Titanium Rings: The Complete Guide

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Titanium has not been a well-known metal for very long, as a matter of fact, it was only discovered in 1791 by William Gregor in England.

Around that time, others began to discover it as well and it gained its place in this world.

Titanium has been used for weaponry, tools, airplanes, in factories, as a means of transporting energy, and has made a significant impact in the jewelry business.

Titanium rings are made mostly of titanium, are more or less pure depending on the grade. Titanium rings are very popular because of their cost, durability, and comfort. They are not malleable, and so repairs and resizing are not easy. These rings are popular as engagement and wedding bands.

Many young adults on the hunt for wedding and engagement rings will find that titanium is a great option for them.

It doesn’t break the bank and has lots of good properties as well as some that may not be as desirable.

Since titanium’s beginnings, jewelers and scientists have learned how to color it and style it so that it fits the needs of any willing buyer.

Pros of Titanium Rings

In appreciation of its intricate history, Jewelry by Johan said, “It is only today that we see this metal fit to be worn.

To take what ruled the air, the seas, and the American industry and place it on a finger is an incomparable feeling.

Little else can contest the ability to wear this treasure of history with us wherever we go.”

There are a lot of amazing qualities that make Titanium rings perfect for a wide variety of people, plus it is important to know some facts about the ring you may already be wearing every day.

To name a few of these positive attributes, titanium rings are affordable, durable, comfortable, easy to care for, and look amazing.

Titanium Rings: The Complete Guide
  • Affordable: Later, we will dive into how much these rings actually cost, but for now it is important to know that they are one of the most afforable rings on the market for the strength they have. Not only do they carry a cost effective price tag, but they also are a great investment for the future. It is not a ring that you should have to replace every other year, but one that you can wear for a lifetime.
  • Durable: No one wants a ring that is going to break easily or melt away. Neither does anyone want their finger smashed and broken because of a weak metal. Titanium is very strong and not easily bent, broken or molten. The metal is also very resistant to scratching and it remains smooth and comfortable. Its high strength also means that more intricate styles can be accomplished with titanium rings.
  • Comfort: The reason that Titanium is known to be so comfortable is because it is so lightweight. This is really convenient for people who don’t normally wear rings or want a flashy look, and so while it is used a lot in men’s wedding bands it is popular for women’s jewelry as well.
  • Care: Taking care of a titanium ring is fairly easy and doesnt require very much effort. Specifics about how to care for it is something we will talk about a little later.
  • Appearance & Style: Titanium alone looks really great, but can also be styled many different ways to fit the preference of the owner. They can be laser engraved, and anodized to add colors, and enhanced with gems and other precious stones. They can also be brushed with texture, made matte, shined and polished. They have an overall great apperance!

Other than the ones mentioned they are also really great for jewelry and especially rings because titanium is hypoallergenic, meaning that they are highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

This means that rings made of titanium can be great for people with sensitive skin or with allergies associated with metals.

In addition to their durability, they also are not known to tarnish or corrode no matter the atmosphere or water around them.

Cons of Titanium Rings

Titanium is a great metal for a variety of reasons, but it also has a couple of reasons that it may not be the correct fit for you!

Sometimes some of the greatest strengths of metal also lead to their greatest weaknesses.

This is also the case with titanium, as it is with other metals.

Its weaknesses are its strength, limited styles, and its inability to be resized or repaired.

  • Strength: Titanium is very strong and will hold up under any normal conditions, but in some situations it may lead to danger. Its strength leads it to bend rather than break, which could result in hurting or breaking a finger. For construction sites, or other jobs where it could become a problem it may be better to find a metal that will break on impact rather than bend and crush your finger.
  • Not Repairable or Resizeable: Titanium is not malleable, this means that it cannot be repaired easily if broken, and if your finger grows or shrinks you will not be able to resize it to fit you better, but will most likley have to buy a completley new ring.
  • Limited Styles: While there are still a wide variety of styles you can do with this ring, there are also a few that you cannot! In consequence of its strength, some designs that are intricate will be impossible to do because the metal is to hard to be conformed to some fancier designs.

As you can see, there are downsides to rings made of titanium. In addition to those, it may just be that it is lightweight.

Some people want to feel the heft of a ring on their finger, and if that’s the case titanium alone may not be the answer.

