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It’s not uncommon to have plenty of older, tarnished jewelry that you never wear because it lacks a shine.

Thankfully, any piece of jewelry can be spray painted with metallic paints to quickly put life back into an older ornament.

To spray paint rings and jewelry, first, they must be cleaned with alcohol and then coated in a spray paint primer. Next, the parts that aren’t going to be painted should be sealed off with tape. Finally, apply two thin coats of paint and then a spray sealer to prevent chipping and damage.

Here are a few essential tips to make sure that the project goes as smoothly as possible:

How to Paint Jewelry?

The first step to spray painting your jewelry is picking which jewelry to paint.

Bangles and bracelets work best for this kind of work; this is because spray painting will leave whichever piece you chose all one color.

If there is a really nice design on the jewelry or multiple colors are present, you should probably pick a different piece to paint.

It is also important to realize that the added paint might obscure any etching or inlay that might be on the jewelry.

When it comes to painting rings, earrings, or necklaces, you should start by disassembling the piece as well as you can to remove whatever you don’t want to be painted over (like the charm at the end of a necklace).

If you can’t remove something that you don’t want to be painted, you can cover that part with tape.

This part will probably require delicate work to cover all of the potential facets of a piece of jewelry, but the result will be much better if the centerpiece remains intact.

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Spray paint for Jewelry – (How to paint a ring and Necklace)

1. Enamel Paint

How to Spray Paint Your Rings and Jewelry

If the jewelry that you wish to paint isn’t going to handle being spray painted (maybe because of multiple colors on the jewelry), there are other paint options.

Some people prefer to paint their jewelry with enamel paint.

This kind of paint is pretty simple to use (following the instruction on the bottle) and allows the painter to do detailed work with a paintbrush.

2. Jewelry Glaze

Another way you can touch up your bracelets and rings is with jewelry glaze.

This glaze can give a great touch-up to jewelry, giving it an antique look.

However, people prefer to use spray paint because it is easy to apply and requires relatively little effort.

For your jewelry, find a spray paint that is meant to be applied to metal.

3. Cleaning

After choosing and disassembling the piece of jewelry you will be working with, you will need to clean it before you paint.

This is one of the most important steps because if the jewelry is not free from dirt, grime, dust, and oils, then the paint will not stay on the metal well, and your coats of paint will be uneven.

One of the best tools to clean your jewelry is rubbing alcohol. Wipe down the metal as best you can and then dry it before moving on to the painting.

This is also a great opportunity for you to examine your jewelry for any scratches and rough edges.

The primer you add will do a lot to even out the surface of your jewelry, but do what you can to make it smooth before you paint.

4. Primer

After preparing the piece of jewelry you would like to improve and selecting which type of paint you would like to use, you should apply a coat of primer before you paint.

This will keep the spray paint from chipping or forming uneven layers.

When you apply the primer, cover all of the sides of the jewelry and avoid letting the primer collect in one spot, as this will cause a lasting effect on the jewelry.

To keep the paint even, move the spray can quickly and steadily. Once the primer has dried, you can begin your painting.

5. Painting

When it comes to spray painting metal, the most important thing to remember is that you want an even layer.

If you spray for too long on one area, the painting project could easily come out discolored and uneven.

Keep the spray light and constantly move the can in sweeping motions until the first layer of paint has been applied. You want to keep the paint layer as thin as possible while covering the entire piece of jewelry.

If the coat of paint is too thick, some of the jewelry designs might be lost and the paint will be more likely to scratch off.

Spray Painting Jewelry

To get the best results, apply two layers of paint to the jewelry. Leave time enough for each coat to dry before you move onto the next layer.

The paint should not take very long to dry as long as you have applied a thin layer.

6. Sealer

Once the second coat of paint has dried, you can move onto the final step of the painting project, the sealer.

In normal spray painting projects, adding a sealer isn’t strictly necessary; good spray paints do a good job of sealing the job themselves.

However, adding a sealer to something that you spray paint will make it extra glossy and protected, which is perfect for jewelry.

The sealers will also give your coat of fresh paint protection from nicks and scratches, but more importantly, they will protect the paint from rubbing or wearing off because of contact with human skin.

If you want your finished product to truly impress, use a paint sealer.

Once everything has dried properly, you should have a great piece of jewelry to proudly wear.

Having personally worked on and improved something usually makes it much more valuable and interesting.

The fresh, new coloring and glossed finish will give you a new appreciation for an old piece of jewelry and might inspire you to use your primer, paint, and sealant on a few other bracelets that aren’t looking their best.

With just a little bit of time, your set of accessories could have a whole new look!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you spray paint jewelry?

Yes, you can spray paint jewelry, but make sure to use a spray paint that is specifically designed for use on metal.

Can you paint tarnished jewelry?

Yes, you can paint tarnished jewelry, but firstly make sure to clean the jewelry with a jewelry cleaning solution.

Can I paint silver rings?

Yes, you can paint silver rings. However, make sure to use a paint specifically made for metal or use a sealant to ensure the paint will last.

Can you spray paint earrings?

Yes, you can spray-paint earrings. However, use a spray paint specifically designed for use on jewelry, as many regular spray paints contain chemicals that cause irritation to the skin.

Is it safe to wear spray painted jewelry?

It is generally safe to wear spray-painted jewelry as long as the paint used is non-toxic and the jewelry is not worn close to the eyes or mouth.

If you choose to wear spray-painted jewelry, make sure it is completely dry.

What kind of paint do you use on jewelry?

Acrylic paint and enamel paint are the most popular choices for jewelry. However, the type of paint to be used on jewelry depends on the material and the desired effect.

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