49 Types Of Chain Links & Necklaces – Guide To Different Kinds of Chain Links

Types Of Chain Links & Necklaces

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The world of chains is a fascinating one.

In the many types of chain links and necklaces we can observe today, we can get glimpse of bits and pieces from the history of humanity and what attitude they had towards luxury and jewelry.

Some of these chain types, like the Byzantine chain, have really ancient origins, as ancient as 300 BCE. Others, like the Marquise chain, act as a living memory of the reign of Louis XIV.

Noble metals like gold and silver make these chains particularly beautiful, however, a lot of these chain types are made of cheaper materials without losing their beauty in the process. 

Types Of Chain Links & Necklaces

1. Ball chain Link – Bead chain Links – Pelline chain

The ball chain, as one of its names indicates, has balls instead of links. These round beads can be solid.

Sometimes, however, they are made hollow to decrease the weight of the chain.

These balls are attached to the chain at regular intervals across the length of the chain.

The connecting rods or, alternately, directly next to the other.

2. Bamboo chain Link

It is made up of a row of cylindrical links that are mixed with round beads. 

3. Bar chain – Link and bar chain

This chain is made up of rods or bars intermixed with small rings.

The rings can be smooth, separated by curving, ornate, elongated, or hollow.

They may have a certain shape to them. They may be solid or twisted. 

4. Barbycone Chain Link

This chain receives its name due to the fact that each link is tapered at one end and rounded at the other.

They look like grains of barley.

The design gives the chain a profile that’s scalloped. It is a versatile look that does not commit the sin of being a bit too simple.

It may be chosen to be worn with pendants or to be layered. 

5. Belcher chain Link – Rolo chain

This is a popular variation of the cable chain. Its links are rounded on the outside and flat on the inside.

Chains with links that are rounded on the outside and on the inside receive the name of “Rolo chains.”

This type of chain is best for pendants and for layering. 

6. Bike chain Link

This type of chain consists of links that are inspired by the look of some bicycles and motor vehicles. 

7. Bismark chain Link

This type of chain is made up of two link chains. Its sides tend to be neatly soldered in place together and forms a parallel link chain. 

8. Book chain Link – Box Chain – Venetia Chain

This type of chain was popular during Victorian times. The links are designed following the concept of the binding of books.

This type of chain is preferred because its design is at the same time sturdy and simple.

The links have a square shape and an elegant appearance. It is usually made with a thinner profile. It can be used with pendants. 

9. Byzantine Chain Link – Idiot’s delight chain – Birdcage chain – King’s braid chain

This type of chain has been around since 300 BCE. Why has this style endured this long?

It looks sturdy, intricate and is often associated with Monarchs. Its presence is bold.

It can be used to make a statement on its own. It does have a profile that’s more on the heavier side.

This has as a consequence that it can’t be strung with a pendant. It is best worn alone. 

10. C Link Chain

Due to its similarity to the Boston link chain, it is often mixed up with it.

It doesn’t share the trapezoidal shape of the Boston link chain.

However, instead of having this shape, the links look more like boomerangs due to their curves.

They provide a more flexible alternative to herringbone chains. However, like the herringbone chain, they still lie flat. It is best worn alone. 

11. Cable Chain Link

You can dress this type of chain up, or you can dress it down.

Because of its simplicity, it is a popular alternative to be worn on the daily.

Crafted using a series of interlocked round or oval links, they come in a variety of chain lengths.

They are pretty resistant to accidents common to everyday tear and wear. If it is indeed broken, it can be easily repaired. 

12. Cardano chain Link – Boston link chain

This is a stylish choice. It has brazed link chains. It is simple, yet has a beautiful finish.

It can be described as having a somewhat uniform series of rectangular decorative links.

The effect of seeing them merge together creates an aesthetic appearance. 

13. Cascade chain Link

This chain has two ropes of round wire. These ropes are intertwined, giving the effect of the cascade. 

14. Cobra chain Link

This type of chain lies flat and has a zigzag design that runs through the center.

It can be easily confused with the Boston link chain.

