Past Present Future Ring – (All you need to know)

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When designing a ring, there are plenty of setting choices to select. Each ring style has a unique meaning behind it.

But what is the symbolism behind the Past, Present, Future ring?

Past, Present, Future rings feature a three-stone setting on a single band. Each stone represents different parts of a couple’s relationship. If not worn as an engagement or wedding ring, this ring can also symbolize the separate portions of one’s life. 

Before choosing the setting for your wedding or engagement ring–or any jewelry for that matter, you should know the meaning behind it.

Keep reading to learn more about the Past, Present, Future ring’s symbolism and how to create the perfect setting for your situation.

What is a Past Present Future Ring?

Past, Present, Future rings are designer-style rings that carry a special meaning for those who wear them.

A Past, Present, Future ring is essentially just a ring with a three-stone mounting with a special meaning.

The name of the Past, Present, Future ring describes its special meaning. Each stone in the ring’s setting represents a portion of someone’s life.

For couples, this could be their past relationship, their current commitments to each other, and their future together.

Meanwhile, individuals may wear a Past, Present, Future ring to represent their past life, a turning point in their life, and future goals.

The meaning of the ring will be different for each person who wears it.

As mentioned earlier, a Past, Present, Future ring is just a three-stone mounting with a special meaning assigned to it.

A three-stone ring also carries a meaning separate from the Past, Present, Future rings’ symbolism.

Three-stone rings represent friendship, love, and fidelity.

Another symbolism related to a three-stone ring is that of family. You may purchase this ring for a daughter.

The two smaller side stones representing the parents, while the larger center stone representing the child.

Three-stone rings with this meaning may feature smaller stones than an engagement-type ring.

You may also hear this ring setting referred to as the “Holy Trinity” or “Trilogy Ring.”

The name used to describe this ring style will depend on the meaning the wearer associates with it.

Typically, Past, Present, Future rings feature three symmetrical stones set on an engagement band.

However, a more modern setting features one large center stone with a smaller stone on each side.

When purchasing a Past, Present, Future ring, you can customize it to best match your partner’s preferences and symbolize your relationship.

As you customize the look of the ring, you also customize the ring’s meaning.

No matter how your ring’s style, a Past, Present, Future ring will stun all who see.

This ring’s awe-inspiring looks make it the perfect conversational piece, especially if your partner likes to stand out.

A Past, Present, Future ring may sound more expensive because it features three stones; however, not all engagement stones (or any) need to be diamonds.

Using stones other than diamonds can decrease the ring’s price while making it stand out from others.

How to Design Your Past Present Future Ring

Past Present Future Ring: How to Design Your Past Present Future Ring

When it comes to designing your Past, Present, Future ring, there are no rules!

As mentioned earlier, each ring will have a unique symbolism and meaning associated with it.

This meaning comes from your specific design choices.

Traditional Past, Present, Future rings feature three equally sized diamonds; however, every factor of your Past, Present, Future ring is up to you.

Below we will take you through the steps of designing your Past, Present, Future ring.

As you go through the steps, think about the special moments in your relationship and how this ring can represent them.

Choose Your Band

Start by choosing the band for your Past, Present, Future ring.

What you choose for your ring’s band will influence how the rest of the Past, Present, Future ring looks.

If the band is too thin, larger stones will look out of place. The band is the most influential part of the three-stone ring’s design.

As well as the thickness of the band, you should consider its stone settings.

Would you prefer an eternity band (stones wrap around the entire ring), a partial stone setting (stones only cover the top half of the band), or a plain band (no gemstones)?

The use of an eternity band with your Past, Present, Future ring can symbolize eternal love or a never-ending relationship.

Meanwhile, a plain band emphasizes the three-stone setting and represents the relationship as the most important thing.

The band you choose does not have to have an additional special meaning.

You can select a type of band simply because you like the way it looks. Remember, this is your ring!

Choose Your Stones

Once you have chosen your band, you can start to think about the stone setting.

Before deciding the cut or size of stones, determine what type of stones you want to use.

Diamonds are not the only option for a Past, Present, Future ring.

Although they are the most common stone used in engagement and wedding rings, you can pick from hundreds of other gemstones.

The stone you choose could add special meaning to the ring too!

The stones could represent a meaningful moment in the relationship, you and your partner’s birth months, or simply their favorite colors.

Check out the type of stones available to you and their special meanings.

Type of StoneSpecial Meaning
DiamondDurability, Forever, April Birthstone
AlexandriteCreativity, Joy, June Birthstone
AmethystProtection, Calming, February Birthstone
AquamarineCourage, March Birthstone
CitrineProsperity, Persistence, Optimism
EmeraldFertility, Peace, May Birthstone
GarnetPassionate Devotion, Healing, January Birthstone
RubyPassion, Adventure, July Birthstone
PeridotBlessings, Understanding, August Birthstone

After choosing the type of stones for your Past, Present, Future ring, consider their size and shape.

Like the type of stone, stone cuts have individual meanings. The table below describes each stone shape’s symbolism.

Remember, you can choose the stones’ shapes on your Past, Present, Future ring based on what looks best to you.

Stone ShapeSpecial Meaning
RoundElegance, Tradition
PrincessExcitement, Romance
CushionFemininity, Unity
EmeraldSophistication, Exuberance
MarquiseDrama, Creativity
PearAdventure, Devotion
Source: Rogers & Hollands

The final decision when making your Past, Present, Future ring is the stone sizes.

All the stones can be the same size, different sizes, or two stones be the same.

Some even choose to use a gradual size increase to create a stair-like effect.

Remember, this is your ring! The meaning derived from the Past, Present, Future ring should come from your relationship.

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