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Flower agate meaning and uses

What is Flower Agate?

Flower Agate is a variety of agate that is naturally reddish pink in color with white chalcedony inclusions that resemble flowers. It measures 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Nowadays, it is only found in Madagascar.

Flower agate helps heal circulatory system issues.

It can also get rid of obstacles your blood has been carrying for generations, especially through female ancestors.

It is deeply connected to your sense of purpose as well.

Because it lowers blood pressure, it can help you treat any kind of mental health issue that makes your blood pressure spike or gives you a rush of adrenaline.

It can prevent stress from taking a toll on you.

Over time, it can reveal your soul’s mission on this incarnation and slowly but surely get rid of any obstacles on the way.

It performs this function by revealing information you hold in your subconscious mind. 

The Origin: Where Is Flower Agate Found?

Flower Agate was discovered in Madagascar, in Africa, very recently (in 2018, in fact).

Flower Agate meaning, description, uses, and properties.

To this day, the only mines where this crystal is found in its natural form are located in this country.

However, it is available in large quantities, so the fact that it can only be obtained in one place does not make it particularly pricey.

However, premium quality flower agate will have a higher price tag attached.  

The History & Lore of Flower Agate

As it was just discovered in 2018, there isn’t much lore around it.

However, crystals don’t appear on the land they appear by accident. 

Crystals and gems embody the spirit of their land.

As we start to delve into Malagasy mythology (the myths and legends of one of the nations in Madagascar), we begin to understand why it has the spiritual properties it has.

The Malagasy weren’t only polytheistic but they also practiced ancestor worship.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this stone can be employed to heal transgenerational trauma.

As the stone has a lunar (or feminine) polarity, it is particularly tied to the ancestral trauma suffered by female ancestors. 

Malagasy as a culture believes in Hasina as the vital energy. Hasina can be compared to prana, they work in similar ways.

They are both vital, sacred forces present in everything.

For Hasina to circulate harmoniously, some ancestors that conceptually correspond to Bert Hellinger’s ancestors who were excluded from the family tree had to be appeased.

In fact, Hellinger, the intellectual force behind the contemporary therapy of Family Constellations, did base his ideas on many African myths.

In the specific case of the Malagasy, they believed in a type of ancestors called the angatra, who were ignored or abused during their lives.

They appeased the angatra by exhuming and reburying their remains every five years.

This is a lot like the Western solution provided by Family Constellations, in which we pray for the peaceful rest of those ancestors who were excluded from the family tree and are now acting out on the living. 

The Malagasy believe in an Earth deity by the name of Ratovantany, who made human beings out of clay.

Flower agate may also be attributed to him, and may work as a parable of what we as humans come to do and how our journeys are – we start as a seed, then blossom. 

Description of Flower Agate

Flower Agate is a variety of agate that is light pink in color (though the hues of pink may vary) and has inclusions of white Chalcedony that resemble the shape of flowers – both the seeds and the blossoms. 

In some of the names this crystal receives in other languages, it’s specified that the flower depicted on the stone is a cherry blossom.

Description of Flower Agate

In some languages, the name Sakura Agate has caught on, even though the crystal isn’t from Japan.

It has a 6.5 level of hardness on the Mohs scale – a similar hardness to clear quartz.

How to Identify Flower Agate?

This stone is somewhat easy to fake because agate in general is porous enough that it can be dyed without recurring to any complicated methods. 

The color shouldn’t resemble fuchsia or hot pink. We’re looking for reddish pinks here, especially hues like rose and watermelon. 

To tell whether the piece you’re holding is truly agate, hold the piece up against the light.

Agate is naturally translucent, it’s not opaque or transparent. Therefore, the light from the source should be reflected, but only partially.

You can also put the piece on top of a printed image.

You should still be able to see the image, but the stone should also cover or blur some of the details.

Beware if you can’t see the picture underneath or if you can see it too clearly.

You can always ask the seller where they source Flower Agate. The answer should be Madagascar or Africa – it is the only place where it is naturally found.

It is an unfortunate reality, especially for sellers in the United States, that people, in general, don’t care enough about Africa as a continent to learn the name of the individual countries within it.

If they tell you it’s from some other country located in Africa, it’s not necessarily a red flag.

It could just be a careless, conceptual error, but the piece they are selling can indeed be real.

If they tell you any country other than those located in Africa, though, you have reason enough to be suspicious. 

Types of Flower Agate

To this day, only one variety of Flower Agate was discovered (at least from a natural source and without human intervention).