It is different from this specific counterpart because of its triangle-shaped links that form the pattern. It’s best for wearing on its own. 

15. Cup chain/tennis bracelet chain Link

This type of chain consists of a series of square settings with glass crystals or zircon stones.

The settings with the stones are usually connected to each other.

They have flat bars. In this way, the chain is allowed to move more flexibly.

This type of chain can be used as a necklace, bracelet, or some other type of jewelry.  

16. Double Link Chain or Parallel chain Link

It is based on the basic link chain that has links smaller than 2.5 millimeters. 

17. Dragon link chain

This is a thicker type of chain made up of V-shaped double links. Visually, this creates a braided woven effect.

It looks a little bit like the body of a dragon. The closure of this type of chain has the shape of the head of a dragon. 

18. Elongated link chain

This type of chain finds its foundation on the standard round link chain.

Instead of round links, it has elongated ones. This gives the chain an attractive light and open effect.  

19. Figaro Chain Link

This type of chain is similar to the curb chain. It alternates the sizes of the links to create some kind of pattern.

It’s very popular for the style geared towards men. They are often worn alone.

A similar style is the figarucci chain. It’s best worn alone. 

20. Figarucci chain Link

This type of chain has alternating link shapes. However, it has the addition of reinforcing the bar within the link.

It is like an anchor chain and is considered a variant of it. It has twisted flat and oval links.

Like the Anchor chain, it has a vertical bar in the middle of each link. 

21. Filigree Chain Link

It is usually made up of marquise or oval-shaped links. They are made up of scrolling wire filigree.

These chains are more feminine in their appearance. They have a lace-like quality. It’s ornate. It is, however, still wearable. It can be worn layered or alone. 

22. Foxtail chain Link

This type of chain uses a loop link made up of two rows. The links in these rows are oblique and oval.

The links are connected by a series of flat rings in the middle of the chain. Each of the rows opposite each other are at a 45-degree angle.

The effect created is one of something woven. It gives the appearance of the hair on the tail of a fox.

It is often confused with wheat chains. On the other hand, they have a more squared edge. It is made up of links at a 45-degree angle.

It is usually thinner on both sides. It’s wider at the top and the bottom.

This creates a design that can lay flat and shows off its distinctive chevron pattern. It is best for wearing alone. 

23. Franco chain Link

This type of chain is popular because of several factors that happen to merge into a single style.

It is unique. It is flexible – but also sturdy. It has a design that is overall resilient. It’s a variant of the wheat type of chain.

It is made up of intertwined V-shaped links. It has a square side profile.

This style finds its origin in Italy. It is available in any width, from 4 millimeters to 8 millimeters.

It is a sturdy style of chain. It can support heavy pendants. It’s because of this reason that it is popular in hip-hop culture – especially among rap artists. 

24. Gucci chain Link – Marine chain – Anchor chain

This is a classic type of chain. It drives extra strength from its construction.

Its design was inspired by a type of chain used to attach an anchor to a boat.

It has oval links that are repeated all over it. They have an arrangement that goes both horizontally and vertically.

It usually has a vertical bar in the middle of each link. 

25. Heart link chain

This type of chain connects soldered heart-shaped links. 

26. Herringbone chain Link

This type of chain is made up of multiple rows of V-shaped flat links. It is pleasant to wear.

The direction of these links alternates with each new row that creates the pattern.

This type of chain has unique, pointed links that interlock in a characteristic pattern.

This design can lay completely flat. It is, therefore, ideal for wearing it on its own.

It is often worn as a statement piece. This type balances fluidity and rigidity. It allows them to stay in place when worn.  

27. Ladder chain Link – Hook chain

This type of chain is very simple in its design. It has a round link with two folded-back ends.

These form the hook that connects to the next link. 

28. Margarita Chain Link

This type of chain is made up of rectangular links. These links are connected widthwise into a twisted row.

Its appearance is tubular and textual. It has an excellent sparkle. 

29. Marquis Chain Link

This type of chain receives its name from the Marquis-cut gemstone. It has an elongated oval shape with pointed ends.

