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Diamond History and lore

What is Diamond?

Most people will recognize Diamond as a clear, sparkling gem. It is a rare, naturally occurring mineral composed of carbon, which is essentially an organic material that has been compressed in the ground for millions of years.

Each carbon atom in a diamond is surrounded by four other carbon atoms. The atoms are connected by the strongest type of chemical bond, known as covalent bonds. Diamond is the hardest known naturally occurring substance. It also has the highest thermal conductivity of any natural material and is extremely resistant to chemicals.

The Origin: Where Is Diamond Found?

Diamond is found in South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, and the USA.

The History & Lore of Diamond

Diamond and Chakras

Ancient India

Diamond has been revered and loved by humans for thousands of years and references to Diamond can be found in Sanskrit texts dating back to 4 BCE.

Hindus believed that Diamonds were formed by lightning bolts striking rocks and they were used to adorn statues and religious artefacts to protect people from the forces of evil and extreme natural conditions.

Krishna, an Indian god gave a Diamond to his love Radhato to reflect her beauty.

Some say that this Diamond is the famous Koh-I-Nor which forms part od the British Crown Jewels.

An ancient Indian saying goes “he who wears a Diamond will see evil turn away.”

In India, Diamonds were gathered from streams and rivers. Some historians estimate that Diamonds were being traded in India from as early as 4BCE.

The country’s resources yielded only limited quantities, which were available only to the wealthiest in Indian society.

This changed gradually as Indian Diamonds began to appear in Europe via the caravans bringing spices and other exotic goods from East to West.

Romans and Greeks

The first known reference to Diamonds in Roman Literature occurs in a text from 1ADwhere it is written that Diamonds were used to tip cupid’s arrows.

The philosopher Plato claimed that Diamonds were living beings that embodied celestial spirits.

The Greek word “Adamas” means unconquerable and invincible and diamonds were associated with this word through the myth of Adamas in 8BCE.

Legend has it that Chronos, the Greek god of time and King of the Titans, changed a young man called Adamas into a precious stone of unmatched power, strength, and beauty.

It soon became a symbol of fidelity and steadfastness within marriage and coupledom.

It seems that both the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks believed that Diamonds were the tears of gods or splinters from falling stars.

The Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, Diamond was credited with the power to neutralize poisons.

However, if swallowed, it was considered to be one of the most lethal substances.

This may have come about because powdered Diamond, ingested, would have much the same effect as swallowing powdered glass! 

Herbalists and healers during this period claimed that Diamond was a “miracle stone” imbued with the power to cure all manner of illnesses.

Which includes stomach-ache, memory loss, depression, fatigue, nightmares, infections, headaches, eye strain, mental illnesses, skin diseases, and heart conditions.

Modern Times

Political and social upheaval during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries led to changes in the distribution of wealth in European countries, with a consequent change in the demand for luxuries such as Diamonds.

Production and mining of Diamonds also changed, with mines opening in South Africa, Brazil, and Russia.

Diamonds remain one of the most coveted gems and have never lost their appeal to humans.

However, until the twentieth century, not much was known about them in a scientific sense.

Research by mineralogists, oceanographers, chemists, and industrial companies has increased our knowledge of this special stone.

This has led to uses for Diamonds in many contexts other than the gemstone and jewellery industries.

Description of Diamond

Diamond History and lore

Diamond is a rare mineral composed of carbon atoms and is the result of the compression of organic matter within the earth over the course of millions of years.

Diamond is very rare, and occurs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

How to Identify Diamond

Jewelers and gemologists use different factors to identify a Diamond.

If the stone has flaws or inclusions, not always visible to the naked eye, it is more likely to be an authentic stone than a gem that appears to be perfect and flawless.

There are ways you can use at home to test if a stone is real or fake, the easiest being the water test. Fill a glass with water and drop the stone in. If it sinks, it is real.

Diamonds effectively conduct heat, so you can also use a breath test on the stone. Breath a “fog” onto the gem and if the mist disappears immediately, you have a real stone.

Types of Diamond

There are different types of Diamond, but the differences usually refer to the color and cut of the gem.

