Soldering Wedding Rings: All You Need To Know

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Engagement and wedding days are some of the most significant events in a person’s life.

However, some people get tired of having to wear two rings; that’s just one more ring to have to worry about losing!

Is soldering your wedding and engagement rings the answer?

Soldering wedding rings means fusing the wedding and engagement rings to create one band. Some wedding and engagement rings were made specifically to fit each other so soldering them makes the most sense. Many people choose to do this simply because it will strengthen the ring bands.

There are many reasons to solder and not to solder your rings, but which one is the right option for you?

Read on for some information that might make your decision a bit easier!

Things to Know About Soldering

As mentioned above, many people choose to get their wedding rings soldered simply because they don’t want two rings constantly sliding around at random on one finger.

Keep in mind that this might be a fairly significant decision; here are some things you may want to know before heading to see the jeweler!

You will have to account for any future resizing you may have to do in the future.

Soldering your rings is a somewhat permanent decision. It is possible to unsolder, but if you are having to do that every time your ring needs to be resized, it is quickly going to become a royal pain.

If you choose to solder, just be aware that you are potentially going to have to get it unsoldered or just hope that your wedding ring never needs to be resized (which is unrealistic).

When you go to get your rings soldered, be sure to have your jeweler check the inside diameter of both your wedding ring and your engagement ring.

Failure to check this first could very well result in you having a major problem on your hands.

If one ring is smaller than the other, soldering might make the rings uncomfortable to wear.

As said before, it is possible to unsolder your rings, it’s just a bit of an inconvenience sometimes.

You may also be tempted to solder your rings in only one spot.

This will definitely save you money and time, but you will also run a bit of a risk.

Because the rings could flex over time, it will loosen the diamond settings on your ring, resulting in you needing to get that fixed.

That, combined with the additional stress of you removing your rings daily, will not be kind to those diamonds.

One of the most important things about this whole process is making sure you are getting your soldering work done at a notable and reliable place.

This is delicate work that will require professionalism and extreme care. When soldered, your rings will become a tad smaller.

Any good jeweler will resize the rings to fit perfectly before getting the soldering done.

This will ensure you the most comfortable and satisfying fit.

Do some good research before getting your rings soldered.

Make sure you are taking it to a jeweler that will take care of you no matter what.

These are your wedding rings after all; you have every right to want them to look perfect!

The Costs of Soldering Wedding Rings

The cost of Soldering Wedding Rings together

Luckily for ring wearers everywhere, soldering will not break the bank.

Most places will charge as little as 45 dollars to get your rings soldered, and it should cost the same to get them unsoldered as well.

As long as you work carefully with your jeweler to get high-quality work done on your wedding bands, it will most likely end up being a pretty worthwhile investment.

Where can I Get My Wedding Rings Soldered?

You can go to almost any jewelry store to get this done.

If you look on your jeweler’s website you will find a list of services and deals they offer which will most likely include soldering services.

Some places will even offer free services if you purchased your ring through their store.

How Long Does Soldering Take?

Getting your soldering work done at a jewelry store means it could take at least one to two weeks to get the process done and your rings back.

Especially if you are planning to have this done before your big day, you will have to plan accordingly to make sure you get it done in the proper timeline.

The Pros and Cons of Soldering Your Rings

As you have probably guessed, there are several pros and cons to getting your rings soldered.

Here are the most important ones you should know before you make a decision.


Ultimately, soldering really protects both your wedding ring and your engagement ring.

If you have a wedding ring and an engagement ring constantly rubbing up against each other, they will inflict unnecessary wear and tear on each other.

Soldering them together will prevent that wear and tear and strengthen the bands of the rings overall.

They will be stronger as one large band than as two separate bands.

You’ll also reduce the risk of your rings pinching together and hurting the skin on your finger.

Another obvious pro to soldering is that it keeps your rings from sliding around like crazy.

It often gets irritating to have two rings on the same finger sliding around or even sliding off at random.

Soldering them together will convert them into one ring and keep them from being loose.

Additionally, metal constantly rubbing around on your skin can potentially cause allergic reactions.

Soldering your rings will make them an altogether more comfortable fit and limit the risk of reactions.

Soldering Wedding Rings: All You Need To Know


Unfortunately, soldering is not always all it’s cracked up to be. For one, you can no longer have one ring without the other.

Some people enjoy wearing just one ring at a time, but soldering takes away that option.

Accessorizing and mixing and matching will no longer be possible, so just be aware you’re sacrificing that if you choose to solder your wedding bands.

As mentioned above, resizing is almost always necessary at one point or another.

You can unsolder your wedding rings, but that becomes a royal pain, especially if you have to resize them multiple times.

While soldering and unsoldering are usually minimally risky, there is every chance that your rings could become damaged in the process, or at the very least, have their splendor dimmed somewhat.

Take all these things into account before making your decision!

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