Titanium rings can also be added with other things like antler, wood, and other metals that may make it heavier if that is what you prefer.

Cost of Titanium Rings

Titanium is a naturally found metal and is very abundant.

As a matter of fact, titanium is the 9th most abundant element on the planet and the 7th most abundant metal.

It is also fairly easy to recreate through manufacturing.

In part because of this and other variables, titanium rings are cheap in price being as low as $10 and ranging up to about $1000.

The first results in Google put this ring at about the 300 to 500 dollar range.

This cost will obviously also depend on any adjustments or designs you plan on including.

Generally, titanium is only about $15 to $30 a pound, meaning that the more costly titanium rings will be due to adding designs and gems.

Because the ring comes at such a low cost, you can add in money you would have to spend on another metal to customize and style your ring.

Adding in style could mean adding wood, antler, engravings, or mixing the ring to contain another type of metal as well.

Either way, you have control over how expensive your titanium ring is, but for just a general ring you would be looking at close to $400.

How to Care For Titanium Rings

Titanium is very easy to care for and does not require any inconvenient or out-of-the-ballpark expenses or visits.

As a matter of fact, all you will really need to do to care for a titanium ring is to wash it softly, rinse it, and dry it off if it gets dirty.

Obviously, the extent of the cleaning process may be longer if you have a more intricate or mixed design.

For example, if you have wood as part of your ring you may not be able to follow the same process as a simple and regular titanium ring.

For a regular ring though, follow these steps:

  • In a bowl, combine warm water, and basic dishwashing liquid.
  • Soak the ring in the solution for about 5 mintues, not allowing it to touch the bottom of the coutiner, and gentley rubbing it with your fingers to remove all debris and dirt.
  • Rub the ring with a soft cloth to keep removing the dirt throughout the process.
  • Rinse the ring in plain water.
  • Dry with a clean towel directly after cleaning.

If you would rather, you can also substitute the dishwashing liquid in this formula for ammonia or jewelry cleaning solutions found in stores.

If you have a colored titanium ring it may also be helpful to know that more harsh cleaning materials may damage the colored layer.

Less scrubbing or handling is required for colored rings because you don’t want to cause the colored layer to come off.

Since you are not going to scrub, you can put your ring first in a bath of warm water and soap, and then into a bath with ammonia, and be sure that afterward you rinse it off with water and dry it.

Failure to dry a ring immediately may leave water spots on the ring.

If you have a stone in your ring, research what cleaning methods won’t damage it before beginning!

How to Care For Titanium Rings

Another aspect of care for your ring is getting it polished.

Though the metal is tough and doesn’t scratch easily, it is not exempt!

Titanium rings are not completely scratch-resistant and may scratch in tough situations.

If this is the case, or even if you just want the shine of previous years you can polish your ring with a soft polishing cloth.

There are also creams available to help polish metals, but afterward, they will need to be rinsed.

As you can see, Titanium Rings are fairly easy to care for.

They can be revamped any time you’ve got some soap and warm water handy.

As you go throughout your day-to-day life, be cautious of activities that may harm your ring and take it off in advance to keep yourself safe and also to keep it clean and shiny!

Buying Guide

There are a variety of other small things that may be helpful to know as you research and find a titanium ring that fits you, below are just a few things to think about.

  • Earlier in the article, we mentioned different grades of titanium. All titanium is quite strong, but it may be helpful to know the grade of the metal you are buying. There are grades ranging from 1 to 4, grade one being the softest titanium, and grade four being the hardest. There are also classes of grade, and the most common and popular one for rings is Commercially Pure or CP. This means that it is 99% pure. For wedding and engagement bands having grades 2, 3, or 4 would be best.
  • Titanium also does not conduct heat very well, this means that when it’s boiling hot outside and you leave your ring in the sun it won’t be hot when you pick it up. It also won’t conduct electricity very well either and won’t put you in harm’s way during electrical situations.

In the end, titanium is a great option for a wedding and engagement band, as it has a variety of great properties which make an affordable and sustainable ring while also being beautiful and customizable.

Through careful evaluation of your lifestyle, titanium may be the perfect ring type for you!

It may not work great for people working with heavy machinery because of the danger it poses to your fingers, but it would be great for people who have sensitive skin and are needing an affordable ring.

Regardless, whoever you may be, a titanium ring can be adjusted to be just what you need at a cost you can afford!

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