For instance, you can find Diamonds in hues ranging from black to pure white or clear, blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple.

There is also a gem called a Herkimer Diamond, which is actually pure Clear Quartz.

In order to be called a Herkimer Diamond, the Quartz crystal needs to be double terminated.

It is found in the Herkimer district of New York and differs from a true Diamond in several ways.

It is naturally faceted and requires less cutting than a true Diamond in order to give it the sparkle associated with both gems. 

Diamond Birthstone Meaning & History

Diamond Birthstone Meaning & History

Diamond is the birthstone for those born in April, and also for the zodiac sign of Aries (March 21t – April 20).

Diamond helps Aries with issues of self-control and lack of confidence. A typical Aries person is warm, impulsive, and competitive.

They can also be quite needy and look for validation from others. Diamond can mitigate their need to win and their almost obsessive desire to be in control.

They can be emotionally demanding and are easily bored.

The steadying power of Diamond can help Aries to learn to trust in their own judgment and to have the courage needed to express themselves in less confrontational ways when they feel side-lined or, put simply, not always the centre of attention!

Diamond Treatment

Diamond Treatment

How to Clean and Care for Diamond

Diamond does not need to be recharged in the way that most other crystals do.

It is self-cleansing and will keep its own vibration high and bright without the need for charging.

However, it will need to be cleaned of surface debris and dust and many people like to perform vibrational cleansing rituals with all of their crystals.

And it will not harm your Diamond if you decide to leave it in moonlight or sunlight or to cover it with earth if you feel that you want to.

Diamonds are virtually indestructible, measuring a full 10 on the Mohs scale, meaning that they will take many knocks and are resilient, hard-wearing stones.

You will probably find that it is the mount of your diamond jewelry that needs cleaning rather than the stone itself.

Buyers Guide: Tips & Advice

Not all Diamonds are expensive, although they will cost you more than other precious stones simply because they are so rare.

Every diamond is unique, and all polished diamonds are valuable. Gem merchants use a combination of factors to ascertain the worth of each stone:

Diamond Quality Factors

Diamond Description


Colorless Diamonds are scarce, so the value of these gems is higher than the colored variety.

Most Diamonds have a hint of yellow or brown and a truly colorless diamond is rare.

Rarity and value are closely related, so a Diamond with a slightly yellow tint will be less expensive that a Diamond that is pure white or transparent.

The same ratio applies to the factors of cut, carat, and weight.


Naturally occurring objects are rarely perfect, and this is true of diamonds as well as anything else.

Diamonds may have inclusions and flaws as well as surface irregularities. The fewer blemishes the stone has the clearer it is, and the more valuable it becomes.


When a diamond interacts with light the effects can be dazzlingly beautiful, and the cutting of the stone reflects the craft person’s skill and expertise.

Every facet of the Diamond, every angle and cut, affects the amount of light returned to the eye.

And the proportions of the diamond determine how light performs when it enters the stone.

If light enters the crown and goes out through the pavilion, it will give it a dark, unappealing look.

Diamonds with different proportions and good polish make better use of light and the end result is much more attractive and brighter.

Carat Weight:

There are a few things that often surprise people when they come to learn about Diamonds and carat weight.

The first is the precision with which Diamonds are weighed.

Diamond weights are shown in metric carats, one of which is 0.2 of a gram. One ounce (the weight of an average paperclip) contains 142 carats.

The metric carat is divided into 100 points and Diamonds are weighed to one-thousandth of a carat and then rounded to the nearest point.

Fractions of a carat can mean a great difference in price, sometimes thousands of dollars, depending on the other quality factors of the stone in question. 

Diamond and Chakras

Herkimer Diamond

Diamond is closely associated with the Crown, Higher Crown, Stellar Gateway, and Etheric Chakras.

Its pure white light brings illumination, wisdom, enlightenment, and deep connection with the divine or Universal wisdom of the cosmos.

The Crown chakra is located directly above the crown of the head; the Higher Crown is located above the center of the head about 4 -5” away from the physical body.

