Promise Ring: The Definitive Guide (Everything You Need to Know)

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Are you looking to learn more or purchase a promise ring? If so, then you have come to the right place!

Many people think that promise rings are only for young, teenage couples. However, this is not the case.

Promise rings are for anyone who wants to show their significant other they are committed to their relationship.

Promise rings signify love and devotion, making them ideal for couples of all ages.

Promise rings have existed throughout history but became popular during the sixteenth century. Promise rings serve as a precursor of marriage and are used to promise a life of commitment to your partner. Promise rings typically have engravings or gemstones and can be worn on any finger.

There are many different kinds of promise rings. They all have different meanings and histories, however, they all make a promise to something or someone.

Promise rings do not have to be romantic, and they can signify devotion while still being platonic.

By reading below, you will discover everything you could ever want to know about promise rings.

History of Promise Rings

Promise rings have a deep and rich history. Many couples shower each other with love and purchase each other promise rings.

They take advantage of the beautiful gift of love that promise rings are, however, few know where they actually come from.

It is important to know the history behind promise rings before purchasing one.

Many associate promise rings with teenagers and young love.

Individuals assume that promise rings are a current fad that will soon die out. However, this is entirely untrue.

Promise rings have existed since the time of Ancient Rome.

Romans were told that by law, they must wait a certain amount of time before they can commit to being wed.

Because of this, Roman brides were given promise rings as reassurance that they would at some point get married.

During biblical times, rings were exchanged to show their promise to stay with one another. This was done instead of becoming engaged.

During the Middle Ages, posy rings were given. These rings have a very similar concept as promise rings, they just have different names.

Posy rings had engravings of songs or poems on them that were meant to symbolize their love towards one another.

Posy rings were common in England, throughout the 15th-17th centuries.

Posy rings did not just have a romantic meaning. They were oftentimes a symbol of friendship or religion.

They could be inscribed with friendly or religious verses, making them extremely versatile.

What Does a Promise Ring Mean?

Many people do not know the true meaning behind a promise ring.

They buy them without truly knowing what they mean, which then leads to confusion and contention for the couple.

When buying a promise ring, it can be difficult to decide when to get one, or which one to get.

Before deciding these things, you will want to get to know a bit more about the true meaning behind promise rings.

Promise rings are a way to show everyone that you are committed to your significant other. They show that you are making a promise of love and devotion to your other half.

Most commonly, individuals use promise rings as a precursor to engagement rings.

Although there are different kinds of promise rings, which will be discussed later, pre-engagement promise rings are the most common.

They symbolize that you and your partner will be consistent with one another, and will continually increase the love and admiration you have for one another.

If you want to know more about the meaning of promise rings, then you will want to watch the video below.

In the following episode of the “All Things Wedding with The Knot” series, Louis Baragona and Sarah Hooper explain everything you could ever want to know about promise rings, including what they are, their history, and where to wear them.

YouTube video

Where to Wear a Promise Ring?

Commonly, promise rings are worn on the left ring finger if one is not married. If the individual is married, however, the ring is worn on the right ring finger.

When unmarried, the promise ring is worn on the left ring finger because it is a precursor to marriage.

The promise ring is a type of symbol of commitment, just as an engagement ring, which is why the rings are worn on the same finger.

Couples just as commonly wear their promise rings on their right ring finger when they are unmarried.

This is to “save” the left finger for an engagement ring.

Some couples do not believe that anything other than an engagement ring should be worn on the left ring finger, which is why they wear their promise ring on their right hand.

Although promise rings are typically worn on the ring finger, it is entirely up to the individual.

There is no correct or incorrect way to wear a promise ring. It is an individual choice that should be made between the couple.

Do what feels best for your relationship when it comes to choosing where to wear one.

Do not feel pressured by society to choose where to wear a promise ring. Wearing it on either one of your fingers is perfectly acceptable.

In some cases, couples choose not to wear it on their finger at all!

Placing the ring on a necklace or in a wallet so it can always be with you is extremely common.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can wear a promise ring, and all of them are correct.

Can You Propose With a Promise Ring?

The purpose of a promise ring is to have a symbol of commitment, without having to start the wedding planning process.

Promise rings should not be used to propose with.

Although you should not propose with a promise ring, you can still plan a fun way to surprise your significant other with a promise ring.

