What Fingers Should I Wear My Rings On as a Female? (Answered)

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Rings can be a fun accessory to add to any outfit. They can make a big or small statement depending on its appearance and which finger it is worn on.

No matter the style of ring you like to wear, rings are one of the easiest accessories to implement into your wardrobe.

Rings worn on the thumb, pinky finger, and middle finger make the biggest statements. Rings worn on the ring finger of the left hand can signify the wearer is married or engaged. However, rings can be worn on any finger depending on the style, the symbolism, and the preference of the wearer.

Knowing where to wear your boldest rings will get you off on the right track, but there are so many other things to consider when choosing rings for each finger.

We will give you a guide on where to wear each style of ring.


Before we get into the fashion side of rings, it is important to understand that wearing rings on certain fingers can be symbolic.

Whether you want to keep that in mind when wearing your rings is up to you, but here are what rings can represent:

Left Ring Finger

Wearing a ring on the left ring finger has the most obvious and common symbolism of them all.

Wearing a simple band or precious stone on the left ring finger symbolizes marriage or engagement.

While you can still wear fashion rings on this finger, they could be misconstrued to mean that you are married or engaged.

The left ring finger is also where many people choose to wear chastity rings or promise rings.

What Fingers Should I Wear My Rings On as a Female?

The history behind this is that the Romans believed that the ring finger was the only finger that had an artery that ran straight to your heart.

That romantic significance is enough to make many people want to save that finger for a special ring.

Though that kind of thing is not for everyone and this finger can be used for fashion purposes as well.

Left Pinky Finger

The pinky finger also has symbolism, but it is much less common than the left ring finger.

Wearing two rings on the pinky finger used to mean that someone was married.

The bottom one was the engagement ring, and the top one was the signet ring that is received at the ceremony.

They can also mean an association with the mafia!

A more well-known symbol than the pinky-finger marriage symbolism is that rings, especially big ones, on your left pinky finger can also mean association with the mafia!

That is an interesting connection that can either make you want to wear pinky rings more, or scare you away from the idea.

Right Index Finger

The right index finger has the least common symbolism of all.

In Jewish culture, the wedding ring is sometimes placed on the right index finger.

While all of these symbols seem to be related to marriage in some way, they are not all equally known, so you shouldn’t stress about them too much.

Different Fingers

Moving away from the symbolism of rings on certain fingers, each finger has a different way of showing off rings that are worn on them.

Some fingers do a good job of showcasing small and large rings alike, while others need rings that beg for attention.


The thumb is a great place for a thicker, bolder ring.

Being the largest finger (circumference-wise), a larger ring does not look out of place on the thumb.

A thumb ring can make you look put together and fashionable, especially if it is not a timid ring.

Cocktail rings tend to be recommended for this finger as they can give you a distinguished and powerful look.

A larger geometric ring can have a similar effect while looking more elegant.

Index Finger

Which Finger Is Most Suitable For Wearing a Fashion Ring?

The index finger is one of the most common fingers to wear rings on. This digit is very versatile when it comes to selecting a ring, as it will look fashionable with many different kinds of rings.

A larger ring (like a cocktail ring) will look stunning on this finger. Smaller, more delicate rings can steal the spotlight on this finger, such as a halo ring or geometric ring.

When wearing smaller rings on this finger, textures do a great job of creating more interest

Middle Finger

The middle finger will make any ring on it appear elegant and classy. The middle finger is best for thinner, simpler rings.

Because it is in the center of the hand, too many rings, or rings that are too big, will overpower any other rings being worn.

Simple bands worn at the base or the middle of the finger appear delicate.

Stacking a few minimalist rings can look controlled while still creating a nice focal point.

If you are willing to add a little more glamour to this finger, a solitaire or three-stone ring can do the trick without being too much.

Ring Finger

While we discussed the symbolism behind the ring finger, you can still wear fashion rings on it, especially the right ring finger.

This finger looks nice when kept relatively simple, so a bezel moonstone ring can be a perfect option as it has some interest without being distracting.

If you want to wear rings on your left ring finger, making a bigger statement can help deter anyone from thinking you are engaged.

Stacking smaller statement rings can bring that wow factor as well as a larger rings.

Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is one of the best places for rings. While small, it can make a huge statement.

Because it is such a small finger, and it is a little separated from the rest of the fingers, it will make rings stand out, simple and bold alike.

A geometric ring can look great on the pinky as it will create interest on the end of your hand. A small cluster of rings will also make a statement and bring interest.

Which Finger Is Most Suitable For Wearing a Fashion Ring?

We have covered a lot of information on where to wear specific rings, but which finger is the best one for wearing fashion rings?

Fashion rings are typically thinner and smaller, but they usually feature an interesting design.

This means that they can create interest and texture that really change up how the hand looks.

The best fingers to wear fashion rings on are the pinky finger and the index finger.

These two fingers leave the most room for intricate rings with interesting designs, while still looking fabulous with simple bands.

The middle finger can be another good finger for fashion rings, but be careful to not place anything too intricate or distracting as the middle finger draws a lot of attention.

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