The Stellar Gateway is higher still, about 18” above the head, and the Etheric energy body is also known as the bio magnetic sheath or field and covers the entire body.

This energy body can be close to the skin, or it can extend several feet or even meters from the physical body.

It is often referred to as the “aura” although this term is mostly used to describe the field that is close to, but not actually touching, the skin.

It is here that hands-on energy healing, like Reiki, takes place.

Diamond brings its cleansing, healing vibration to all of these chakras, dispersing negativity and clearing energy blockages from the whole system.

Diamond is an amplifier stone and should be used with caution as it can amplify the negative energies that you want to get rid of, especially if these are of an emotional nature.

Because Diamond tends to be pure white or transparent and clear, it holds all of the colors of the spectrum and can be used to balance all of the chakras if necessary.

Many people prefer to use Clear Quartz for this because it has a unique property of diagnosing exactly what it needs.

And delivering the healing energy required to the site of need, without amplifying the negative energies that may be causing the problem.

If your Crown chakra is emotionally blocked you may feel disconnected or even alienated, from the people around you or from the whole world.

You could feel isolated, experience a lack of trust in friends and loved ones and be unsure of yourself and your own worth.

Physical indicators of an energy blockage in the Crown are headaches, insomnia, and depression.

When your Crown chakra is in balance, and the energy is flowing freely you feel inspired, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.

Use Clear Quartz initially to clear your Crown and then place a Diamond on or near the top of your head.

Visualize pure white light entering your skull from the heavens and breathe it into your entire being.

See the white light passing through the Diamond and traveling into your head. It settles directly into the center of your mind and begins to spin very slowly.

See the thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns that you no longer require, need, or want being pulled slowly into this spinning white light.

Keep your breathing regular and slow. On each out-breath guide the spinning ball of white light down from your Crown, down your spine, down your legs, and into your feet.

Now see the light flowing out through the soles of your feet, taking all negativity with it as it disappears into the Earth.

The Crown chakra governs how we think and how we respond to the world around us. It is also the seat of our spirituality and the foundation of our beliefs.

The two chakras above it, namely the Higher Crown and the Stellar Gateway, form the channel through which we connect to the expanded consciousness of Universal energy.

When you have dispersed the emotional and metal energy blockages in the exercise described above, continue to breathe slowly and deeply, and visualise the spinning ball of white light traveling up from the earth, purified, and cleared by the Diamond and Earth energies.

It travels back up into your feet, up your legs, up your spine and into the Higher Crown and Stellar Gateway Chakras. Visualize the Diamond light forming a thread now.

This crystal-clear thread travels up into the ether, connecting you to the Divine or Higher wisdom of the cosmos.

If it is relevant to you, you can ask for clarity from your guides and angels, or from the Source.

Pay attention to any messages or guidance that comes to you as you do this.

Ask that you remain connected to the higher planes and see all three of these Higher chakras as clear, transparent, spinning discs bringing balance, harmony, and clarity to your everyday life.

Diamond Healing Properties

Diamond Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Diamond, like Clear Quartz, is considered to be a master healer stone with the ability to unify the mind and body.

It clears blockages in the energy field, disperses negativity form the emotional body and supports the healthy function of all of the body’s natural healing systems.

Diamond is used to treat glaucoma, brain and sensory dysfunction, constipation, urine retention, and liver disease.

It supports the organs of elimination and stimulates the kidneys and adrenal glands.

It supports the circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems, clears the lungs, and soothes irritation in the eyes and skin.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Diamond can amplify any emotional state, so it is as well to be careful when using Diamond for mental and emotional healing.

If you want to improve your mood, you should perform a complete chakra balance and cleanse before calling on the power of Diamond to increase your bliss.

It can be used to clear despair and feelings of anxiety, fear, or depression, but should be combined with other crystals to disperse the negative energy first.

Choose grounding crystals to allow the negativity to drain from your energy field into the ground, where it can be transmuted into harmless vibrations by the power of the Earth.

Black Tourmaline and Obsidian or Carnelian can be placed at the base of the spine and between the feet to draw negative energies down from the head and body.