Sally Landau, a relationship coach, advises on how to give someone a promise ring.

She says that there is an infinite number of ways to give someone a promise ring, but what matters most is the intent behind it.

If you need some ideas on how to give someone a promise ring in a unique way, then you will want to watch the video below!

YouTube video

What’s the Difference Between Engagement Rings and Promise Rings?

Promise rings are commonly given to a partner before an engagement ring.

They are seen as a type of “pre-engagement.”

When a couple is not yet ready for the responsibilities that come with marriage, but they feel as though they are ready for a higher level of dating, then that is when a promise ring is given.

Promise rings are a step above dating and a step below marriage.

Not only is the meaning between engagement and promise rings different, but so are the designs.

Engagement rings have diamonds in the center of the ring and around the band. The diamond is the entire focus of the ring.

Promise rings on the other hand differ in design. They do not contain big diamonds, but rather they have engravings or smaller gemstones.

Engagement rings are typically considered more flashy than promise rings.

While you can purchase promise rings that are lavish, they are not inherently flashy.

The meaning behind the promise ring is more important than the design of the ring.

Are Promise Rings Just for Women?

Are promise rings Just for Women?

Many assume that promise rings are just for women. Individuals think that men would not want a promise ring as they are “too feminine” or “not masculine enough.”

In reality, there is no rule against men wearing promise rings. Men wear promise rings just as commonly as women do.

The notion that men cannot wear promise rings is incorrect.

Promise rings are for both men and women.

There are no gender rules when it comes to the commitment and devotion that these rings show.

Both men and women should be allowed to show their partner their love and commitment through a promise ring.

Matching promise rings are commonly used, and there are many promise ring sets that contain a ring for a man and woman that are available for purchase.

Promise rings do not have to be extremely fancy. They can be as extravagant or as simple as the couple wants.

They can contain diamonds or they can just be plain bands.

The beautiful thing about promise rings is that they can be unique to the couple.

If the two wish to save money or they just simply do not like flashy rings, then plain bands are the perfect way to go.

What Kind of Promise Ring Should You Purchase?

Purchasing a promise ring can be a daunting task.

There are so many things you should consider before deciding which promise ring is best for your significant other.

Thankfully, purchasing a promise ring does not have to be as scary as it seems.

By following the considerations below, you will be able to pick the perfect ring for your partner.

Before you decide which ring to purchase, consider where you two are in your relationship.

Is it appropriate to get a promise ring? Are you both ready for the same level of commitment that a promise ring entails?

If the answer is no to either one of these questions, then you should wait to purchase a ring.

The second consideration should be your budget.

What kind of ring will you be able to afford? If the quality of the ring matters to your significant other.

A promise ring should not put you in debt. If you cannot afford it, then that is okay. You may want to save up before purchasing one.

You can either purchase a temporary one that is less expensive or you can wait to buy your preferred one.

The third consideration should be the style of your significant other.

If your significant other has a more lavish individual style, then they may appreciate a more lavish ring.

However, if they have a simple style, then you will want to cater to that as well.

If your significant other is sentimental, then you could consider purchasing a ring with their gemstone in it.

This will show that you put time and care into picking out their ring, and they may then consider it even more special.

The promise ring you purchase should be what your significant other would enjoy.

Different Kinds of Promise Rings

Promise Ring: The Definitive Guide

According to the Ring Buyer Guide, there are five different kinds of promise rings.

These include pre-engagement promise rings, purity promise rings, abstinence promise rings, friendship promise rings, and religious promise rings.

  1. The most common type of promise rings are pre-engagement rings. These are the type that promise you will continually love one another and you are ready for an extra level of devotion toward one another.
  2. Purity promise rings are when you promise to be sexually pure with one another. Purity rings serve as a reminder that you two will be abstinent before marriage.
  3. Abstinent promise rings are reminders to stay away from sexual temptations as well as other temptations. Abstinence rings can be for anything that you wish to no longer do. They help to break bad habits by being a reminder to stay away from them.
  4. Friendship promise rings are nonromantic rings to signify that two people will always be friends. They are a promise that the two people will not allow anything to ruin their bond, as they are better together.
  5. Religious promise rings are used as a reminder of the religion that one is a part of. The ring is a reminder to hold true to the beliefs and values of the religion on a daily basis. The ring is used to influence the person to follow the teachings of their religion and to not fall into temptation.

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