7 Best Green Crystals for Anxiety (Uses and Benefits)

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Green Crystals for Anxiety

Green Aventurine, Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Jade, Green Fluorite, Chrysocolla, and Green Calcite are among the best green crystals for anxiety. If you are struggling with anxiety, you should consider trying one of these crystals due to their healing properties.

Anxiety takes a variety of forms and is often linked to depression, although it is possible to experience acute anxiety without becoming depressed.

In this case, you are more likely to be in a state of manic hypervigilance, with an elevated heart rate and attendant breathing irregularities.

Some level of anxiety is inevitable in everyone’s life.

In fact, if you never worried or became anxious over important things, like your own safety or that of your children you probably wouldn’t survive.

However, the levels of anxiety that many people face, on a daily basis, with no obvious cause or root, can be very detrimental to both your physical and mental health.

Green Crystals are aligned with the Heart and Throat chakras and many green crystals have a wonderfully calming effect on the nerves.

1.    Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine is a stone of great prosperity. Very often, our anxieties are caused by a perceived sense of lack.

We feel that we could be happy if we only had more money, more possessions, a new car, or a higher standard of living, and we fret and worry about how we are going to get these things.

Green Aventurine teaches you to let go of the “how” and to send your requests and intentions out into the cosmos in the sure knowledge that you will receive all the resources you need.

Green Aventurine has a strong connection to the Devic Kingdom and reminds us to find peace and solace in the natural landscape and amongst the living, the growing bounty of Earth.

Use Green Aventurine to ground you into the safety and security of Mother Earth.

Place a piece of the stone beneath your feet and allow all of your anxieties to flow into the crystal and the Earth.

Feel the healing vibrations of the Earth traveling up your legs and into your lower chakras as you give thanks for the abundance you have in your life.

2.    Emerald

Emerald Meaning

Emerald is a life-affirming crystal that will help you to see past your present stresses and anxieties to the bigger picture.

It is a stone of infinite patience, teaching us to appreciate all the things we have and to accept that life sometimes does not go the way we want it to.

It is a stone of positivity and strength, promoting integrity and faithfulness as well as long-lasting love and commitment.

Emeralds can be worn as necklaces or rings to attract the perfect partner to you, whether is love, friendship, or business.

Emerald also regenerates and restores your emotional and physical body after a time of loss, trauma, or shock.

Use Emerald to open and activate your Heart chakra so that you can receive the love and support you need, both from fellow humans and from the Divine.

3.    Aquamarine

Aquamarine Crystal

Stress can be caused by many factors in life, and the anxiety that ensues from living with excess stress can have detrimental effects on your mental and physical health.

Often, we recognize these effects far too late, and the damage is already done.

Aquamarine is a stone of great courage and serenity.

Try to make the time to meditate with its calming influence every day and address the causes of your worries and anxieties before they become unmanageable.

Aquamarine jewelry is especially comforting and beneficial for sensitive people, protecting the aura and dispersing negative vibrations from others.

4.    Green Jade

African Jade Crystal Meaning

Green Jade is the best known of the varieties of Jade and is considered to be a stone of great luck and good fortune.

If your anxieties center around the material necessities that we all need to survive, try carrying a piece of Green Jade in your purse or wallet to attract an abundance of wealth, love, and security into your life.

Green Jade calms the nervous system and channels excess energy and passion into constructive projects that will allow you to gain control over the important things in life.

If your anxiety is caused by the fear of losing your job, or by ever increasing debt, take the time to sit with pen and paper, and Green Jade, to brainstorm ideas and plans that will help you to overcome these fears.

5.    Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite Crystal

Emotional trauma can cause acute anxiety.

Even when the trauma has passed your energy body will hold the imprint of the original event or circumstances and you will feel its effects whenever you become a little stressed or anxious.

Green Fluorite dissolves the effects of trauma and restores the aura to its original state so that its vibrations are taken back to the time before the trauma took place.

Fluorite is a great organizer and works tirelessly to restore order and balance to your mental and physical bodies.

Green Fluorite is especially effective when worn as earrings as it resonates with the Throat chakra.

And enables you to give voice to your fears and anxieties so that they can be dealt with more efficiently.

6.    Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla Crystal

Chrysocolla is a tranquilizing stone and helps to relieve anxiety caused by over-thinking or a “busy brain.”

If your anxiety is linked to changes that are happening to you this crystal will bring you serenity and acceptance of transitions and transformations in your life.

Use Chrysocolla at your Solar plexus chakra to draw out negative emotions such as guilt and to rectify destructive or self-sabotaging behavior.

Mentally, this stone helps you to keep a cool head during times of worry or stress.

Place it under your pillow to aid restful sleep and alleviate insomnia caused by anxiety.

7.    Green Calcite

Green Calcite Crystal

Green Calcite is an excellent mental healer and restores balance to the mind.

It dissolves rigid beliefs that may be preventing you from experiencing peace of mind, due to old patterns of conditioning and behavior that are no longer serving you.

Green Calcite dissolves negativity and helps you to let go of what may be familiar but is no longer relevant to your current situation.

Place Green Calcite on any area of your body that feels tense to disperse disease and bring your energy flow back into a balanced state.

Summary: Green Crystals for Anxiety

Green Crystals for Anxiety

Green crystals are especially soothing and healing for the Heart and the emotional body.

They serve to remind us of the green of growth in Spring and the beauty of this wonderful planet we call home.

Carry a collection of green stones with you to ease stress and relieve fears and anxieties.

Make use of their calming and grounding effects to help you find relief from anxiety.

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