Agate, however, can occur naturally in all colors. Some popular varieties of Agate include (but are not limited to):

● Blue-Lace Agate

● Fire Agate

● Carnelian (this stone can sometimes contain a large quantity of quartz as well as agate)

● Moss Agate

● Petrified Wood

Flower Agate Birthstone Meaning & History

Neither Flower Agate nor any other sort of Agate is a birthstone for any month.

Flower Agate Treatment

Like all translucent stones, Flower Agate will lose some of its beautiful pink colors if you leave it out in the sun too long.

Once lost, the color cannot be recovered. 

Because of its yin polarity, though, it’s preferable to charge the stone by moonlight, especially during the Full Moon (though any phase is fine as long as you avoid eclipses). 

This crystal is also very earthy and will respond well if you bury it in your garden overnight.

It will absorb the energy from Mother Earth. 

How to Clean and Care for Flower Agate

As long as it’s not part of a jewel, Flower Agate is safe to cleanse with water.

Use running water from the tap and hold it under the tap for a few minutes.

You can concentrate on your intention while you do so, or visualize the negativity leaving the stone and going down the drain.

If it’s part of a jewel, don’t use water as it can damage the metal of the piece over time.

You can leave the piece overnight in a bowl full of raw rice.

It’s important that the rice is raw and not cooked, as the moisture from cooked rice can ruin either the stone or damage the metal of the jewel.

Do not eat this rice, compost it instead. This is so because it absorbs the negative energy the stone was holding onto. 

If wasting food doesn’t sit well with you, you can also use sound cleansing by exposing the jewel to high-vibrational sounds or simply use visualization.   

Buyers’ Guide: Tips & Advice 

The color and translucent quality are the main quality factors to look for.  

Flower Agate Healing Properties

Flower Agate Quality Factors


Light, reddish-pink with white inclusions 


Translucent – a middle point between the transparent quartz and the opaque jasper


Flower Agate is versatile when it comes to cut and can be shaped into any form, from free-form to faceted. 

Carat Weight:

It is estimated that a Flower Agate cabochon cut, with 4 millimeters in girdle length, 4 millimeters in girdle width and 1 mm of depth weighs 0.11 carat.

Flower Agate and the Chakras

Flower Agate is a pretty unique stone. This is so because it acts simultaneously on the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra.

As the Root Chakra deals with vitality and energy and the heart deals with the heart, blood, and circulatory systems.

It has the unique property of improving the function of said system (of course, it should NEVER replace medical attention). 

It is grounding, like all Root Chakra stones, but also comforting, like all Heart Chakra stones. 

Flower Agate Healing Properties

Flower Agate is a great addition to your crystal collection because it can help you heal your body, mind, and soul. 

Physical Healing Properties

The Agate family acts mostly on the physical body.

More than a cure by itself, Flower Agate acts like a compass that makes sure your search for the right medical professional and an accurate diagnosis is not in vain.

This is especially the case if you are looking for the right professional or treatment for heart, circulatory system, blood, or menstruation issues. 

Our bodies respond to our emotions with physical symptoms.

Flower Agate can help your blood circulate in a more harmonious way by providing you with love and nurturing you may lack or be unable to find somewhere else. 

When combined with obsidian, it can be employed during uterus healing rituals, though doctors do NOT recommend you put any of these stones inside any orifice in your body.

Placing the crystals above where your uterus would be while lying down is enough for their energy to be absorbed by the right body part. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Flower Agate can be used to treat mental health problems like anxiety and panic attacks (or any other mental health condition that increases adrenaline and gives you high blood pressure). 

It can help treat depression and a general sense of being burnt out or demotivated.

Flower Agate is the counterpart of Rhodonite in the sense that it works on a person’s willpower.

However, rhodonite does so from a Solar or Yang polarity: It motivates the person to do what they need to do.

Flower Agate, on the other hand, works from a Lunar or Yin polarity and makes the wearer more receptive to subconscious forces which may be affecting their sense of purpose.

If the wearer feels incapable of fulfilling their full potential because of past trauma or an emotional wound they aren’t yet consciously aware of, it will bring it to the surface so it can be healed. 

If you’ve suffered from any kind of domestic abuse or gender violence, carry it in your pocket alongside an obsidian piece or wear both as jewelry when getting dressed for your talk therapy sessions. 

It can also be used to treat insomnia if it comes from a place of feelings of uncertainty, lack of security, and general unease. 

Metaphysical Properties

Use Flower Agate during a grounding meditation after sessions of Divination or performing spells or rituals.

This helps you reconnect with the present moment.

If you have suffered a psychic attack, Malocchio, or the ill-intentioned acts of a magic practitioner, Flower Agate can help you recover your energy and vitality.

