemaya to nurture your body and soul.

Be open to her messages and take the time to show yourself the love and respect your health deserves.

Place Aquamarine crystal by your bed to aid restful sleep.

Use them around your home, especially in the places where you prepare and eat food, to remind you to take strengthening nourishing foods and drinks.

6.    Pearls

Pearl crystal

Pearl is classed as a gemstone, although it is not produced in the Earth from minerals as most crystals are.

Pearl is produced organically inside the shell of a mollusk, and it carries the natural Life Force energy of the living creature it originated from within its structure.

Pearl has an affinity with Yemaya through its strong connection to life in the oceans.

Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone shells have a similar connection to the goddess.

You can wear pearls as jewelry or use an Abalone shell to hold your collection of small crystals on an altar or sacred space to give thanks to Yemaya for her presence in your life.

7.    Sodalite

Sodalite Crystal

This dark blue crystal is beloved by Yemaya as it promotes the integration of logic with intuition.

These qualities are necessary for the successful mothering of any infant and are embodied in the archetype of Yemaya.

You may wish to nurture yourself, your loved ones, your plants, animals, or the planet.

Sodalite instils an appreciation of truth and idealism.

It helps you to push through confusion and resistance to stand bravely in your own truth and to communicate your ideals fearlessly to others.

Wear a pendant of Sodalite when engaged in group work.

Especially anything connected with the environment or the ecology of the planet, to bring harmony, trust, and solidarity of purpose to all participants.

Final Thoughts: Crystals for Yemaya

Crystals for Yemaya

Yemaya is a powerful goddess and a force for good.

She can help you with projects and new ventures concerned with the creation or protection of new life.

can also aid you in your daily life if you ask her to bring her protective, calming qualities into your aura.

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