Can You Wear a Silicone Ring as an Engagement Ring? (Answered)

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With so many different kinds of rings available, it may be hard to decide what can make a good engagement ring.

Thankfully, we live in a time when your limitations are defined only by your budget and imagination.

Silicone rings can be used as an engagement and/or wedding ring for both men and women. They tend to be less expensive, easier to replace, more durable, more comfortable, more customizable, and an overall safer alternative to traditional metal rings.

With so many benefits, let’s look at why silicone rings can make great engagement rings for you.

They may not be the traditional choice, but they can certainly bring a lot of benefits to the table!

Less Expensive

Traditionally, engagement rings are made with fine metals with beautiful gemstones.

Under those circumstances, you could spend anywhere from $500 to well over $10,000 on an engagement ring.

In general, people say you should spend at least two months’ salary on an engagement ring. That’s expensive!

Silicone rings are in the $30-$50 price range. With extra customization, they could cost more, but still definitely less than $100 per ring.

Certainly, silicone rings are the most cost-efficient option.

Although they are way cheaper, there is a reason people like traditional metal rings with gemstones.

There is a certain beauty and allure to them that silicone rings can’t replicate.

By purchasing a silicone ring as an engagement ring, you can receive more time to save up for a more expensive traditional wedding ring.

This way, you are still getting that traditional beauty you desire while making a smart financial decision.

Easy to Replace

Being significantly less expensive also makes silicone rings easier to replace.

If your $5,000 ring gets lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged, it will be much more financially devastating to replace than a $30-$50 ring.

Additionally, some traditional engagement rings are uniquely made and have specially designed gemstones that cannot be recreated.

While that sounds stunning, those rings are unlikely to be replaced.

If you are purchasing a silicone ring from an online retailer, you can simply reorder the exact ring.

No hassle, no stress, no worrying that every time you walk out of your house you might lose or ruin an incredibly expensive or one-of-a-kind ring.


Can You Wear a Silicone Ring as an Engagement Ring?

Silicone rings are made of a soft and stretchy rubber material. This means they have all the durability and flexibility of stretchy rubber!

It stays exactly the same under pressure and underwater.

Unless you are intentionally trying to break it, it is extremely unlikely that your silicone ring will ever break while you’re wearing it.

Since it is so strong and adaptable, you can wear this ring everywhere.

You can keep it on while you’re cleaning, working out, swimming, gardening, taking a shower, playing sports, wearing gloves, etc.

Essentially, in situations where normally rings have to be removed, you don’t have to take off your silicone ring.


One of the great benefits of silicone rings is that they are soft and flexible.

You won’t have hard metal pressing into your fingers or need to worry about a gemstone scratching someone who grazes your hand.

In reality, once you wear a silicone ring for a day, you can’t really feel that it’s there anymore.

The longer you wear it, the more it naturally conforms to the shape of your finger.


Silicone rings are just as, if not more, customizable than traditional wedding rings.

Since it’s made of rubber material, it can be produced in any color and many have different pattern options.

With some retailers, you can even have precious metals infused into the ring so it has that particular metal’s exact color and your own personal flair to it.

Also depending on the retailer, you can get silicone rings in many different thicknesses and design stackable variations.

Just like traditional engagement rings, silicone rings can be engraved too.

If you can think of a design, you can likely get that ring made.

This makes silicone rings extremely versatile and a phenomenal way to get a very personal engagement ring.

Keeping You Safe

Reasons why you can Wear a Silicone Ring as an Engagement Ring

Avoiding Theft

Back to the inexpensiveness, silicone rings are much less likely to get stolen.

Therefore, wearing a silicone ring instead of a traditional engagement ring can protect you from being mugged or something similar.

This choice makes you less of a target. And even if it were to get stolen, like mentioned above, it wouldn’t be hard to replace.


Probably the most impactful benefit (aside from price) is how silicone rings can protect you from physical harm.

In many normal situations, people lose the skin on their fingers, chunks of flesh, and sometimes their entire finger because their metal ring got caught on a hard and/or immovable object.

Objects such as door frames, countertops, ladder rungs, basketball rims, etc. can all result in you losing at least part of your finger.

Finger degloving incidents most often occur when a metal ring on a finger gets caught on an object and either the object or person keeps moving, ripping the ring off the finger and taking with it the skin, flesh, or even the whole finger.

Silicone rings, however, are designed to stretch and snap if placed under too much pressure.

Hence, they will bend or break before you get an injury.

That being said, they cannot protect you from getting your finger smashed in the door or anything of that nature.

Simply, they protect you from degloving accidents.

Additionally, any time you work with or near energized machinery while wearing a metal ring, you run the risk of getting an electrical burn.

Most ring-related electrical burn accidents result in deep second-degree burns.

Because silicone rings are non-conductive, they greatly reduce the risk of receiving these electrical burns and can prevent accidents that are triggered by conductive materials.

Are Silicone Rings Right For You?

Again, silicone rings cannot replace the inherent beauty and value of a traditional engagement ring.

If that look is something important to you, silicone rings won’t be the answer regardless of their excellent benefits.

But if you want a ring that can work with any lifestyle and activity or you’re willing to get a less expensive engagement ring to save up for the perfect wedding ring, silicone rings are what you’re looking for!

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