It is an apt offering for your female ancestors if you keep an ancestor altar or shrine.   

Spiritual Healing Properties

It can both reveal and slowly heal past-life trauma and wounds, early childhood trauma, or any subconscious trauma that’s holding you back from your soul’s mission in any way.

To fully take advantage of this benefit, combine with obsidian and talk therapy provided by a licensed mental health professional. 

Flower agate also plays a key role in revealing and healing any kind of transgenerational obstacle, especially if it has to do with the women in your bloodline. 

How to Use Flower Agate

Flower Agate is highly wearable and it can adapt to any piece of jewelry or even home décor in any shape you want. 

How to Use Flower Agate

As Jewelry

The best way to wear Flower Agate is in a pendant hanging from a necklace long enough to reach your heart.

If you need its physical benefits in particular, a bracelet worn on your left wrist is ideal.

Because the lore around it is so intertwined with the ancestors, passing on a Flower Agate ring to a daughter, niece or goddaughter can be especially powerful. 

In-Home and Office

The bedroom is the best place to keep it, as it can treat some specific types of insomnia.

You can place it under your pillow.

If it’s uncomfortable for you to sleep with a stone under your pillow, you may place it inside a cloth bag with some cotton and some relaxing herbs, like lavender or valerian.

It can serve as a relaxing piece of décor for your nightstand.

It will serve the double purpose of looking good and attracting restful energy.

As it can help you recover from burnout and prevent stress, it’s also an excellent addition to the office or desk. 

Best Crystal and Gemstone Combinations with Flower Agate

Obsidian and Flower Agate

As we have previously mentioned, obsidian and flower agate share the energetic property of revealing subconscious trauma and can both help during uterus healing rituals.

Obsidian is quite harsh in nature and can bring up dark thoughts. It is not gradual at all in its approach.

Flower agate can help take the edge off this stone and soften its effects, while also making them more gradual and easier to digest.

Rhodonite and Flower Agate

We have also mentioned rhodonite as flower agate’s solar counterpart.

Carrying them together can turn you into a productive machine that’s laser focused on getting what’s important done, especially in the long term.

Blue Lace Agate and Flower Agate

People with particularly acute anxiety and/or insomnia may pair flower agate with blue-lace agate to quickly bring their tense, anxious feelings down.

Of course, using these crystals is not an adequate replacement for the treatment a licensed professional provides. 

Citrine and Flower Agate

As the subconscious information brought up by flower agate can be intense and hard to swallow, combining it with citrine is a great idea.

It will help you come to terms with the past trauma and accept it.

This combination will also keep your digestive system safe from the effects of anxiety and stress.

Bloodstone and Flower Agate

People who menstruate may wish to carry both flower agate and bloodstone in their pockets for an extra boost of vitality during their periods, as well as a more regular cycle. 

Moonstone and Flower Agate

As flower agate works mainly on the lower root chakra and the heart chakra (which is a bridge between the lower and upper chakras), adding a crystal-like moonstone that acts as a channel for the upper realms can help you complete the healing effects of flower agate.

Combining these crystals will also help you regulate your menstrual cycles over time. 

Emerald and Flower Agate

Flower agate is pink. The colors of the heart chakra are both pink and green. Pink has to do with giving love, and green has to do with receiving love.

A healthy heart chakra is balanced when it comes to both giving and receiving.

Therefore, combining flower agate with a green crystal is an excellent idea.

Our specific recommendation is emerald or emerald root because it helps during the spiritual transition flower agate will unleash.

African Jade and Flower Agate

Some people have problems with money flowing into their lives because of transgenerational issues.

Flower agate can help them heal these issues once and for all, but it should be combined with African Jade for this purpose.

This pairing will promote trust, collaboration, and cooperation. Inevitably, this will lead to wealth of all kinds. 

Pearls and Flower Agate

Pearls represent the lunar polarity in our bloodline and lineage.

A necklace or bracelet that pairs pearls and flower agate can be a powerful tool for transgenerational healing.        

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The versatility of the stone means that there is no limit to a jeweler’s or artisan’s imagination.

From a delicate bracelet to a small Buddha figurine, flower agate can adapt and become it all. 

Flower agate can be a great addition to the crystals collections of women, people who have suffered from abuse, and people who menstruate.

As people of all genders have female ancestors, it can be a great tool for anyone who feels drawn to it – the magnetism they feel flowing from the stone is most likely the female ancestors pulling them in its direction.

People who suffer from circulatory system ailments and/or anxiety can also benefit from having this stone nearby.  


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