Diamond can then be placed on the brow or crown of the head, with Citrine at the Solar Plexus to amplify your vitality, life-force, and joy.

Metaphysical Properties

natural diamond nestled in kimberlite
natural diamond nestled in kimberlite

The Diamond is a symbol of purity. Its pure white light can help you to bring your life into a cohesive whole.

Diamond is said to bond relationships and brings harmony and love into partnerships.

Hence its popularity, throughout the ages as a component of engagement and betrothal jewelry, especially rings.

Diamond has likewise been seen as symbol of wealth and prosperity throughout the ages and is an excellent choice for manifesting wealth and abundance in your life.

Diamond is excellent for blocking geopathic stress in the environment and for clearing negative energies from the aura.

It is one of the few stones that never needs recharging and is an excellent amplifier of energy.

It will increase the vibration and energy of anything it comes into contact with, including other crystals, making it a valuable addition to a crystal healer’s toolkit.

However, it should be remembered that Diamond can also increase negative energy as well as positive, and care should be taken when using specimens in a healing or manifesting grid.

Diamond is a spiritual stone, a symbol of purity and perfection, representing enlightenment and illumination on all levels.

Diamond is also a very powerful crystal, and has been revered, as the stone of invincibility, since antiquity.

It has protective and strength-giving powers, bringing courage and fortitude to its bearer.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Diamond is associated with the Crown and Higher Crown, Stellar Gateway, and Etheric Chakras.

Its pure white light is healing, cleansing, and energizing.

It is an excellent stone to use in meditation when you want to connect with your Higher Self and with Higher or other-worldly powers.

Call on the pure white light of the Diamond to connect your higher consciousness to the Universe and to your Source.

If you feel spiritually lost or confused diamond can bring the radiance of Divine love into your aura and hep you to re-connect with your own spiritual truth and destiny.

It allows the soul’s light to shine brightly and to be shared with others.

Diamond cleanses the aura of anything that is shrouding or dimming your inner light at a soul level and reminds you of your soul’s aspirations.

How to Use Diamond

Diamond Meaning

As Jewellery

The most obvious way to harness the powers of Diamond is to wear Diamond rings and other pieces of jewelry fashioned from diamonds.

You can program your gems to help you with almost anything in your life.

Just remember that your intention must be clear, and you must keep your language positive and phrased in the present tense.

This is how manifestation works. We act as if we already have the things we are asking for.

Diamonds are energy amplifiers, so they make efficient manifestation stones.

In Home and Office

Diamonds can be used to purify the atmosphere in any environment, although, realistically, you will probably not want to leave specimens of these valuable lying around the place!

Amethyst and Clear Quartz are a more practical alternatives if your want to amplify the energy and keep the vibration high in your home or workplace.

Best Crystal and Gemstone Combinations with Diamond

Best Crystal and Gemstone Combinations with Diamond

Diamonds can be combined with many gemstones both aesthetically and metaphysically.

Diamond rings often contain other precious stones such as Emerald and Sapphire, or semi-precious stones that complement the look of Diamond.

Diamonds enhance the vibration and power of other crystals, so it is possible to combine them with any stone depending on your intention or desire.

Combine the power of Diamond with the protective, cleansing vibration of Amethyst if you want to enhance your confidence and keep your environment free of electromagnetic pollutants.

Citrine and Diamond forms a winning combination for manifesting wealth, abundance, and success.

Diamond with Emerald is excellent for relationships, especially long term, or more mature emotional attachments.

To integrate mind, body, and spirit, combine Diamond with Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, and Tiger’s Eye.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Diamonds will always remain popular, and their appeal will endure as long as we humans are still around.

They are the ultimate symbol of wealth and luxury, and the fact that we can buy them in all sizes means that most people will be able to own one during their lifetime if that is what they want.

Metaphysically, Diamonds work on a high spiritual vibration, but they are simultaneously powerful and expansive in their effect on the human energy field.

Diamond is an energy amplifier and care should be taken when working with diamond in energy healing as Diamond does not discriminate between negative and positive vibrations and will amplify both.


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