One rumor around this type of chain is that it receives its name after the Marquise de Pompadour.

Louis XIV was her lover. The Marquise-shaped links are interspersed with simple rings. 

30. Mesh chain Link

This type of chain can be flat or rounded. This depends on the method used to make them.

Its fluidity is similar to fabric. It is created with fine wire. It’s either woven or knitted. It is recommended it be worn alone. 

31. Milano chain Link

This type of chain is composed of flat rolled-up rings. It forms a pattern that is stylish and chic. 

32. Nugget chain Link – Tinsel chain – Twisted serpentine chain

It is a serpentine type of chain. It is soldered and hammered into a shape with collapsed S-shaped links.

At the end of the process, the links are twisted a quarter turn. They get the appearance of a gold nugget. 

33. Omega chain Link

This style of chain is wide. It is made up of individual round plates that lie next to each other. This style is popular because of its strength.

It reflects a mirror-like shine. Omega chains are not completely round. They’re hemisphere/flat round.

They have an underlying wire or mesh. In this way, these plates can be supported. 

34. Panther Chain Link

This type of chain consists of three or more rows of rectangular rounded links.

They do not lie next to each other. They lie above each other, with the center brick offset, one-half brick to the side. 

35. Peanut chain Link – Tinsel chain – Crinkle chain

This is a type of chain with wavy, “peanut” shaped links. 

36. Popcorn chain Link – Coreana chain

This type of chain is originally from Italy. Just like popcorn, it looks delicate and light.

It is very comfortable to wear. It is made up of concave-shaped links. They are evenly distributed on each row. 

37. Prince of Wales chain Link

This type of chain is made of small round links. These links are always interconnected with four others.

The result is the appearance of a rope. It has a sturdy construction because of the extra connectivity between links. 

38. Railroad chain Link

This type of chain has two continuous lines with cross bars. The links for these chains look like the bindings of a book. 

39. Ring and Connector Chain Link

This type of chain is a variation of the common link chain. It is made up of elongated links connected to each other via the use of rings. 

40. The Rhombus Link Chain

This is a fantasy type of chain with tile and diamond-shaped links. 

41. Rope chain Link

This type of chain is made up of small links. These links are intertwined and braided in two strands around each other. 

42. San Marco Chain Link

This type of chain has tubular, semi-circular links. These links are flat on the back.

From the front, they give a twisted, rope-like appearance. This design is unique. It gives the chain a heavy look that’s rather impressive.

It still feels comfortable against the skin. It is best for wearing on its own. 

43. Saturn chain Link – Satellite chain – Station Chain

This type of chain can be a cable chain, curb chain or box chain. It’s dotted with evenly spaced beads.

The pattern it creates is attractive. It’s great for layering. It’s best for layering and wearing alone. 

44. Scroll link chain – Snail Chain

This type of chain consists of twisted wire. They form links by spiraling into each other. 

45. Serpentine chain Link

This type of chain consists of hammered “S” shaped links that literally overlap. 

46. Singapore chain Link

This type of chain consists of a series of flat diamond-cut and diamond-shaped links.

These links are twisted and flattened to form the chain. The links of this chain reflect light from different angles.

It gives the chain a sparkling appearance and a pleasant, natural curve. 

47. Snake chain Link – Star weave chain – Hexagon chain – Brazilian chain – Round maille chain

This type of chain consists of smooth round plates or rings. This gives the chain a sparkling appearance and a pleasant, natural curve. 

48. Trace chain Link

This type of chain has fine, delicate links, smaller than 2.5 millimeters. 

49. Wheat chain Link – Palm chain – Espigo/Spiga chain

This type of chain is textured. In it, nurture and texture come together to create a design that has defied time.

It’s made up of one-directional twisted oval links that mimic the look of wheat stalk tips.

This type of chain is semi-rigid in structure. It has a sturdy foundation. Used for adornments or worn as a classic statement necklace on its own. 

Did you know these types of chain Links? Which are you the most excited to try next?

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