Should Men Wear Necklaces? (5 Amazing Facts)

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Should men wear necklaces

We all deserve to feel attractive and comfortable in our own skin, and for many guys, jewelry can help us to feel exactly that. So, should men wear necklaces? Yes, they should, as long as it makes them feel good.

For thousands of years, men have decorated their bodies with chains and jewelry, creating aesthetic and masculine looks in the process.

While men wear necklaces now for different reasons compared with thousands of years ago, they do still wear them and look great while doing so.

If you’re a guy and are on the hunt for a stylish new necklace, the following guide should prove extremely useful.

Why do some guys wear necklaces?

why do some guys wear necklaces

While men can wear necklaces for whatever reasons they like, some common reasons for guys wearing necklaces include the following:

1. To look and feel more attractive

Guys like to feel attractive just like anybody else, and for many, wearing a necklace is a great way of achieving this.

A lot of guys like shopping for clothes and wearing outfits they feel attractive in, and a necklace is a perfect way of completing this look.

Wearing a necklace can show others that you take pride in your appearance and that you are comfortable in your sexuality.

Necklaces can enhance any outfit and really add the finishing touches to a new look.

Wearing jewelry, also tells others that you can take care of yourself, which many people consider being an attractive trait.

2. To appear more masculine

Whereas jewelry on guys was once considered feminine, nowadays the exact opposite is true.

These days, men’s necklaces are designed to make a man appear more masculine and alpha.

Dog tags, for example, are worn by soldiers, who are extremely masculine and often viewed as alpha males.

Men’s dog tag necklaces are hugely popular at the moment and can really help give a man a rugged and masculine look.

There are also plenty of other masculine necklace styles out there, regardless of your dress sense and style.

3. Necklaces can help to make a statement

While some men follow trends, others prefer to be unique and make their own statements.

For any guys who wish to make a fashion statement and create their own unique style, a necklace makes the perfect finishing touch.

If for example, you’re going for more of a rugged bad boy look, you could go with a thick gold chain or a dog tag.

If you want to create more of a classy and sophisticated look, a daintier gold or silver chain or pendant could be the way to go.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy your individuality and wish to make a fashion statement, a necklace could prove to be the perfect accessory.

4. For cultural reasons

Necklaces aren’t always worn for aesthetic reasons, sometimes they’re worn for cultural reasons.

In many parts of the world, there are different cultures that wear necklaces for different reasons.

In some cultures, necklaces are worn to symbolize power and status. In others, necklaces are worn after initiation processes, symbolizing a right of passage.

For generations, men have adorned their bodies with necklaces for cultural reasons, and they do still to this day.

5. For religious reasons

Another reason why men wear necklaces is because of their religious beliefs.

Wearing a religious necklace portrays the wearer as a man of faith who values his religion.

These necklaces tell the world that they are committed to their faith and that they take pride in their religion.

In Christianity for example, crucifix pendants on a chain are often worn, to symbolize the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified upon.

Christianity is just one example, as there are numerous religions worldwide that consider certain styles of necklaces to be symbolic.

Are male necklaces attractive?

Are male necklaces attractive

Yes, men’s necklaces come in a number of different styles, with each one being attractive in its own right.

Whether you choose gold or silver, long or short, a chain or pendant, or any other design, male necklaces are very attractive.

How many necklaces should a man wear?

As many as he likes. There is no law stating that a man can only wear a certain amount of necklaces, so if you would like to wear 10 necklaces, you go right ahead.

With all of that said, however, if you wish to layer your necklaces, you need to know what to do.

The secret to layering men’s necklaces is to wear necklaces of varying lengths. You should also ideally not wear more than 4.

Can white guys wear necklace chains?

Should men wear necklaces

Of course, men of all races and ethnic backgrounds can wear necklace chains, providing they want to.

Are gold necklaces in style for men?

Yes, gold is one of the few jewelry materials that never goes out of style.

Gold has been the necklace material of choice for men and women for centuries, and the same can still be said now.

Gold necklaces are in style for men, although there are plenty of other metals and materials if gold isn’t your thing.

What necklace size is best for men?

Men can wear any necklace they like, in any style and of any length.

Generally, most necklace lengths that have been chosen for men will be around 20 inches in length.

A 20-inch chain will usually fall between a man’s first and second buttons on his shirt, or just below his collarbone.

If the necklace features a pendant, cross, or medallion, it is recommended that the length be slightly longer, with 22 – 24 inches being recommended.

Can guys wear chokers?

Absolutely. Chokers are an iconic style of necklace, and they are certainly not exclusive to just one gender.

Many iconic names in the world of fashion have released chokers specifically for men, and the end results have been spectacular.

Chokers look best on guys with long and slender necks. Men with shorter necks, or thicker necks don’t tend to suit most chokers.

If you do have a wide neck and wish to wear a choker, go for a thinner design or your neck will look even thicker.

What do women think of guys that wear necklaces?

what do women think of guys that wear necklaces

According to numerous surveys and studies, a large percentage of women find guys that wear necklaces very attractive.

Of course, not all women will be attracted to men that wear necklaces, but it does appear that most women really like guys who wear necklaces.

Wearing a necklace not only improves a man’s aesthetic, it also shows a woman that he is confident and comfortable in his own skin.

Most women find confidence very attractive in men.

Are thin chains feminine?

Not always. Women generally prefer thin chains and men prefer thicker chains, but men can still wear thin chains and look masculine with the right design.

How thick should a man’s chain be?

The ideal length of a man’s necklace is 20 inches, or 22 – 24inches if wearing one with a pendant, medallion, or cross.

As far as thickness goes, for 20-inch chains look for ones that are 2 – 6mm in width. For 22 – 24-inch chains with a pendant, go for a width of 4 – 6mm.

What skin tone does gold look good on?

Gold necklaces tend to look better on people with warmer and darker skin tones.

Gold necklaces on people with cooler undertones can make them look paler and washed out.

Men with darker skin tones should opt for gold necklaces, whereas men with paler skin should look for silver necklaces.

Are men’s necklaces in style?

can white guys wear necklaces

Yes, men’s necklaces are very popular right now. Men’s necklaces are trendy and stylish, plus they’re timeless and easy to wear.

Men’s necklaces are also very versatile. Depending on how you wear it, and which style you go with, a necklace could make you look like a gentleman, like a bad boy, or anything in between.

Final thoughts

There are countless men’s necklace styles and designs out there, available in a variety of different materials.

Whatever your style, if you want to improve your aesthetic and give your overall look a boost, a necklace could be ideal.

When choosing a necklace, make sure you consider your own style and fashion sense, as well as your reasons for buying one in the first place.

Take your time, always buy from reputable jewelers, and make sure you’re happy with the finished product.

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