Unsoldering Wedding Rings: The Complete Guide

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Engagement rings and wedding rings are sometimes soldered together at the beginning of a marriage.

They are special things that denote love and show commitment, but that does not mean that you are stuck with the same ring that you have always had.

Sometimes a changeup is needed and you may want to unsolder the rings.

Unsoldering a wedding ring is a quick process that can take up to a day. The jeweler uses a small saw and cuts the rings apart. It does not harm the ring in any way and the jeweler will polish it so that it still looks just as pretty and shiny as the day it was purchased.

There are many reasons as to why you would want to have your ring unsoldered.

You could be tired of that same look you have always had or maybe you cannot wear a solitaire at your current job.

We will talk about some reasons why you may want to do this, as well as some potential downsides.

The Process of Unsoldering Wedding Rings

The jeweler you go to can help you a lot when it comes to unsoldering a pair of rings.

They will examine the piece and make sure that they can do a good job and will not hurt the structural integrity of the ring.

If it is gold or silver, it should be an easy process of heating up the joints in a laser machine and separating the rings from each other.

However, if it is made of another material, such as platinum, the heat may damage the ring.

The jeweler will likely use a saw to cut the rings apart where they were joined.

The Cost of Unsoldering Wedding Rings

Unsoldering Wedding Rings: The Complete Guide

Unsoldering rings can be difficult depending on the type of metal and a variety of other things, but another aspect we cannot forget is how much it will cost to do this.

Because of different designs and patterns on rings, it may be hard to restore a ring to its proper form and still have it look beautiful and smooth.

Therefore, the greater the intricacy of your design, the more expensive it has the potential to be.

For most jewelers, unsoldering rings is not incredibly expensive, but it will change depending on several factors.

The more rings to unsolder, the greater the cost, and the type of metal will also affect this.

Below is a list of estimated prices for unsoldering rings of different metals and karats.

Metal typeCost of Unsoldering
Sterling Silver$40.00
14 Karat Yellow Gold$47.00
14 Karat White Gold$55.00
14 Karat Rose Gold$55.00

As you can see, depending on the metal and karat size, the price is subject to change.

If you have more than two rings that need to be unsoldered the price will be even greater, adding about $20.00 with each additional ring. Source

Luckily, unsoldering a ring doesn’t ruin a ring and doesn’t cost as much as when you first bought it and so it can easily be put into almost anyone’s price range!

Pros of Unsoldering Wedding Rings

You can wear just one ring or both of them.

If your rings are soldered together, that means that you have to wear both of them at the same time all the time.

If they are unsoldered, you can wear whichever ring your heart desires, separately or together.

It will not matter because if you want to wear both of them you still can.

Having your rings unsoldered makes it easier to resize and reshape your rings.

If you have had your wedding ring for a long time, it will probably be in pretty bad shape.

They get scuffed up and slowly lose their shape. It’s possible that your fingers have changed sizes as well.

Unsoldering your rings can give you the chance to get your rings resized and touched up so that they look newer and feel better on your hand.

This may not be the best choice in the world, but if you need to, you can also sell your rings more easily if they are separated.

You may have gone through a divorce or you want to sell half so that you can upgrade it.

No matter your reason for selling your rings, you are much more likely to get a good offer for them if you sell them separately.

Most people would not like to buy a set of rings that have already been soldered.

The Process of Unsoldering Wedding Rings

Cons of Unsoldering Wedding Rings

There is more to maintain when you have separated rings.

When they are soldered together they become conjoined. Therefore, there is only one thing that you have to think about.

However, if you unsolder them, you will have to keep track of both of them and will have a higher chance of losing one of them.

Rings are small objects and can be easily lost. There may be more peace of mind if you keep them together.

Something that you may not have considered about unsoldering your ring is that there can be more damage done to them from just rubbing together.

There will be a natural movement that you can not prevent that will cause more wear and tear than on soldered rings.

During the process of unsoldering, the type of gemstone that is used needs to be taken into consideration.

When unsoldering the ring, the gemstone sometimes will need to be removed from the ring before the process begins.

This is common with pearls and emeralds. It takes a bit more time to go through this process and thus may cost you more money.

One final thing to consider before unsoldering your wedding rings is that it may ruin a thinner or more delicate ring.

Because the process of unsoldering can require cutting, heating, and polishing, some of the metal on the ring can be lost.

It will not be much, but if it is an older ring then it will already be pretty thin and can cause it to break more easily.

Now that we know all there is to know about the process of unsoldering a ring and the reasons behind why you would or would not want to unsolder your ring, you are now ready to make your decision.

Unsoldering a ring is not a complex process, but it is one that you will want to thoroughly consider before doing it.

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